OSCARS: Red Carpet Live Stream

Watch the 85th Academy Awards red carpet parade right here on Deadline beginning at 2:30 PM Pacific via AP’s live feed. Later on we’ll post a full fashion report by Deadline contributor Monica Corcoran Harel. To watch click over to the jump. Autoplay is off for the stream, but the commercial plays when your browser refreshes. We’ll try to get that fixed.

  1. Re: Brandi Glanville

    So, obviously the nominees must be appropriately dressed but the commentators don’t?

    Brandi’s dress is waaaaay over the top. It is too trashy to be classy. Can you say TOO MUCH CLEAVAGE????
    In one shot from her neck down was blocked out. What a slap on the wrist!!! I think she should exuse herself and change into something more appropriate or leave altogether!

  2. Seth MacFarlane? Really? What……Yakov Smirnoff was to busy? Carlos Mencia was on vcation? Carrot top was auditioning for Broadway? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze.

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