TCA Awards: 'House Of Cards' Snubbed As AMC's 'Breaking Bad,' FX's 'The Americans' Nab Top Honors – Winners List

TCA Awards 2013Netflix‘s House of Cards – the prettiest dress in the TV store these days – got shut out of the TCA Awards tonight. It had been up for Outstanding New Program and Program of the Year, but those wins went instead to FX‘s The Americans and AMC‘s Breaking Bad, respectively. (Scroll down for the full winners list.)

“Three nights ago we were in New York, and had this New York premiere and we had the pleasure of seeing Warren Buffet shake hands and have his picture taken with Keith Richards and that was fucking awesome,” said Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, picking up his show’s trophy for Program of the Year. He said he remembered at the time thinking, “‘How the heck did it come to this?’ I’ll tell you how it came to this – folks like you guys. A great many of you who, back in season one when our official number was 117 viewers – folks like you guys spread the word about Breaking Bad.”

“Boy this is awfully nice… it is,” said Individual Achievement in Comedy winner Louis C.K., eyeing the trophy and noting if he ever opens a diner he can put the list of cocktail specials on it. “No, it’s beautiful. It’s literally a plastic piece of shit. I don’t blame that bitch [absent best actress winner Tatiana Maslany, who sent in one of the night’s several taped acceptance speeches] for not coming. I really am grateful – see, sometimes comedy undercuts feelings. It’s a problem I deal with all the time.”

Accepting the award for Best Reality Series, Shark Tank exec producer Mark Burnett noted that not all of this year’s nominees are his shows – he also EP’s nominated Survivor and The Voice. Also nominated this year was Amazing Race. He said people are always coming up to him and saying, “‘I love your show Amazing Race,’ which I do NOT make – and tonight three TV critics said they love my show Amazing Race.”

“I never heard of the TCA — I’m in the movie business — until about six months ago,” Behind the Candelabra producer Jerry Weintraub said, picking up the trophy. He dedicated the win to the late Marvin Hamlisch, saying Behind the Candelabra was his last score.

“Yeah, it’s really shitty,” Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre said, looking at the actual trophy. He nicked the acceptance speech delivered by the Americans gang who’d talked about ingesting critics’ tweets on their show each week, etc. “If I followed the tweets, I would have hung myself years ago. And the idea that Louis [C.K.] mentioned that critics can help a series when it’s struggling – they can also sneak into the nursery and kill the baby. You write a show and it’s called [by critics] ‘putrid’ – it sticks with you!”

“After the 100th episode we’re all going to kill ourselves,” added Parks and Rec star Amy Poehler.

Career Achievement Award honoree Barbara Walters accepted her award on tape: “Thank you members of the Television Critics Association for this wonderful honor. I’m delighted. I’m smiling all over that you have chosen me,” she said; critics giggled. “I only wish I could be with you but I have this little daytime show called… um, it’s called The View.”

But the highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the group’s Heritage Award to Norman Lear’s All in the Family. Lear and Rob Reiner, who played Meathead on the show, got up on stage to accept, not long after Babs Walters got the Lifetime Achievement Award. “How do you smile all over?” Reiner said, of Babs’ taped acceptance speech. “The only part of her that wasn’t smiling was her face – she couldn’t do it.”

“Thank you TCA for the last 40 years. You didn’t like us at all at the beginning,” Lear said. “You were like my mother. She called after the first [All in the Family] show and said, ‘You have to flush a toilet?’ And… Life magazine said of that toilet flush, ‘You should flush the whole show.’ That was the beginning.”

Then the two men read from what they said was a portion of recently released tapes of conversations between President Nixon and his underlings, in which Nixon said of All In The Family: “The point that I make is that, goddammit, I do not think you glorify, on public television, homosexuality! You know what happened to the Greeks? Homosexuality destroyed them. Aristotle was a homo. We all know that – so was Socrates.”

The 2013 TCA Award Winners

Individual Achievement in Drama
Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black – BBC

Individual Achievement in Comedy
Louis C.K., Louie – FX

Best News/Information Show
Ken Burns, The Central Park Five – PBS

Best Youth Program
Bunheads – ABC Family

Best Reality Programming
Shark Tank – ABC

Outstanding New Program
The Americans – FX

Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries or Special
Behind the Candelabra – HBO

Best Drama Series
Game Of Thrones – HBO

Best Comedy Series – TIE
CBS’s The Big Bang Theory and NBC’s Parks and Recreation

Career Achievement Award
Barbara Walters

Heritage Award
Norman Lear’s All in the Family

Program of the Year
Breaking Bad, AMC

  1. Boo on the TCA for giving it to Maslany. Total gimmick performance, screams “look at me, gimme an award!” and bait not seen since the halcyon-in-reverse days of Mariska Hargitay and Jane Kaczmarek.

    1. This is an embarrassing post. Seriously, don’t post again. You’re embarrassing yourself.
      I don’t work for Orphan Black. I don’t know anyone associated with the show. I don’t even think it’s all that great. But I’m a drama writer and I see dramatic acting every day. Tatiana Maslany’s performance is the real deal. Incredibly impressive.

      1. It was United States of Tara-esque; multiple roles are always prime awards bait. Sally Field in Sybil back in the day. And now this. Critics always fall for it, they always do.

