How Many Times Does Seth MacFarlane Have To Say No To The Oscars?

Again via Twitter, this year’s Oscars host has turned down an offer extended by returning producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron to take the gig again. Seth MacFarlane had already said immediately after the show in February that he wasn’t up to host the 2014 awards ceremony, but after Zadan and Meron re-upped last month in a surprisingly early decision by the Academy, the duo asked him anyway. MacFarlane had been silent publicly until he tweeted today: “Traumatized critics exhale: I’m unable to do the Oscars again. Tried to make it work schedule-wise, but I need sleep. However, I highly recommend the job, as Zadan and Meron are two of the most talented producers in the business. My suggestion for host is Joaquin Phoenix“. Whether he really wanted the job or not, he is plenty busy making his new cowboy comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West as well as working on a Ted sequel. The only question now is what comes next: MacFarlane’s third “please, stop asking me” tweet or somebody actually taking the job. Stay tuned.

  1. Seth snuck in a reference to the Oscars in the Family Guy finale last night. It didn’t sound like he was all that interested.

    1. I think a scheduling conflict will prevent her from hosting the Oscars. She’ll be visiting her husband in an Indiana federal prison.

      1. White wishful thinking, gotta love it. If Bush and Cheney aren’t locked up, I don’t think Obama will be.

  2. Academy doesn’t really want him its just spin.

    I forgot those awful producers were back.

    How can the Oscars suck so much again?

  3. Zack Galifianakis or Ken Jeung would kill it. They’re actually funny.Not “hipster nasty but hip because it’s ironic though I don’t really know the definition of that” funny.

  4. Enough about Seth! He was different, but he wasn’t that great. It was all about me-me-me when he was on stage. He didn’t host the Oscars, he wrote a play about a guy who was nervous about hosting the Oscars. There’s no need to get that meta.

  5. These two idiot producers need to take a hint and if he says no, he means no. Besides, just find someone else who actually wants to host the event and actually cares about being there in the first place, not just simply being there to fill up airtime and get a paycheck in the process. Ratings increased a bit from last year’s broadcast, but this guy sucked as a host and he even admitted as such. Let it go, guys.

  6. I obviously know the show airs on ABC but I think Jimmy Falon and Seth Meyers should host the Oscars together.

  7. The problem is Zadan and Meron. They should be banned for life from ever producing another awards show again. They are giant egomaniacs and all they care about is making themselves look even more flamboyant than they already are. They produced one of the worst shows in history so why are they getting to do the same crime twice? They should be in Oscar jail.

  8. please explain how it would be ‘spin’. I’m curious to hear this, considering it makes the Oscars look bad that they’re courting a host who isn’t interested.

    I think he’s a good Oscar host, although last time he suffered from weak material.

  9. In 2014, two men will stand before the world next to a golden statuette, their names will be Robin Williams and Billy Crystal.

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