40th Daytime Emmy Awards: 'Days Of Our Lives' Named Best Drama; George Lucas, 'Ellen DeGeneres' Score – Winners List

The 40th Daytime Emmy Awards named Days Of Our Lives Outstanding Drama Series at the annual awards held Sunday at the Beverly Hilton, where the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences honored the best in daytime programming. It was a big win at the end of the night for the NBC soap after all previous statuettes had gone to its competitors, CBSYoung and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful and ABC’s General Hospital. CBS led this year’s winners with seven major wins while George Lucas took home his first Emmy for his animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. (See full list of nominees here.) Meanwhile, it took three co-hosts – Robin Meade, Sam Champion, and AJ Hammer – to emcee a snafu-laden telecast that one Tweeter appropriately deemed “must watch train wreck TV.” (Just scroll down for the laundry list of HLN network flubs that ran 35 minutes late and had viewers irate on both coasts.)

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George Lucas EmmyIn his first Emmy win, George Lucas accepted the award for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program for his Star Wars: The Clone Wars series from presenter Carrie Fisher who joked before opening the envelope, “Our nominees haven’t taken acid, at least not with me – which is, as most of you know, the only way to go. Right, George?” Lucas thanked the TV Academy for including animation in their annual program and gave a shout out to “all those poor souls who toil over their computers.”

It wasn’t the smoothest of award shows. The Talk co-host Aisha Tyler was handed the wrong envelope presenting for Best Informative Talk Show and had to use her comic chops to stall while the correct winner was relayed to her onstage. Mic and audio issues dotted the HLN telecast – including mics completely turned off and an errant audio feed of co-host Meade shouting into her backstage mic, “Can you guys hear me? You can? This is my song from my album!” over an HLN network ad playing between commercial breaks. And that was before presenter Corbin Bernsen dropped an uncensored f-bomb on live TV.

Meanwhile, Lifetime Achievement honoree Monty Hall was called onstage early by presenter/protege Wayne Brady, cutting off a pre-taped tribute reel that had already begun to play in the ballroom and telecast. “Having done 6,000 shows as an emcee and 2,000 more as a producer there are a lot of people I could thank, but we don’t have the time – nor do we have the week,” the game show host quipped in his speech. “But I would like to acknowledge those people I worked with, I’d like to acknowledge all the television networks that put me on the air, and the viewing public who kept me there.”

But the Daytime crowd was game for gimmicks, which included a couch set up onstage where select winners were bombarded with interview questions seconds after leaving the podium. That resulted in one impromptu smooch between Outstanding Lead Actor winner Doug Davidson (of The Young And The Restless) and interviewer Sheryl Underwood of The Talk. And later, this gem from Food Network’s Giada de Laurentiis, interviewing Outstanding Supporting Actress winner Julie Marie Berman of ABC’s General Hospital: “Being an actress you’ve seen a lot of rejection, right?”


Doug Davidson, as Paul Williams
The Young and the Restless, CBS

The Price Is Right, CBS
Mike Richards, Executive Producer
Evelyn Warfel, Co-Executive Producer
Adam Sandler, Producer
Stan Blits, Sue MacIntyre, Co-Producer
Vanessa Voss, Prize Producer
Tracy Verna Soiseth, Consulting Producer
Ryan Polito, Michael Dimich, Directors

Ben Bailey, Host
Cash Cab, Discovery Channel

Mindy Borman, Amy Chiaro, Executive Producers
Laurie J. Rich, Co-Executive Producer
Eric Beesemyer, Senior Supervising Producer
Dr. Mehmet Oz, Cali Alpert, Beryl Holness, Stacy Rader,
Matthew J. Strauss, Susan Wagner, Michele Wasserman,
Andrea D’Ambrosio, Supervising Producers
Andrea Chessler, Cathy Daniel, Annie DiGregorio,
Kirk Fernandes, John Filimon, Lauren Bright Pacheco,
Nicole Giambrone, Brooke Jacobsen, Lindsey Kotler,
Allison Markowitz, Chris Molen, Margaret Pergler,
Stefanie Schwartz, Greg Tufaro, Lisa Semel, Christine Smith,
Scott Starr, Laura Swalm, Ann Varney,
James Avenell, Lauren Rivera, Producers
Jon Coniglio, Line Producer

SCOTT CLIFTON, as Liam Cooper aka William Spencer III
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS


BILLY MILLER, as Billy Abbott
The Young and the Restless, CBS (TIE)

The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS
Bradley P. Bell, Head Writer
Kay Alden, Michael Minnis, Co-Head Writers
Patrick Mulcahey, Tracey Ann Kelly, Rex M. Best,
John F. Smith, Adam Dusevoir, Shannon Bradley,
Michele Val Jean, Writers

General Hospital, ABC

Best Thing I Ever Made, Food Network
David Hoffman, Tom Rogan, Lauren Lexton, Executive Producers
Lisa Hockly, Co-Executive Producer
Joan Rantz, Supervising Producer
Erin McCormack, Julia Sir, Producers
Deb Jackson, Line Producer


Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, Food Network
Ellen Rakieten, Pete McPartland, Jr., Executive Producers
Meghan Hoffman Baehr, Ayesha Rokadia,
Danielle Fiorito, Gary Green, Producers
Francesco Giuseppe Pace, Line Producer

Lidia Bastianich, Host
Lidia’s Italy, PBS

Heather Tom, as Katie Logan Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, SYNDICATED
Ellen DeGeneres, Mary Connelly,
Ed Glavin, Andy Lassner, Executive Producers
Derek Westervelt, Kevin A. Leman II,
Jonathan Norman, Co-Executive Producers
Melissa Geiger Schrift, Supervising Producer
Ross Williams, Coordinating Producer
Kara Hogan Leonardo, Matt Wright, Senior Producer
Lori Blackman, Alissa Cote, Jason Gelles, PaulHorne,
Corey Palent, Liz Patrick, Lauren Pomerantz, Ryan Raddatz,
Amy Rhodes, Gil Rief, Hilary Robe, Ellen Rocamora,
Beth Sherman, Bridgette Theriault, Adam Yenser,
Andy Zenor, Christopher Cucci, Producers
Nicole Collins, Line Producer

The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS
Michael Stich, Cynthia J. Popp, Deveney Kelly,
David Shaughnessy, Jennifer Howard, Directors
Catherine Sedwick, Clyde Kaplan, Jennifer Scott Christensen,
Steven A. Wacker, Associate Directors
Laura Yale, Douglas Hayden, Lisa Winthur-Huston, Stage Managers
Lori Staffier, Production Associate

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Cartoon Network
George Lucas, Executive Producer
Cary Silver, Producer
Athena Portillo, Line Producer

CBS Sunday Morning, CBS
Rand Morrison, Executive Producer
Estelle Popkin, Senior Broadcast Producer
Gavin Boyle, Jason Sacca, Amy Rosner, Senior Producers
Mary Lou Teel, Anthony Laudato, Mary Raffalli, Alan Golds,
Amiel Wesifogel, Edward Forgotson, Jon Carras, Reid Orvedahl,
Kay M. Lim, David Rothman, Amol Mhatre,
John R. D’Amelio, Peter Goodman, Douglas W. Smith, Producers
Cathy Lewis, Editorial Producer
Ramon Parkins, Entertainment Producer
Kim Skeen, Producer/Washington
David Small, Joseph Frandino, Carol A. Ross, Lauren Barnello,
Ed Givnish, Maria Nicoletti, Editors/Producers
Robin Sanders, Planning Producer
Charles Osgood, Anchor
Bill Geist, Lee Cowan, Maurice Rocca, Rita Braver, Serena Altschul,
Sharyl Attkisson, Anthony Mason, Smith Tracy,
George Pozderec, Martha Teischner, Correspondents
Addison Green, Meteorologist
Ben Stein, Nancy Giles, Faith Salie, William Flanagan, Contributing Commentators
David Edelstein, Film Critic

Kristen Alderson, as Starr Manning
General Hospital, ABC

Chandler Massey, as Will Horton
Days of Our Lives, NBC

Good Afternoon America, ABC
Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, Kimberly Schlapman,
Phillip Sweet, Brett Warren, Brad Warren, Composers & Lyricists

Ricki Lake, Host
The Ricki Lake Show, SYNDICATED

Days of Our Lives, NBC
Ken Corday, Executive Producer
Lisa de Cazotte, Greg Meng, Co-Executive Producers
Janet Drucker, Tim Stevens, Coordinating Producers
Albert Alarr, Producer

  1. show sucked!!junior production, get giadas boobs outta there. bad shots bad timing all bad. i love daytime tv!! but this was almost disrespectful to the wonderful people that bring it to us everyday. sorry man. find a better network for next year!

    1. No kidding. With all due respect news anchors have no business hosting a show in which experienced showbiz people have spent there lives on performing. I agree with everyone on the show looking cheap and disrespectful to the showbiz talent. It was like watching a high school talent show and it should not have been like that with all the talent in the audience.

  2. Come on now, it’s pretty impressive to win an award for a show that’s competing in a field of four.

  3. This has to be the cheapest awards show I have ever seen. What happened to the big productions from Vegas where it at least looked like something. Yeah I didn’t like all the paid stuff but at least it was a show that respected daytime

  4. This is the most shoddy, haphazardly put together awards show since last years Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony.

  5. Worst award show opening ever. Get a comedian next time. Those three are just terrible. Predictable and same old shows winning. How does Family Feud not win…since Steve Harvey took it over it is the funniest game show on TV. Period.

    1. Sorry – I disagree with your analysis on Family Feud with S. Harvey. My goodness, don’t U C how they have “dummied up” the questions since Harvey took over the show. He stands there and laughs like a Cheshire cat when the writers make him look like a Steppin Fetchit asking these embarrassing questions. I notice a complete difference in questions between what Harvey has vs. the past hosts of the show. I stopped watching as I find the show very humiliating – not funny at all.

