Michelle Obama Brushes Off Criticism Over Oscars Appearance

The First Lady isn’t losing sleep over criticism she’s received over her satellite appearance at the Oscars on Sunday. And she said she’s not surprised the stunt garnered quite a bit of attention, given today’s pervasive 24/7 social media culture. “We live in a time when there are bloggers and tweeters and 24-hour news and everyone has a voice in this town square, and it’s a big one,” Michelle Obama told Today contributor Kelly Wallace in an interview this morning. “That means at any point at a given time, somebody’s not going to like what you do. That’s just the nature of things.” She also told the Associated Press she doesn’t give a second thought to critical comments about things she does as first lady. “I just don’t think about that stuff”, adding that her Oscars appearance fit in with her larger goal of support for the arts.

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  1. I really don’t see what all the talk is about. The First Lady presented an Oscar – so what? I’m sure she was thrilled, who wouldn’t be. Please, give it a rest already.

        1. That is a misleading comment.

          All Laura Bush did was a subdued pre-taped soundbite for an homage to movies. She did not present an award, or use military personnel and other taxpayer resources to stage a big self-promoting moment. Nor was Laura Bush a fixture on the talk show circuit doing cheesy dances and what not.

          As bad as George Bush was as President, Laura Bush was gracious, dignified, intelligent, respectful and tasteful.

          1. So to be dignified, women have to be demure, quiet, behind the scenes? What else should she be doing as First Lady? As far as I’m concerned, she can go on as many talk shows as she wants, dance as many cheesy dances, because she’s still a wonderful, productive person who has headed up many admirable initiatives and has set a wonderful example of how people should act… with graciousness, love, and a sense of humor. Sorry the little lady isn’t sitting pretty and quiet.

  2. Barack and Michelle are egotists and camera hogs. The Clintons are shrinking violets compared to these two. Prime-time, daytime, late night, award shows – it doesn’t matter. You can’t access any media without the Obamas infiltrating and infecting your world.

    1. So effing what. The Obamas are doing a great job. See the NYTimes today, with the Obama Administration standing up for Gay Marriage. Kudos! And our First Lady fighting obesity, something that is a detriment to our healthcare in this country.

      Who effing cares that they’re on TV alot. Why shouldn’t they be? They are what this country needs right now!

      1. So effing what to you. To those of us who find them annoying and in your face, it’s getting old. I watch the Oscars to forget what a mess the country is in. Her appearance was surreal and completely pointless. Not everything is about gay rights.

        1. WRTRPROD7 what have you done to help fix the state of the economy? It seems all too often we sit in our homes watching the Oscars and complaining about who appears on TV and how many times, instead of assisting in movements that will help he economic state of this country. If you weren’t watching so much television, could it possibly be that you wouldn’t be so annoyed at their appearances? Although they don’t appear nearly as much as you make it out to be. You should really stop criticizing and get out there and do something that will change our economic state. Don’t be such a Debbie Downer with no purpose.

      2. Yeah, BHO is doing a great job. Looked at any economic data lately? Benghazi, anyone? Oh, but support for gay marriage trumps all of that trivial stuff. Sheeeeesh!

          1. And guess what? Nobody gives a fuck about Benghazi. The election is over. Enough already.

        1. “Benghazi, anyone”? The last dying whimper of a defeated party. If Republicans gave half as big a shit about 9/11 as they did about Benghazi, this nation wouldn’t have been responsible for murdering 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. STFU already with that Benghazi obsession.

        2. Numerous people died in attacks on embassies during the Bush administration. Not saying you shouldn’t check the Dems, but if you didn’t give a damn then, you shouldn’t suddenly care now. IT looks very politicized.

  3. Hollywood is a huge export industry for America, and it’s perfectly appropriate for the First Lady to use her star power to help a big revenue producer. Now if only they’d stop their funky accounting and pay their fair share of taxes…

    1. You wouldn’t think it was appropriate if it was Laura Bush, no matter how huge an export the industry is for America. Hypocrites abound in Tinseltown.

