'The Avengers' Marketing Chiefs Assemble For New Golden Trailers Nod

Avengers, Golden Trailer AwardsIf your trophy show is going to inaugurate its first new category since the Clinton administration, not a bad idea to dole it out to the third-biggest film of all time. Deadline has learned exclusively that the Golden Trailer Awards will lay its spanking-new Top of the Box Office prize for the year’s top-grossing film on the marketing superheroes behind Disney/Marvel’s superflick The Avengers. The trailer-topped statuette will go to Walt Disney Studios’ Asad Ayaz, SVP Marketing, Live Action and Marvel, and John “Ibby” Ibsen, SVP Creative Film Services. While saving the world, The Avengers made off with $1.51B worldwide last year, beating the No. 2 title, Sony’s Skyfall, by more than $400M. The 14th annual Golden Trailers — which honor achievement in movie marketing, including film trailers, posters and TV spots — will be handed out Friday at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. Rob Schneider and Aisha Tyler are your hosts.

  1. I’m pretty sure that movie was going to make 1.5 Billion no matter what. I’m sure those guys already got enormous bonuses already, why not recognize the best overall campaign creatively instead of the movie that made the most money?

  2. Interesting that there’s no nod to mOcean… the marketing powerhouse behind the Avengers campaign, the place where “Ibby” developed the strategy before he made his strangely serendipitous exit to Disney.

    1. mOcean was nominated twice for “Marvel’s The Avengers” trailers, which competed in last year’s 13th Annual Golden Trailer Awards. In fact, they received 7 nominations last year for a variety of films. This year, they’ve racked up a whopping 18 nominations! We’ll see how they do tomorrow, Friday 5/3/13 at the show. If you want to keep track, come to the show or watch for the winners to be posted tomorrow night. For tickets and nominations/winners see www[dot]goldentrailer[dot]com.

      The Golden Trailer Awards exist first and foremost to applaud the artistry and craft that goes into creating a trailer. However, this particular award, the Top of The Box Office,is to recognize the full marketing campaign behind the highest-grossing film of the year.

      (Disclosure: I am replying as publicist for the GTA)

      1. Did you say a whopping 18 nominations? Then how would you categorize AV Squad’s 24 noms?

        1. @Ahem… I’d categorize it as even more. You? Congratulations to ALL the nominees and winners, whether they got one or a lot. The whole field this year was just amazing.

  3. Think of the strategic obstacles this dedicated team had to overcome– imagine if you can the immensely complex marketing challenge getting half a dozen marvel characters in one trailer. (Pure unmitigated genius!) Add to that a mere hundred years of awareness and a bare bones $50M marketing budget with twenty brand partners and the mind boggles. This well deserved honor is tribute to both their perserverance and the breakthroughs they have made on behalf of the industry.

  4. So they are giving out awards for the easiest marketing job in the industry last year? A monkey throwing his feces at a dart board could have opened Avengers. If that same marketing team had been able to open John Carter or Frankenweenie, then those would have been accomplishments worthy of awards. The awards should honor those who achieve unexpected or exceptional results, not the biggest just because it was big.

  5. Wow the haters on here are getting pretty hateful. Way to go to hate on two hard working guys who opened the biggest weekend in history – which is good for all of us in this town

  6. The ultimate challenge for a marketing team at any studio, is to meet or surpass everyone’s expectations. Even more challenging, when you have to market a movie that everyone knows
    has the potential to be huge.
    These two gentlemen did just that, and should be applauded.

  7. Wow, really? AA goes 1 for, what? 16, and he latches on to the Avengers and people think he knows what he’s doing? Iron Man 3 will keep him afloat at least. Good luck with Lone Ranger!

    1. Oz opened better than expected, but was $80M enough to get the movie to profitability? Last I heard Oz is going to be a money loser for Disney.

  8. There is no exec at Disney more polarizing. Marvel aside, the track record here is exceptionally poor.

  9. This is for Top Grossing film. What does that have to do with marketing? Avatar also had very average marketing but was the top grossing film. Yes, Avengers opened much bigger, but that was from having 4 big movies to support it, not the advertising. If you really look at it, they should get an award for not screwing up a sure thing. The awards are just latching on to a success to drive more money for themselves and they have to give an award to do that as they are an awards show. Who cares? I guess I kinda do since I took the time to write this.

    1. “There’s a disadvantage to winning. People will criticize you. They will particularly hate you if you beat them. Many of them are just pathetic people who think every kid should get the trophy. Some of them are actually untalented, vicious people who won’t be able to stand the fact that you’re more talented or work harder than they do and make more money. So, they’ll say terrible things about you. You must be able to withstand that.”

  10. An outstanding achievement. My hat is off to the marketing folks at Disney. This is a marketing achievement on a global scale.
    Way to go Disney!

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