Emmy Nominations Create Co-Host Mystery

UPDATE: Deadline just received “apologies for the last second notice” but the Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences has a no-show for one of its live 2013 Emmy nominations co-hosts this morning. “Kate Mara is unable to join us. She is on location in Santa Fe and late last night her flight had a mechanical malfunction and was unable to take off. She sends her sincerest regrets. Please tune-in at 5:40 AM PT to see who will join Aaron Paul in announcing the nominations for the 65th Emmy Awards.” Worth mentioning that the Academy did exactly the same thing last year with Jimmy Kimmel. It seems like a cheap trick to try to pull that off as a “surprise” again. Anyway, the 2013 Emmys host Neil Patrick Harris joined Paul at the podium at the last minute. But what I wanna know is should we categorize this screw-up as comedy or drama?

  1. It surprised me when I saw Kate Mara was hosting but I’ve always thought she was underrated and that this would bring some attention to her and maybe lead to a breakout role.

  2. It happened two years ago as well…Nick Offerman was originally supposed to announce, but stepped away at the last minute.

  3. I think we’ve all learned, by now, that Hollywood loves to repeat itself (oops, excuse me, I meant “reimagine”).

  4. Any chance Kate Mara heard a rumor she wouldn’t be nominated for “House of Cards” so she decided to be “unable to join”

  5. who cares. I don’t even know she is but we got Neil Patrick Harris – who is way more fun than almost anyone

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