      1. Laura Bush was in a montage video describing what movies meant to her during the 2002 Oscars. No one cared at all. Poor effort. Try Google first next time.

        1. Laura Bush’s appearance was brief and pre-recorded. It was not all about her, Mishy’s was (with the usual background exploitation of military personnel to boot). The two appearances are not comparable whatsoever.

          1. Oh, so it’s all about length of appearance? Laura Bush was less conspicuous? That’s how you rationalize your hypocrisy?

    2. The First Lady is not a “star” nor is it her role to generate movie revenue. She should stop being such a fame hound and traveling circus act, and acquire some dignity and respect for her position and this country. She has no grace and her constant subtext is “Eff you, I’ll do what I want.”

      1. If you’re a “Dem Guy,” I’ll eat my hat. You’re a hateful Con if I ever saw one.

      2. All politics are is one big ego stroke, a bunch of power hungry people pretending to represent and set examples for the general public. They set themselves from the rest of us normies, and act like they’re bigger than us. BUT THEY AREN’T. I think the biggest example the Obamas have set is that at the end of the day, they’re just people, and they can poke fun at themselves, they can let loose, and don’t have to affect false airs about who they are or what their offices represent.

      3. Right, “eff you” I’ll accept this invitation. I know the conservative idiots of this nation will whine their little heads off, but shouldn’t their faux indignation be reserved for the people who invited Michelle?

  4. It’s a shame Michelle can’t just tell people to take a big whiff of GTFOI (Get The Fuck Over It).

    I could never be the First Lady.

  5. Republicans absolutely hate the Obama’s. And when the President and/or the First Lady do anything that garners any attention, the old, geriatric, white, right wing conservatives have to complain.

    Whenever a Republican gets mad, an angel gets it wings.

    1. Because Dems just loved Bush! Or am I the only one who remembers the Bush Lies, Thousands Died signs, the Bushitler bumper stickers, the daily death threats, the daily mocking, the documentary about his “assassination”, the Oliver Stone farce of a biopic, and how the media played with themselves as they played over and over again someone throwing a shoe at Bush?

      1. But Bush *DID* lie, and thousands *DID* die. Lefties sure don’t have to make up fake birther memes or fake outrages like Benghazi against Bush/Cheney, their crimes were all too real.

        And please tell me what–besides his skin color and the very fact that he’s president for you people–Obama has done to deserve having shoes thrown at him? Not cleaning up Bush/Cheney’s messes fast enough?

      2. See, that’s the problem. Bush DID lie. Bush did invade a sovereign nation on false pretenses. Bush did supervise the murder of more than 100,000 innocent civilians, women, children. Bush did destroy the infrastructure of another nation, destroy the international reputation of the United States, bring America to the brink of financial collapse and saddle the nation with debt that has made an economic recovery all but impossible.

        So much for your adolescent equivalency, hamish.

    1. They are junior officers who are assigned to the White House as decoration for social events. They are usually academy grads (West Point, Annapolis, AFA).

  6. Michelle Obama’s appearance was a welcome touch — a well-kept surprise is always fun for us viewers – especially at the end of the Oscar show when we are exhausted from all the egos and inane chatter. Some folks need to get busy and try to solve some of our world’s really serious problems.

  7. Oscars on Sunday, premeditated sequester on Friday. Completely inappropriate. Virtually delusional in proportional thinking as it pertains to Barack and Michelle’s championing of “the 95%;” “the expanding middle class;” “Main Street” – etc.

  8. 100% class. I love Michelle.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that a small minority of Americans spend 100% of their free time writing negative comments online about the Obamas. They have nothing else to do and must not have anything of worth in their own lives, so they just decide to shovel their BS onto others. Guess what, all that hate failed to change the election. Obama is still president and the world is a better place for it. So get off your ass, go outside and enjoy life.

