Today at SXSW, Marvel Entertainment announced a wave of digital initiatives built around the comics-based empire. New original video content will tie Marvel’s film, animation, comics, and web interests together with reality programming, news and documentaries anchored by Marvel’s Earth’s Mightiest Show, a weekly Marvel and pop culture program. G4’s Blair Butler will host the show covering movies, comics, video games, and television with celebrity interviews and first looks at upcoming Marvel Studios films. The lineup joins previous Marvel original programs The Watcher and Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!. Here’s the teaser unveiled today at SXSW:

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Cary Coatney
3 years
They should recruit Grace Randolph to come back and do this. She was the mascot for everything...
Keepin it real
3 years
That's because there isn't as much ageism and weightism in comics as there is in Hollywood.
3 years
Blair Butler rocks. She's the real deal when it comes to fangirls. Glad to see her working...