OSCARS: Live-Action Short Nominee 'Henry' – Video

From Canada, here’s another short Oscar contender, Henry, written and directed by Yan England.

  1. I saw this last night, along with the other four nominees in the live-action short category. Of the five, I felt it was the weakest. For me, it just didn’t go anywhere–or maybe the problem was that I saw exactly where it was going.

    I think that Curfew is the one to beat.

  2. Maudlin and treacly. Asad is the best of the five nominated live action shorts and Adam and Dog the best of the animated shorts. I hope this doesn’t win but suspect all the blue hairs in the Academy, bemoaning the loss of their own youth and being sentimental about their own withering lives, will vote for it. A shame.

  3. Not a good short at all. Overly long and sentimental; Henry is actually the worst of the bunch.

    The best live actions shorts are Curfew, which features a little girl who will be a star very soon, and Buzkashi boys, a slick, over-long (aren’t they all?) film about two Afghani boys with huge production value and a non-Afghani creative team (so how it’s really an Afghan film is beyond me).
    Asad isn’t a bad movie, but it switches genres at the very end and, it too, is grossly over-long.
    Death of a Shadow is interesting — or would’ve been at half its length. We get the metaphor very quickly and then guess the ending far before it comes.

    So for your office pools: the live action Oscar will go to either Curfew for its fun deadbeat guy-smart little girl dynamic, or to Buzkashi Boys, to assuage us all of the mess we’ve made in Afghanistan.
    I’d give it to Curfew for its lack of any hidden agenda. But the prediction is B Boys.

  4. I think Henry is the least imaginative of the live-action short nominees. The protagonist is too automatically a sympathetic character. Buzkashiu Boys is my choice.

  5. I’m trying to find the quote that rolled on the screen at the end of Henry. It touched me and I’d like to share it with friends, but I can’t find it! Help!!

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