Larry A. Thompson To Receive Talent Manager Award

EXCLUSIVE: Entertainment veteran Larry A. Thompson will receive the Lifetime Achievement award at the 12th Heller Awards held September 19 at the Beverly Hilton. The awards held by the Talent Managers Association honor talent representatives, managers, agents and casting directors who excel in their fields while upholding the TMA’s code of ethics and standards of practice. Thompson’s credits run deep in the industry: The film and television producer, personal manager, lawyer, book packager, author, Broadway producer, motivational speaker, and founder & President of next-generation LA-based talent management, motion picture, TV, and new media production studio the Larry A. Thompson Organization has managed over 200 stars to date in addition to producing films, TV series, TV specials, and TV movies. Confirmed presenters at the awards ceremony include William Shatner, Joan Rivers, and Melissa Rivers.

Here’s the full list of nominees:

Heller Award for Lifetime Achievement in Talent Management

The Pat McQueeney Award

The Luminous Award

The Impact Award

TMA Manager of the Year

Adult Theatrical Agent of the Year
Mike Baldridge – Momentum Talent & Literary Agency
Matt Jackson – Rebel Entertainment Partners, Inc
Jay Schachter – Prestige Talent Agency
Steve Alexander – Resolution
Iris Grossman – Paradigm
Jerry Kallarakkal – DDO Artists

Youth Theatrical Agent of the Year
Meredith Fine – Coast to Coast Talent Group
Emily Urbani – The Osbrink Agency
Nicole Jolley – Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier Talent Agency
Pamela Fisher – Abrams Artists Agency
Stella Alex – The Savage Agency
Mitchell Gossett – CESD Talent Agency

Adult Commercial Agent of the Year
Angela Strange – The Osbrink Agency
Hugh Leon – Coast To Coast Talent Group
David Ziff – CESD Talent Agency
Nancy Luciano – Luciano-Reeves Talent
Carol Elsner – The Gage Group
Mickey Shera – Innovative Artists (NYC)

Youth Commercial Agent of the Year
Carol Lynn Sher – CESD Talent Agency
Jeremy Apody – Abrams Artists Agency
Dawn Osbrink – The Osbrink Agency
Sydel Lisi – Coast to Coast Talent Group
Brad Diffley – Mavrick Artists Agency
Jody Alexander / Clear Talent Group

Feature Casting Director of the Year
Sarah Finn – Sarah Finn Co.
Ricki Maslar – Ricki Maslar Casting
Randi Hiller – Walt Disney Studios
Denise Chamian – Denise Chamian Casting
Kim Coleman – Kim Coleman Casting
Kim Hardin – Kim Hardin Casting

Television Casting Director of the Year
Junie Lowry-Johnson – Junie Lowry-Johnson Casting
Suzanne Goddard-Smythe – Goddard-Smythe Casting
Scott David – Scott David Casting
Judy Henderson – Judy Henderson & Associates Casting
Carol Goldwasser – Carol Goldwasser Casting
April Webster – April Webster Casting

Commercial Casting Director of the Year
Michael Sanford – Sanford Casting
Francene Selkirk – Francene Selkirk Casting
Craig Colvin – Craig Colvin Casting
Ross Lacy – Ross Lacy Casting
Alyson Horn – AHC
Shane Liem – Shane Casting

Associate Casting Director of the Year
Gina Gallego – Wendy O’Brien Casting
Debbie George – Scott Genkinger
Mike Page – David Rapaport Casting
Tamara Hunter – Sarah Finn Co.
Peter Pappas – Valko/Miller Casting

Voiceover Agent of the Year
Maureen Rose – The Osbrink Agency
Tim Curtis, WME
Melissa Berger-Brennan – CESD Talent Agency
Portia Scott Hicks – Coast To Coast Talent Group
Ann Wright – Ann Wright Reps
Izzy Arias – WME

Television/Feature Animation Casting Director of the Year
Bonnie Pietila – Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Sarah Noonan – Nickelodeon Casting
Ivy Isenberg – Ivy Isenberg Casting
Scott Muller – Scott Muller Casting
Leslee Feldman – Dreamworks Casting
Natalie Lyon – Pixar Casting

  1. Congratulations to Larry Thompson! Well deserved. Larry has devoted his entire life to producing and managing and being a force in Hollywood. I am so happy to read this news.

    1. Larry Thompson, Congratulations!! This is Lifetime achievement award is an honor well-deserved! Your heart and wisdom is truly appreciated my so many working in entertainment today.

  2. Larry, it has been an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with you these many years. I am very proud of you and so very pleased to see you receive this special award. May your Star always Shine brightly.

  3. Sorry to rain on everyone’s love parade but am I the only manager who thinks this list of honorees and presenters is a little, um, dated?

    Larry Thompson, Joan (and Melissa!) Rivers, William Shatner, Dolores Robinson. This list looks like the green room list on ABC’s Battle of the Network Stars in 1979.

  4. So happy that they decided to include voiceover this year so more of my favorite people could get the recognition they deserve! Congratulations Tim Curtis and Izzy – you guys are the best in the biz!!

  5. Congrats, Larry! This is a well deserved honor for a producer whose knowledge of the business is exceeded only by his character and passion for the people/projects he supports.

  6. It’s a little strange that a majority of the agents on this list hate managers. Not really sure why they would be given a pat on the back by the very people they screw over.

  7. Congratulations Larry!

    Looking over at the top of your chifferobe, I think this award will fit nicely right next to that “Lifetime Achievement for being the one of the Nicest, Smartest and Funniest Guys in the Business.”

    Love ya Buddy…

  8. Larry,In the over 3 decades that I have known you…I have watched your career develop into a real force in show business, I take my hat off to you, and to your continued success in the business.
    All Best,
    Bill Cameron

  9. A great organization and well deserving group of nominees. Inspiring to see New York agents and casting directors being recognized in an industry that seems to revolve around Tinseltown.

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