A red carpet gala was held for Iron Man 3 this weekend in Beijing’s Taimiao Temple in the Forbidden City. Robert Downey Jr. attended the event in what was the first time a Hollywood film has ever been celebrated inside the imperial temple – it was also the first time a westerner has had their birthday feted inside Beijing’s ancestral hall (Downey turned 48 last week). DMG Entertainment, Marvel‘s local partner on the film, hosted the evening to kick off April as “Iron Man Month.” There is no local release date for the film yet which I understand is still being worked out with the Chinese authorities. The hope, however, is to set a release timed closely to the U.S. rollout on May 3. Below are two exclusive photos from Saturday’s event which was also attended by Iron Man 3 co-star Wang Xueqi – he’s the one shaking hands with Downey in the second pic.


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