    2. In what alternative universe are Canadian sci-fi dramas airing on BBC America considered “awards bait”?

      The real genius of the show’s premise is that it let them only cast and pay a single lead actress, which saves a ton of money. The low budget is probably the major reason it got picked up.

    3. Someone who clearly hasn’t watched ORPHAN BLACK (and I’m sure they pretend they have, probably schooled themselves a bit on the show by reading Wikipedia entries and looking up moments on YouTube just to leverage their lunatic trolling).

    4. You are hilariously delusional. Her performance screams, look at me, no other actor comes close to my talent!

  2. If the critics don’t even pick Breaking Bad as Best Drama I don’t have high hopes on it winning the Emmy.

    1. No, it didn’t win for best drama. It won for best PROGRAM. The ultimate, highest, sweepstakes award the TCA gives out. That’s a lot better than just “drama.”

    2. These critics have no connection to Emmy voters. Emmy voters have a different system and these critics aren’t members of the TV Academy.

      1. Yeah, it’s so putrid that millions of people watch it every week, making it the number one comedy on TV, and one of the biggest success stories since Friends.

        1. So people flock to terrible, lazy, uninspired entertainment like sheep and make it popular? In other news, water is wet.

  3. FINALLY!!! Parks and Recreation won a long… deserved award for series. Thus far, it has only recieved TCA Individual honors for Nick Offerman, Critics Choice honors for Amy Poehler, and this marvelous award. You should be taking notes, Emmys.

    1. Yes. They gave an acceptance speech and everything. It’s right there in the article. Did you not read it?

      Lighten up. It’s the TCA’s, man.

    2. chuck lorre has been stating his disdain for critics’ and viewers’ feedback for years as a form of self-preservation. he has NOT give a f*ck (or pretend not to, anyway), lest he kills himself with indeed because of all the garbage he’s been making. he even turned big bang into garbage. thank god america loves crap, eh, lorre?

  4. Agree on those posting RE: Maslany. Her performance was incredibly well done, and she elevated that entire series. People who think this is easy, look at a show like Whedon’s “DollHouse” and ask yourself how different it would be with an actress who can pull of a chameleon every week.

    The fact she wasn’t nominated for an emmy still is the big snub in my book.

  5. Bravo, Tatiana. And for ‘Bunheads’ and ‘The Americans’. ‘HoC’ shouldn’t be the headline, where T stands for Television.

  6. This is like the Oscars where I don’t really know who is nominated. I do watch Parks and Big Bang and Breaking Bad, but have never heard of Maslany or Louie’s shows. My favorites are Southland and Parenthood, but I guess my tastes don’t match up.

  7. Although I feel that HOUSE OF CARDS is overrated, THE AMERICANS is a pretty bad show. I tried to find something likable, but can’t.

  8. Take that Emmys!!! I still can’t believe that they did not nominate Tatiana Maslany. Lets hope that Golden Globes and SAG awards will have better taste.

  9. If Breaking Bad is the program of the year, shouldn’t it be the best drama series by default?

  10. Just glad to see the best show on TV this year, Game of Thrones, actually win the Best Drama Series award. That’s a change. No matter how good SF or fantasy shows are, they rarely get awards beyond the technical/production ones.

  11. I liked watching The Americans. But really Outstanding New Program!!! Very uneven show. Not the best writing I have ever seen. House of Cards was much better then The Americans and that is not even a great show. Tatiana Masalany was great. Orphan Black was in my opinion the Outstanding New Program.

    1. I disagree. I thought Tatiana was great and deserved it. But comparing program to program, I thought The Americans was stronger. No show is going to be perfect in every episode, but it had a stronger overall season.

  12. Have you even watched the show? She is spot on through 10 episodes with unique performances for each of her clones. After 55 years of watching tv, it still surprised me each week. Who did you think should have won?

    1. I would’ve preferred Monica Potter from Parenthood, and how she aced her cancer storyline. And didn’t have to go twisting herself into a pretzel just to get critics to notice her.

      1. I think it’s funny you are accusing Tatiana for giving an award bait performance,yet you don’t find a cancer storyline an award bait.

      2. I thought Monica Potter was good, but just didn’t have as much to work with in her character as Matthew Rhys or Tatiana M. The latter two literally had to act a dozen different roles all in the same role, giving each one nuance, separate mannerisms and voices… Monica was great but if you’re comparing being great once versus being great in a dozen different ways… there was just a lot of good competition this time.

  13. The Americans!!!

    The best new program of this year, and many years. I can’t wait for Season 2 to begin!

    1. Agree with you. THE AMERICANS absolutely deserved this win for its outstanding first season. Can’t wait to see where they take it for season two.

  14. Congrats, Chuck! The Big Bang Theory is hilarious, original, and entertaining . Don’t listen to the snarky, bitter haters. The only thing putrid is jealousy of other’s success. To the cast, crew, and entire creative team behind TBBT, I say, “Thank you and keep up the fantastic work.”

  15. Pookie, so glad to have found you again! Will now be a faithful reader of Deadline Hollywood for that pure Lisa snark!

  16. Congrats to “The Americans”–my favorite new tv obsession!!!! Well deserved recognition!!!! Can’t wait for January 2014!

  17. Bravo Tatiana! I wish the Emmy Awards paid attention to Tatiana’s groundbreaking talent, but it’s more about inner politics in the industry than actually awarding quality.

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