EMMYS: Netflix Uses Lawn Signs In 'House Of Cards', 'Arrested Development' Campaign

Netflix is taking a page from political elections’ playbook in its first Emmy campaign with For Your Consideration lawn signs supporting its original series House Of Cards, which also is set in the world of national politics, and Arrested Development. In the stunt, which kicked off about a week and a half ago, reps for the streaming services are going door to door in upscale neighborhoods with high concentration of TV Academy voters — including Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Studio City, Los Feliz — offering yard signs for the two shows to residents and commercial storefronts. In exchange for putting up the signs, homeowners are offered their choice of a six-month Netflix subscription, a $50 donation to the Red Cross in their name or a $50 AmEx gift card.

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The lawn sign campaign, which coincides with peak real-estate trolling season, runs through Friday, when the Emmy nominations votes are due. Netflix already employed an enterprising approach in the Emmy campaign for House Of Cards with Rollin’ Rib BBQ food truck (disguised as Freddy’s BBQ, favored joint of Kevin Spacey’s Rep. Frank Underwood) giving out free lunches to card-carrying LA Academy members. There also are FYC billboards around town for both House Of Cards and Arrested Development.

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  1. Where is the link in Beverly Hills to sign up? I want one in my yard. I’ll take the six month Netflix subscription. Thanks, Netflix.

  2. What I got from this, is that rich people once again get to decide something for the rest of society, and they get rewarded for it. I’m not going to watch the EMMYS now that O know who votes.

    1. Sorry to inform you that the Emmys are just a self promotional slap on the back from TV land to TV land. It is a popularity contest among a group of narcissistic people who have more then most individuals get in a lifetime.

      But the industry needs to parade them around like circus animals and designate one or another as the “best” this or that to get more eyeballs and make more money. Meanwhile people watch with breathless anticipation to see who will WIN!!

      Hard to believe anyone would want to watch those with it all getting more while millions are out of work and on the edge of nothingness.

      Do they really, really need this kind of boosterism and adulation? My guess is YES — because it is NEVER enough!!

  3. now i’m going to judge the people that are next door without signs. why wouldn’t you put that in your yard to donate 50 to the red cross?

  4. You read Deadline and didn’t know that Academy voters are industry professionals and executives? Idiot

  5. I’m fully rooting for Netflix this Emmy season. Spielberg & Lucas are right, VOD is wave of the future. The Emmys would be wise to acknowledge that during this breakthrough year, especially as Amazon is about to jump in on the game

  6. What’s the difference between what Netflex is doing to buy an Emmy vote and what every studio did to buy votes for the Oscars? Not much, except the yard sign thing is something new…and the amex card seems pretty cool. But personally, I don’t need either. As a member of both the ATAS and AMPAS, I vote for what I liked best. All the other stuff is just to keep my friends happy when I share!

  7. While it is a clever idea (the signs are for shows about politics and real estate), it is in fact a bribe of sorts. Also congrunent with politics. Billboards dont offer an incentive of any kind , this is different. Interesting to see if it will effects the Emmy vote, it could also have the opposite effect for those who feel it’s bribery.

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