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'Castle' Named Best Primetime Show At 2013 Imagen Awards

The 28th annual Imagen Awards were held on Friday night to honor Latinos in entertainment. The prizes cover film, television and the internet and are awarded by an independent panel of entertainment industry execs and Latino community leaders. Castle was named best primetime program with Jon Huertas winning best actor for that show. Chicago Fire‘s Monica Raymund was named best TV actress. A special nod went to brothers Michael and Gerald Cuesta who received the Norman Lear Writing Award. Click over for the full list of winners:

Best Primetime Television Program: Castle (ABC Studios)

Best Primetime Program, Special or Movie-of-the-Week: We Love Jenni Special (Blank Paige Productions/mun2)

Best Actor/Television: Jon Huertas, Castle (ABC)

Best Actress/Television: Monica Raymund, Chicago Fire (NBC)

Best Supporting Actor/Television: Carlos Gómez, The Glades (A&E)

Best Supporting Actress/Television: Constance Marie, Switched at Birth (ABC Family)

Best Young Actress/Television: Raini Rodriguez, Austin & Ally (Disney Channel)

Best Children’s Programming: Handy Manny (Nelvana/Disney Channel)

Best Documentary/Film or Television: Harvest of Empire (Onyx Films/ EVS Communications/ Loquito Productions)

Best National Informational Program: Oprah’s Next Chapter (Harpo Studios)

Best Local Informational Program: Vista L.A. (ABC7/Los Angeles, California)

Best On-Air Advertising: Univision Educate! – De Pandilleros a Panaderos (Univision)

Best Variety or Reality Show: 24/7 Chavez Jr./Martinez (HBO Sports)

Best Feature Film: Bless Me, Ultima (Monkey Hill Films/Gran Via Productions/Monarch Pictures/Tenaja Productions)

Best Actor/Supporting Actor – Feature Film: Luke Ganalon, Bless Me, Ultima (Monkey Hill Films/Gran Via Productions/Monarch Pictures/Tenaja Productions)

Best Actress/Supporting Actress – Feature Film: Miriam Colon, Bless Me, Ultima (Monkey Hill Films/Gran Via Productions/Monarch Pictures/Tenaja Productions)

Best Theatrical Short or Student Film: POV: Sin Pais (American Documentary | POV)

Best Web Series, Drama: Caribe Road (Helu Films Entertainment)

Best Web Series, Comedy: Oh Noah! (Thirteen/WNET)

Best Web Series, Reality or Informational: Sin Vergüenza (Kavich Reynolds/Altamed)

  1. I know that certain fans be hating on Castle,but,it is one of my favorite programs.Whether it’s the best primetime program or not is something each viewer can decide for themselves.One thing Castle definitely is though is a ton of fun to watch. I always enjoy & have a lotta fun watching Castle. Congrats to Castle & to Jon Huertas as well.

    1. My wife finally got me into watching Castle, I must say that it is a very good shoe and love watching it.

  2. I like Castle but consistency is a problem. Some weeks are great, some weeks not so much. On those weeks I tend to record it and fast-forward to Nathan Fillion’s scenes the next day. In my opinion, they get into trouble when they try to do heavy drama when they should stick with their strength – quick-witted comedy with Fillion leading the way.

    1. Word. I actually lost some Castle love last couple of seasons when they started to go more “serious” and sorta shifted focus from the Castle character. I don’t think it’s their strength. It makes Castle one of many cop shows, and not the best of them tbh.
      Anyway, I adore Fillion in a straight male kind of way way, and became a fan of Seamus Dever and Susan Sullivan while watching the show. Huertas is good too.

      1. Agree with both of you. I watch Castle to relax at the end of a long day and go to bed with a smile on my face. When they get into the heavy drama I turn it off. I also watch for Nathan Fillion and they need to get back to putting his character up front. Way too much Beckett in past seasons, and if they do one more episode about her mother’s murder I will not be responsible for my actions.

        1. Beckett’s mother’s death is the whole motivation for her character being a cop, percentage-wise doesn’t actually take up as much of the series as you think it does, and was responsible for both keeping Castle and Beckett apart and ultimately getting them together. Yeah, I guess they should just ignore it and give you the fluff you want. It’s a dramedy with weekly murder cases, not a comedy. You’re gonna have to put up with drama, guys. It can’t be one yuck after another over a dead body. I enjoy Nathan Fillion too (he’s actually not just great at comedy because his work on that two-parter was moving), but his fan club needs to knock it off when it comes to talking down Beckett. The show dares to be more than glib? It has a strong female character with layers? Get an epi pen to deal with your allergic reaction to that. I’d argue the show’s gotten stronger the last couple of years, so there.

          1. Well, I don’t feel that I personally need to knock off anything just because you say so, kind stranger. I don’t enjoy drama on Castle because they immediately lose the humor like it’s either one or the other, and tend to go way over the top with conspiracies and stakes. Next they are going to save the Earth from aliens I guess, with a straight face.