    1. In what sense is the world a better place for their presence in the White House? Arab Spring? Benghazi? Horrible economy? Fast & Furious? Crony socialism in the form a failed stimulus bill? Higher taxes? Higher spending?

      1. Hate to bother you with facts, but…

        2002: U.S. Consulate In Karachi, Pakistan, Attacked; 10 Killed, 51 Injured.
        2004: U.S. Embassy Bombed In Uzbekistan.
        2004: Gunmen Stormed U.S. Consulate In Saudi Arabia.
        2006: Armed Men Attacked U.S. Embassy In Syria.
        2007: Grenade Launched Into U.S. Embassy In Athens.
        2008: Rioters Set Fire To U.S. Embassy In Serbia.
        2008: Ten People Killed In Bombings At U.S. Embassy In Yemen.

        Job losses/last five months of Bush: -459, -472, -775, -705, -794… stimulus turned these into GAINS, it worked.

        The ATF began Project Gunrunner as a pilot project in Laredo, Texas, in 2005 and expanded it as a national initiative in 2006… Bush

        Government spending under President Obama has grown at a slower rate than it did under any president since Dwight D. Eisenhower was in office six decades ago, according to an analysis from Bloomberg. That may not jibe with the conservative complaints that Obama has overseen a massive growth in government spending, but it’s true.

        Have a nice day.

        1. Thank you, Reality. I am so sick of these assholes and their endless lies. Higher spending??? Good lord, Little Lord Fauntleroy. Do a little research, you ignoramus.

  9. There really was no reason for her to make an appearance. We all know what she stands for an preaches and we all know who a majority of Hollywood supports.

  10. I love her but it was so odd and misplaced.

    #TeamSeth!! ( though I know everyone and their grandmother hated him – too bad.

    The real problem? Sorry I can now tell Oscar writer Bruce Vilanch jokes – it’s time to clean house. His jokes aren’t working anymore I’d bet money several if those were Bruce. Great guy just time to do something else.

  11. Why should she care. She and her husband don’t care about anything except themselves and what they can get out of the office, free trips, free meals, free, free, free, mostly charged to the American people. And when they finally leave office they can leach off people willing to pay $100,000 plus so they show up. Just like Bill Clinton. Soon they will be in the 1 percent of the 1 percent too. Ain’t America great.

  12. I wasn’t a Bush or Reagan fan, but I never attacked their wives and families, or approved of anyone who would do so — no matter how out in the culture the respective wives and families were. Nancy Reagan said, Just Say No (And she really was a product of the great EVIL HOLLYWOOD). Michelle Obama says eat better, and here’s an Oscar. The former is an icon to the right. The latter a usurper. This whole bat shit crazy right wing produced Obama, Messiah, Socialist, Muslim, not born in the USA crap has really become a tiresome poison that’s birthed a mind set to simply go after the guy and his wife as if they were somehow enemies of the state. Like sharks to chum. It’s ridiculous. And sad. Sad, that people can be so f’n stupid. Ridiculous because… it’s amazing people can so be so f’n stupid and petty. So she presented an oscar. And looked good doing it. So f’n what?

  13. Guess what Mo Bo. The second you “surprised” us with your appearance before the announcement of Best Picture, my first reaction was put back; interrupted from trying to gain appreciation for the magic of the movies nominated this year. Hey maybe I would have paid money at a movie theatre to see one of them. Bot Nooooo MoBo since you decided it was your time to “endorse the arts” backed up with the gloss and glitter of your celebrity, I have completely lost interest.

    I tell you one thing. Thank God for this medium of expressing your opinion that we can react to your appearance. Had it been ten years earlier (just ten)! I would not think that anyone can point out that your cheapening appearance was innappropriate to the proceedings.

    After all I just would like to do is acknowledge Hollywood as just a dream machine (that makes enough money to erase our debt) instead of a community of suck-ups!

