ENTV: Pete Hammond On Emmy Reality Contenders

Deadline’s Awards Columnist Pete Hammond has a simple wish: How about some competition in the Emmy Reality Competition category? With just one week left for voters to pick their nominees for this year’s awards, Hammond suggests some alternatives to The Amazing Race, which has won all but one year the category has existed. He also has says that, though American Idol has little chance of nabbing a nom this year, its host Ryan Seacrest is way past due to win as Best Reality Host.

  1. Face Off on Syfy is the best reality competition show on television. It won’t get nominated because Syfy doesn’t get that sort of love, but it’s an incredible show.

  2. The genius of The Amazing Race is the sound editing. They stitch together the dialogue of each team talking strategy, so there is no narration. I agree with Pete that The Voice is also worthy.

  3. All jokes aside, I don’t think people realize just how hard a job it is to do hosting duties on AI.

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