Oscars Producers: Hawk Koch's Chutzpah Tops Even Tom Sherak's

Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences president Hawk Koch broke today’s news naming its 86th Academy Awards producers — a rerun of Craig Zadan and Neil Meron – because I’d received a tip this morning and was about to scoop the news. This is either the worst or best publicity timing: just as the major Hollywood movie studios are presenting their slates at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. But I, you, and everybody should appreciate the hilarity of what just happened here. Because first it was Tom Sherak in 2012 and now it’s Hawk KochHawk Koch in 2013 who will go down in Oscars history as giving new definition to the word chutzpah. Hawk is the outgoing president of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences who just pulled a fast one on whomever is elected the incoming president this summer. That’s after Tom tried to pull a fast one on Koch the year before. C’mon, choosing the producers of the Oscars is probably the single most important job of the AMPAS president. Yet Hawk, serving for only one year and knowing he was a lame duck, broke protocol and today announced the re-hiring of Zadan/Meron for the March 2, 2014 telecast. That should have been his successor’s privilege and responsibility. Sherak tried to do the same for the February 24th, 2013, telecast by soliciting Lorne Michaels as Oscars producer and NBC Late Night host Jimmy Fallon as Oscars host. Sherak went to the Academy’s Board Of Governors on his own initiative and said, “If I can find a producer, would you be interested?” The Board said yes. But Koch as 1st VP told colleagues Sherak shouldn’t be doing this within a mere matter of weeks before the new president was elected. Koch even complained directly to Sherak about it. Disney nixed the choice of Fallon – and Koch made his own choices. Now he took that choice away from his successor.

  1. Didn’t the show, which I personally didn’t care for, get great ratings?

    This is so in the weeds it makes inside baseball politics look inviting.

    1. I think curiosity is a better word for the ratings. People were curious how Seth would do as host including me as I expected a great show. We saw how he did. He sucked.

      1. not a fan but he was absolutely hysterical,,,and the show had much better numbers- that is why the call was made and you are sitting in a chair and not producing

  2. such awful horrible hollywood behavior. but, truly, the real shocker is that he hired Meron and Zadan. two of the worst producers in the business.

  3. Whoever replaces Hawk should announce his or her own choice for Oscar producers. The new president should not be legally bound by this idiotic decision. Obama was not legally bound to continue the failed policies of Bush and Cheney so why should the new AMPAS president be forced to accept this horrendously stupid decision? Zadan and Meron produced the worst Oscar show ever. They should be banned for life from ever doing it again. Screw Hawk Koch he’s a moron and he can be over-ruled easily by the new incoming boss whoever that turns out to be.

  4. Craig and Neil are said to be nice guys. I am sure htey are. But they are lousy Academy producers and this years show was terrible. I like a great deal of what they do. Chicago was terrific though I dont understand why the atual producer Mrty Richards is constantly pushed aside while Craig and Neil keep getting all the credit as exec producers. However with that said, the Oscars nees a difefrent set of show runners and should have had one after this year’s disgusting seth MacFarlane. And I come out of emmy award television comedy.

    1. But next year will be the ELEVENTH anniversary of Chicago, the ground-breaking Best Picture winner that definitely needed a tribute at this year’s Oscars, so why not celebrate it all over again?

      New guy, do us a favor and replace Zadan and the other ego-maniac, please.

  5. They don’t build bleachers big enough for this much grandstanding. First, Hawk Hoch summons us to a town hall meeting to “discuss” the future of the Academy..and now, he has guaranteed another Oscar telecast to two of the most self-serving producers in Academy history. Can we look forward to a tribute to DROP DEAD DIVA and a performance by Brandy?

    1. Actually, they’ll probably trot out oh-so-precious little Quvenzhane Wallis with an “Annie” medley, since they produced the TV movie of the musical.

  6. Hawk should be the permanent President. That was the best Oscars show I’ve ever seen. The level of nominated films, and the pre show William Shatner comedy piece were spectacular. I trust his judgement, chutzpah is a good. Thanks Hawk! Great Show!

  7. Hawk Koch represents all that is truly bad about Hollywood..’.what’s in it for me’. And, so it goes….maybe, he can appoint himself President Emeritus for life and become the Academy dictator for the next generation.

    The Academy meeting in May is the moment when Hawk will announce that he will remain in this position until every musical in film history has been honored at the Oscars.

    Gimme a break!

  8. I’m so tired of all the Hawk bashing. First of all, every Osar show sucks. The decision to be a Variety show instead of a show celebrating film, and the often self serving winners who try to get away with false humility are really the issue. Koch, Sherak and Ganis before him and even past Presidents like Bob Rehme have all been criticized for their work on this telecast because of the producers and hosts they’ve hired. It’s a thankless event but because its so high profile it trumps any of the work these presidents do outside of it. We should just lower the bar of expectation, stop complaining and make better movies so the show itself can be better in its celebration of them.

  9. This is why we love you Nikki. Snark away. I’m still reeling from the boyz attempt to get an Emmy for turning the Oscars into the Tonys. Now throw in a little self serving aggrandizement and we have Hollywood at it’s finest. LOL.

  10. Included in the the Swag for next year’s awards – mothballs and Metamucil.

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