            I remember they used to manage being serious and heartfelt back when mom’s murder was just an ordinary crime thing, and they used to manage writing decent crime victims for whom you actually felt sympathy. Lately I can’t remember any memorable cases or victims that inspire sympathy, and as for mom’s murder it got so big and unbelievable that they lost all humanity behind it, and my empathy and interest along with it.

            Castle as a character also used to be much more entertaining and 3-dimensional, lately they kinda stopped doing anything with him like they lost all interest in their title character. Beckett always balanced on the fence of interesting/boring for me, but last several seasons they progressively make her more and more generic and ah-mazing. Layers? I don’t see them. I see a boring cliche of a “tortured hero” who is so badass in every respect that everybody just has to say it outloud. Because without this verbal confirmation from other characters we won’t get it. It’s boring. I’m sorry I feel that way because I don’t want to disappoint you with my lowly opinion, but I do.

            And I personally, never thought Fillion can’t do drama, I’ve seen him in other stuff. I thought he was excellent in this two-parter and some other instances he was given the chance to prove his chops. But the writing problem remains, the two-parter is no exception. They just do comedy better and have this niche in the cop procedurals line-up, that’s why a lot of people prefer them doing fluff. It’s more natural on Castle.

  3. I’m surprised by all the negative comments here. If it wasn’t a great show, it wouldn’t have as many fans as it does, or won as many awards as it has. It might not be YOUR cup of tea, but that doesn’t make it a bad show. This was a well deserved win. Congratulations to all.

  4. “Castle” named the best prime time TV show? Seriously?? The judges clearly didn’t watch any other decent TV when making their decision.

  5. Forget whether Castle is a great show. I can’t believe they had to go to a third-banana on it to find a Best Actor winner! Sad commentary on the state of diversity in television. At least next year they’ll have the Devious Maids.

  6. Some people love heavy dramas, some have things about light dramas and I’m that person who loves light. Castle is a dramedy, a light-weight show. For years that I have been watching it I never felt the need to stress out like hell but the thrill of watching it is always there, it’s an all in one packed show. Ask anything and you shall be given. It had won a lots of awards and this may sound ridiculous but the trophies can vouch that it’s an amazing show. Just two things more, appreciate and respect the show. ;) Well deserved Castle, well deserved Jon and well deserved Castle fandom! Congratulations!

  7. the show Castle and John Huertas are very deserving of the award. The show is well acted,well written and most important it very entertaining! That is one thing that most TV shows are now lacking. I want to be entertained, if I only want blood and gore I will watch the news!

  8. Castle has won many awards??!! Which ones? We know that the Emmys or even the Globes are the ones that matter.

    That said, it’s a harmless enjoyable show that works best without the special dramatic episodes.
    It’ll be interesting to see the ratings after last season’s finale and the 2 new hot dramas it’s up against.

    1. It’s Emmy nominated. Maybe not since 2009, but it counts. Should’ve been for the Zombie episode this year for makeup, and (Emmy nominated for work on Castle) Robert Duncan should’ve gotten a nomination for his composing on the series. Remember, Two and a Half Men has Emmys. Think about that the next time you get all excited about who has what award.

      Go watch Big Bang Theory and leave the dramedies to grownups. Not to slag on BBT, but you obviously don’t get Castle’s tone. Dramedies don’t generally get Emmy love because they come off too dramatic for the comedy category and too comedic to be considered anything other than light weight compared to a show about a meth maker or a CIA operative.

  9. The Globes? You mean the ones bought and paid for by cozying up to the Hollywood Foreign Press? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  10. Not every show in the world has to be serious & heavy in tone.I like Castle because it tends to be light in tone(usually anyway). I agree with the person who said that Castle does better when it doesn’t inject drama into the episodes. After a long,hard day-I want something that is entertaining to watch. Leave all the horrible drama & crap to the news networks.Basically,I’m saying I like the show & good for them and Jon on winning the awards.

  11. I have to disagree with you guys. I think the show, as funny and fun as it can be, is stronger when it takes itself seriously from time to time. Nathan Fillion is great and all, but most of the time I feel like Castle is just an extension of his celebrity persona. It throws me out of the scenes when it gets to be too meta, campy or one-liner witty. When Fillion’s character is serious and the story calls for realistic drama, I feel like the show has a greater chance at being taken seriously.

    Also, I enjoy Beckett and the other characters, and welcome equal focus on them at all times.

  12. A big congratulations to “Castle” & to Jon Huertas!!!
    A job well done!!!
    Can’t wait for “Castle” Season 6!

    The show is a mix of drama & comedy which fans love to see. One week or two will be a lighter fare & a week or two will be drama or a combination of both in an episode. It can’t be all comedy. Televiewers love the combination since the very beginning & this unique style sets it apart from the other cop shows around. I’m loving it. Keep up the good work!

    “Castle Season 5” was the highest-rated season ever of “Castle”. So they’re definitely doing it right & fans all over the world are loving this show. I for one will sit back & enjoy the coming season.

    Again, congratulations to the cast & crew of “Castle” & to Jon Huertas for winning this award.
    “Castle” rocks!!!

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