When we last left our anti-heroes, one Son had dispatched a hated rival, another had resigned his post and a third was ready to do some time, as was an “old lady”. Suffice it to say, the Sons Of Anarchy crew will be in a fightin’ mood when the FX drama returns for Season 6. And this new half-minute peek backs that up. Want a more in-depth preview of SAMCRO’s future? Creator-showrunner Kurt Sutter and the full cast will be at Comic-Con on Sunday, July 21, to talk about it. In the meantime, here’s the teaser:

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Sons is the best show on tv. maybe you just don't get it is a television show!Yes...
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Have you ever sat down and watched it straight thru. My kids were always in bed by...
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Once again here we are visited by the self-righteous Idiots! This show is about a 1% Motorcycle...