The 2012-2013 season is officially over and the final network rankings are in. As was long expected, CBS took the top spot in viewers and the adults 18-49 demo, the first time the network has claimed a No. 1 ranking in both categories since the 1991-1992 season. There wasn’t any significant change from the preliminary numbers I reported earlier this week. Fox fell to second place in adults 18-49 for the season, hurt by a variety of factors including a more-than-25% key demo decline for American Idol, lackluster Season 2 numbers for The X Factor, a lack of traction among its comedies, a disappointing baseball postseason and a plethora of pre-emptions in the fall. That breaks Fox’s hold on the key demo title for the past eight seasons.

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As with last year, NBC was third in adults 18-49 and ABC was fourth. ABC did move over Fox to second place among total viewers this year. This season’s results also see CBS as the first network to simultaneously top viewership and the key demo since Fox took the double gold in 2007-2008, the year of the writers’ strike. Here are final numbers:

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SEPT. 24, 2012 – MAY 22, 2013

ADULTS 18-49

1. CBS 2.9/8 (Down 3% from 2011-2012 season)
2. FOX 2.5/7 (Down 22% from 2011-2012 season)
3. NBC 2.4/7 (Down 4% from 2011-2012 season
4. ABC 2.2/6 (Down 8% from 2011-2012 season)
5. CW 0.7/2 (Down 13% from 2011-2012 season)


1. CBS 11.85M (Up 1% from 2011-2012 season)
2. ABC 7.88M (Down 6% from 2011-2012 season)
3. FOX 7.02M (Down 22% from 2011-2012 season
4. NBC 6.97M (Down 6% from 2011-2012 season)
5. CW 1.76M (Up 4% from 2011-2012 season)

ADULTS 18-34

1. FOX: 2.2/7 (Down 19% from 2011-2012 season)
2. CBS: 1.9/6 (Even with 2011-2012 season)
3. NBC: 1.9/6 (Down 5% from 2011-2012 season)
4. ABC: 1.7/6 (Down 6% from 2011-2012 season)
5. CW: 0.7/2 (Down 13% from 2011-2012 season)

1. CBS: 56.2 (Up from 55.6 in 2011-2012)
2. ABC: 53.4 (Up from 52.3 in 2011-2012)
3. NBC: 49.5 (Up from 49.3 in 2011-2012)
4. FOX: 46.6 (Up from 46.2 in 2011-2012)
5. CW: 41.7 (Up from 37.1 in 2011-2012)

For the May sweep, CBS was caught in a three-way tie with ABC and Fox. CBS and Fox received a 1.8/6 for the April 25-May 22 frame, with ABC drawing a slightly smaller share with a 1.8/5. This is the first time that there has been such a tie for the period. NBC followed with a 1.7/5 — the best May sweep in almost a decade for the network. Fueled by the diminished but still strong success of The Voice, NBC saw a small 2% total viewership increase from last year. ABC and CBS were both down 8% in viewers over the frame compared to last May, while Fox cratered 27% as American Idol hit an all-time finale low on May 16. CBS won the sweep in terms of total viewers withwith ABC second, NBC third and Fox down to fourth place

ADULTS 18-49

CBS: 1.8/6 (Down 10% from May 2012 results)
FOX: 1.8/6 (Down 25% from May 2012 results)
ABC: 1.8/5 (Down 14% from May 2012 results)
NBC: 1.7/5 (Up 6% from May 2012 results)


CBS: 8.727 million (Down 8% from May 2012 results)
ABC: 7.116 million (Down 8% from May 2012 results)
NBC: 5.458 million (Up 2% from May 2012 results)
FOX: 5.443 million (Down 27% from May 2012 results)