It was a face-off today between Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg on Telemundo‘s morning show Un Nuevo Dia and Matt Damon on Univision‘s Despierta America. Washington and Wahlberg promo’ed their new Universal pic 2 Guns on Un Nuevo Dia‘s sister Today with Savannah Guthrie. That was followed by an interview for Telemundo that was broadcast live on Un Nuevo Dia from the Today show plaza. At the same time, Matt Damon appeared on Univision’s Despierta America promoting Sony’s Elysium by participating in a live “guess that movie” game of charades with hosts. It’s a sign of the increasing competition among studios for the growing Latino market and the heated battle among Spanish-language TV broadcasters for that all-important morning space. Who fared better? Check out the videos: (beware auto play)

3 years
telemundo's interview was a snooze fest, did not persuade me to watch the movie. first, you don't...
Catalina Juana
3 years
This is great for the Hispanic market overall. But I agree that the talent shouldn't be subjected...
Enrique Lopez
3 years
I for one think what Universal did with Telemundo/UN NUEVO DIA is far more straight forward but...