Jasmine Madatian To Leave Academy Communications Post; Relaunching Own Consulting Company

EXCLUSIVE: I have learned veteran publicist Jasmine Madatian, head of communications for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences since June of 2012, has decided to leave the full-time post and return to her own consulting firm, AshTam. However, despite departing her Academy job, she will still have some involvement with the upcoming Oscarcast scheduled for March 2nd. She plans to work independently with Oscar show producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, focusing on the campaign for the broadcast. The trio worked closely together on the most recent Academy Award show in her official capacity at the Academy and sources tell me Madatian and the returning producers wanted to continue the relationship.

Madatian has been planning to exit for a while now but I am told wanted to wait until last week’s election for a new Academy President was completed. In relaunching her company she also plans to return to work on indie and studio films. Prior to joining the Academy she most recently worked as a consultant to FilmDistrict via AshTam. Before that she headed the publicity departments at the Walt Disney Studios and Paramount Pictures.

Madatian could not be reached for comment.

  1. Had the good fortune to work for Jasmine. Most focused and productive years of my career. She’s passionate about her work and creative as hell. Thinks strategically but takes risks, has fun but takes it seriously. Knowledgable, honest, professional, gutsy, memory like a steel trap. Glad to see her relaunching her own company.

  2. Glad to hear that this consummate professional is back working with the creative community. Jasmine is among the most dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable executives in the industry. Congratulations!

  3. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jasmine back in her Paramount days and followed her to Disney. There’s no one who makes an impossible job look easier. I’ve never seen her break a sweat under the most extreme conditions. A consummate pro. Congratulations, Jazz!

  4. AMPAS’s loss is the creative and indie world’s gain. At least she’ll help out with the Oscars show. She’s fun and smart and a total pro.

  5. It’s a loss. Jasmine has great clarity about the industry and understanding of the business, the good and the bad. I think her early departure reflects the challenges of an organization in transition not her ability to lead or to get the job done.

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