Per tradition, top CBS executives unveiled their fall schedule at an informal breakfast event this morning where they took some jabs at the other broadcast networks. A day after Jimmy Kimmel once again skewered CBS at the ABC upfront presentation, CBS Corp CEO Les Moonves had this to say: “I was very flattered when Jimmy Kimmel called us ‘smug motherfuckers. You don’t call somebody ‘smug motherfuckers’ unless they’re smug and they’re winning, so we’ll try to be a little less smug and a little more gracious, but that’s hard for me, as you know. But anyway, Jimmy, ABC is still going to finish fourth in 18-49.” To ABC: “If your late-night guy is the funniest you have, keep him there as long as you can.”

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CBS’ head of scheduling Kelly Kahl kept the zingers coming.

3 years
Hey deadline has there ever been a quote you didn't think was "taking a shot" at someone...
One who knows
3 years
Rocco, You obviously missed the cbs presentation. Even with the Super Bowl taken out of the average,...
Rocco Bonzini
3 years
The ONLY reason CBS was #1 in 1849 this year was because they had the Super Bowl....

On ABC’s decision to launch an all-new Tuesday night: “As you know, that almost always works.”

On CBS’ blockbuster The Big Bang Theory facing NBC’s modestly rated Parks And Recreation on Thursday: “The (ratings) difference between the two alone would be a top 10 show.”

On Fox’s Junior MasterChef: “We call it Kids With Knifes.”

On ABC claiming that they have the “No. 1 brand in 18-49.” “Not sure what that means, we are the No. 1 network in 18-49.”

On Kimmel’s “smug” remark: “We’re not smug at all, we’re hungry.”