EXCLUSIVE: Nikohl Boosheri (Circumstance) stars in writer-director Meera Menon’s debut feature as a young woman who hits the road with girlfriends to stump for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. Along the way, Farah hopes to lose her virginity. The coming-of-age road movie premieres at Tribeca on April 19. Laura Goode produced and co-scripted with Menon, with Kandis Erickson, Kiran Deol, and Michael Steger co-starring. Here’s the film’s trailer:

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3 years
wtf is this movie about. not a great trailer. feels like low-fi production.
3 years
Another losing your virginity story? Nearly every film fest and filmmakers lab, it seems, is developing a...
3 years
Erickson, Boosheri and Deol are all amazingly talented and beautiful actresses; can't wait to see this!