    1. Why would you thank God for this medium of expressing your opinion? It’s called the internet, and God didn’t invent it. Human scientists invented the internet with [GASP!] government funds in science and technology given to researchers at UCLA and Stanford.

  14. No matter what your politics, Michelle Obama is an intelligent, vibrant, principled, and gorgeous class act. Whatever she does makes us look great. Being a first lady isn’t easy, and I’m sure Laura Bush is somewhere right now giving her an appreciative high five.

  15. Anyone who actually is offended by ANY First Lady appearing on the Oscars is a mentally unbalanced tosser in need of a lithium milkshake.

  16. Hamish, re: Oliver Stone’s “farce of a biopic.” It didn’t present itself as a traditional biopic per se. It did a number of things simultaneously including a.) underscore the Freudian unexamined blue blood drama that W.’s life represents; b.)provoke the question of to what extent W. was the tool of external factors; and (c.) portray him as the conduit – victim even – of those external factors (’41 cronies) enacted in everything that characterized his time in the White House from “hanging chads” to 9/11 to post-9/11 “palace politics” (Cheyney, Rove, his father’s term in office) – that he was helpless to. Political biopics usually neaten things up in tidy ways for the purposes of idolatry…which is comforting. That guy was noble. He was heroic. End of story. It’s a long list – “Wilson;” “PT 109;” “Gandhi.” Television often goes in the opposite direction and very well as provocative counterpoint material to the films we’ve experienced over the years. One of the many things I liked about “Lincoln” is that if you look at it sideways : he’s a cool manipulative shark…that doesn’t seem like one…with particular skill for the ramifications of “palace politics” as it intersects with democracy as it was originally envisioned. (Aside : Sally Field should do Shakespeare at Lincoln Center or in the Park, the Old Globe, Canada maybe. I agree. Who the F are you and shut the F up!) Stone’s picture is a riff on the conventions of traditional Hollywood biopic. It doesn’t neaten things up it does the opposite (hence its box office possibly. It betrayed our expectations of what a a political biopic is supposed to do.) It’s a purposefully unmade bed arranged to provoke with hangover. (Great cast too; especially Brolin.) Peter Morgan and Oliver Stone together as a clash in cultures, thinking, approach…would be very interesting I think with something new.

  17. I voted for Barack Obama twice. And, I met him and shook hands with him in 2008. I’m far from conservative, but I was appalled by Michele’s appearance at the Oscars, and so were several of my liberal friends. Her husband is the leader of the free world, and she’s appearing live to announce best picture?? Who cares about Hollywood?! What about other artists — painters, sculptors, musicians? Hello, Obamas, and America… are you awake??? Or are you fully awake and just in bed with corporate Hollywood?

  18. Washington D.C. and Hollywood are two sides of the same coin. Power and image and influence. Hollywood beams American values all over the globe. Politicians run on Hollywood money. If you don’t get that, you’re as naive as they come. Enough with your fake, childish, racist outrage.

  19. If you ask me, and u didn’t. both sides are losers. They both sucked and will continue too. The whole point of this is not Republican v. Democrat. We all know they are all liars and cheats. The point is that the Political whores found another venue to infiltrate. There should be some events that have class and are sacred from the political rhetoric like the Oscars that focus on humanity at large and not on their loser agendas. So what! Who cares what she stands for! its all smoke and mirrors anyway, Its a dog and pony show. She just like the republicans have their own agendas and shes using her spotlight for her own ego. Bush too, she just didnt do it live and make the whole staff wait to go home at midnight. They both waste enormous amounts of money on their own crap. Wake up america and put a stop to all of the tyrants. Lets complain about the big banks instead, or better yet….go out and do something than to sit on this lame site and exchange jabs. Heres my presidential campaign slogan…..GET A LIFE, DO SOMETHING AT THE LOCAL LEVEL TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. OH AND STAY OUT OF MY OSCARS….wheres my lithium

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