  6. by far, the WORST produced Daytime Emmy Awards shows EVER!! could be one of the worst produced show of any kind.. in the history of television.
    the post award onstage interviews.. A DISASTER! stopped an already dead horse in its tracks.
    Thanks to HLN for keeping the ceremony onair, but i think it’s time for ATAS to look for a new savior.
    When Robin Meade started singing the Katie theme, I turned the thing off and am now watching last week’s Tony Awards!

  7. This is the worst daytime emmy show. They should have just called it the CBS Daytime awards show. They didn’t even honor General Hospital for 50 years on TV. Maybe they should let the fans vote next time.

    1. There are 4 shows – 1 on ABC, 1 on NBC and 2 on CBS (Young and Restless plus Bold and Beautiful). Let me just put it out there because its what everyone is thinking: B&B is a half hour show. Take the commercials out and it drops to about 16 minutes. Anyone watching it sees about 3 minutes worth of stock scenes of L.A. sites like the AIRPORT with planes landing, the Ferris wheel at Venice Beach, the traffic on the highways.

      So, for the remaining 13 minutes of the show they won best writing? Best Directing? and 2 of the shows winners Heather Tom who has won year after year and Scott Clifton who has 2 looks confused and pugnacious won.

      Do all the people from Y*R get a bonus check for having voted for the Bradley Bell B&B show in order to get the most votes because only by combining the 2 shows on CBS is there any chance with global warming that that show should’ve won even a snowball carried from the fridge of the hotel they had the show. As for Heather Tom and her second year in a row? She’s hardly ever on and Scott Clifton’s face is going to freeze in those 2 positions as he’s never given any range of dialogue except w/his father and that’s once in a blue moon now! So again I ask: are those associated with Young and Restless being told to vote for the 13 minute show to keep it alive when it should really go to an equal show of time such as DOOL or GH.

  8. I was so looking forward to this show, but it has turned out to be a nightmare. First of all, is this the Robin Meade show? When she’s not singing, she’s introducing. What happened to the GMA guy? I would much rather listen to him.
    There have been more bloopers on this show than on any other award show I’ve seen. And the live feed keeps going out here on the east coast– we have missed 50% of the show. I feel embarassed for the stars. They are really getting stiffed.this is a major bomb!

  9. and what about the video tribute to Monty Hall which Wayne Brady so stupidly forgot to introduce when he decided to throw out the prepared material??? will that ever be seen? just another embarrassment. Monty Hall deserves better..

  10. Monty Hall got ripped off! The audience is so bored that they talk over the presenters. Rude!

  11. Isn’t there like two soap operas even left? That must be great for the ones who did not get canceled. They have no competition now.

  12. Missed over half of the show..because of tv difficulties …very upsets…it sucked

  13. The Bold and the Beautiful have used the same storyline for 25 years. How the hell is that “Best Writing”? What a joke.

  14. It should have been on regular T.V. so I could have watched it. Not everyone has cable T.V. I am disappointed that I missed it.

    1. I have Dish and still couldn’t get HLN. Guess I didn’t miss much. I’m so glad Doug Davidson and young Massey (Will) won. They deserved the win.

  15. I thought the SNAFU with the incorrect envelope would be the biggest blooper of the night (among a sea of them), at least until Corbin Bernsen dropped an F Bomb (as well as s***) in the In Memorium segment. And it was NOT bleeped (hopefully they will bleep it in the repeat).

    I half-expected a studio light to fall on Betty White at the conclusion, or the Beverly Hilton to burn down around them.

    1. I was absolutely shocked that Corbin Bernsen was not bleeped. He was cussing not once, but several times. I guess the producers had so many problems with the broadcast , that they couldn’t focus on the swearing.

      This award show was a train wreck from beginning to end, and I loved the audience’s flabbergasted reaction when Ricki Lake won her Emmy.

  16. And if you want to see evidence #1 of what is wrong with the Emmy voting systems based on 1 submitted episode look no further than Ricki Lake winning Best Host! Show gets cancelled after 1 season due to being the lowest rated talk show on TV? Who cares, here’s an Emmy because you submitted the best feel good episode!

    1. Who votes for these people…..Ricki Lake…what???? Ellen should have had that award hands down. They won for best talk show…hello!! Horrible production. Either Y&R or B&B should have won for best drama..they won everything else. Very disappointing show. Corbin really made a fool out of himself, he should not have cursed even if he thought that’s what his mom would have said. Not classy at all! And WTH is it doing on HLN of all cable channels??? BAD SHOW all the way around.

  17. The show’s on HLN. Not the Big 3 networks. Not even The CW. H.L.N. A cable news channel whose programming wouldn’t even qualify for a Daytime Emmy. Last year, the thing was on HLN on a SATURDAY night. At least this year, it was on a Sunday, if that means anything. The show has outlived its relevance, even if the nominated shows haven’t. Soap operas are dying out, but talk shows and animated/children’s programs are thriving. But the Daytime Emmys–as a TV event–have become as relevant as the Latin Grammys.

    1. Actually on the contrary, with ratings improving year-to-year, soaps are making a comeback. From as low as 2.5 million to 5 million on a daily basis nationally, daytime dramas can still compete with other genres during the day, as long as they could still manage to create interesting stories for their audience.

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