Look Back: Ellen DeGeneres Tactfully Opens Post-Sept. 11 Emmys

Ellen DeGeneres, who was today named host of the 86th Academy Awards, has hosted that ceremony show once before, but is maybe best known among trophy-show wonks for tackling the most thankless hosting gig ever — the 2001 Primetime Emmy Awards. On November 4, 2001, after the ceremony had been twice canceled in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, DeGeneres received several standing ovations during her deft handling of the stripped-down ceremony:

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  1. I’m not sure you’re doing enough knob polishing. Can we please have more coverage of how amazing Ellen hosting the Oscars will be, how it will be akin to the Second Coming, only better and in a pantsuit, because I’m not sure we’re getting the message.
    In other news, daytime TV talk host hosts bland award show. Got it.

    1. Not getting your bitterness, marklondon. 10 years later and Ellen’s Emmy monologue is still damned good.

      1. I don’t even remember her monologue… it’s been 10yrs and after 9/11 it was good we “moved” on with [Emmy] tradition, but who cares: the key word is we ‘moved on’.

        Again, the committee knows a comedian, mind that a standup one, works for the Oscars, not a daytime talkshow host (no she’s not a comedian anymore, it’s been what 15yrs?).

  2. She’s so bland. Her style of comedy belongs in the mid-nineties with Friends and Frasier. Watching her it’s like the last 15 years never happened. You want an engaging 21st century host who can deliver caustic barbs to the spoilt Hollywood elite? Try Russell Brand.

  3. Next year she’ll open with;

    No one saw any of these films, I don’t hink anyone’s watching this show.

  4. I remember that night well.

    Ellen was very good but the true highlight of the show was Barbra Streisand’s heart felt tribute to all those lost on 911 and after, when she performed a gut wrenching performance of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. People seem to forget how incredible Barbra was that night. She should have won an Emmy for that performance.

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