ENTV: Pete Hammond On Emmy Comedy Contenders

Looking to vote for Emmy-worthy comedies besides Modern Family, which has dominated recent awards? Deadline’s Pete Hammond weighs in with advice for voters overwhelmed by piles of screeners, trying to figure out what else is worthy. Among the shows he discusses are Episodes, Parks And Recreation, The Big Bang Theory and the Netflix-resuscitated Arrested Development. A couple of other long-time faves whose runs just ended should go with “a whimper, not a bang”. Check it out:

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EMMYS: Comedy Farewells
EMMYS Q&A: Allison Williams
EMMYS Q&A: Mitch Hurwitz
EMMYS: ‘Big Bang Theory’s Science

  1. Everyone in my local COMMUNITY loves Modern Family. Sometimes I will gather the whole COMMUNITY and we’ll watch it. I love the strong sense of COMMUNITY that the families have. I’ve told everyone in my church COMMUNITY, my work COMMUNITY, and my neighborhood COMMUNITY to watch it. I love COM-Modern Family.

  2. modern family wasn’t nearly as good this year as its been the past 3 years. it’ll be nominated but it doesn’t deserve to win in my opinion.

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