ENTV: Pete Hammond On Emmy's Best Variety Series Contenders

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart has won the Emmy for Best Variety Series for nine straight years. Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond talks with ENTV host Brian Corsetti about some nomination options for Emmy voters looking to shake things up a bit in a static category, including strong work by Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel’s Matt Damon takeover episode, and a revived Saturday Night Live.

  1. I wonder how many will be nominated? An industry friend told me at least a few will be. I would bet maybe 5?

  2. I would really like to see Conan be nominated this year. While I know they’re not everyone’s type of humor, they’ve finally set into a good rhythm and have been putting out some high-quality episodes. When they’re at their best, they have the best sketch-writing among the talk shows. If nothing else, they deserve a writing nomination.

  3. I actually thought Matt Damon had a real late-night show after seeing all the ‘For Your Consideration” ads with Matt’s mug the central focus. Kimmel is once again, as is his brand of comedy, just kind of low-rent and immature.

    And don’t even get me started on Bill Maher. A bigger sexist jerk in the business there isn’t. Honestly, there’s half of one percent of Americans that like him, and half of those work at the HuffPost.

    Stewart or Colbert deserve the honors, period.

    1. I believe the suggestion is more to consider whether he’s truly the best any longer. Many critics argue he’s not even the best on Comedy Central these days, and that he’s only maintaining his awards dominance due to a sense of obligation on the part of the voters. (“He’s always won it, so we have to keep giving it to him.”) The fact that the WGA has gone a different direction multiple times now for the writing award and other awards have gone to Colbert shows growing support for looking at other options. It’s healthy. Even Stewart has said his streak is getting ridiculous.

  4. A “revived” Saturday Night Live? That’s the first time I think I’ve ever seen that adjective used to describe that show. Just because you say it, doesn’t make it so.

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