OSCARS: Picks For Acting Categories

Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond talks with ENTV’s Brian Corsetti about his picks for likely winners in the four Oscar acting categories. All the precursor awards suggest that a favorite has largely locked up the win in two categories, Pete says. But the other two categories remain wide open, particularly the race for Best Supporting Actor, where five previous Oscar winners are vying.

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  1. Pete, love your columns and videocasts but can’t get behind a comparison of Jennifer Lawrence in “Silver Linings” to Shirley MacLaine in “The Apartment.” Take the “this is an emotion” scene between Lawrence and Bradley Cooper – delivered with absolutely no emotional range whatsoever. It was like hearing her read off cue cards. I’ve seen Muppets pull off more feeling than she is capable of, and in that of all scenes…. Agree with you a lot, but not in this instance.

    1. Agreed. Trust me, triple- threat and legendary Shirley MacLaine would be insulted by that comparison. The highly overrated Jennifer Lawrence brought nothing to the table, and she never had any heat with Bradley Cooper. Throughout Silver Linings Playbook, Lawrence was wooden and her line readings were painful to hear ( and her acting performance was painful to watch ) . Her scene opposite Robert DeNiro should have been powerful, yet that scene was limping along, because Jennifer couldn’t appropriately deliver her lines nor deliver a strong performance . This poor girl is still a novice to the acting game.

      1. Silver Lining is so over rated I am amazed that people really like this movie…..really Best picture, Best actor, and so on….. have you lost your minds! It was a big Snooze for me and most of my friends. I thought it wasn’t acting it was just reciting catchy banter. I will be ashamed of mankind if this movie is a big winner tonight. Come on have you seen the other movies? It’s like the princess and the pea no one wants to say it but many are thinking it the movie is not worthy of it’s aclaim.

      2. @JJ –

        + a million.

        I really, truly hope the Academy bucks giving it to the young chick. Riva just absolutely swept the floor this year.

  2. Okay you are not a Jennifer Lawrence fan obviously. However you would have to be an ICE QUEEN (or king) to not have felt the emotional tension between both Bradley and Jennifer when she delivered that line. The subtly in that delivery was dead on because real “emotion” is internal not verbal. It was not what or how she delivered the line it was about how she got Bradley to feel this fire inside himself that completely takes him to a place emotionally be never felt before. Not even with his wife who he believed to be the love of his life. Emotion is a feeling something that when you are feeling it there are no words or line read that can touch it. Emotion. Try feeling it sometime and you will see.

    1. The film is about trading one female crutch (the wife) for another (crazy chick with hot bod).

      Her performance was flat. She brags about never having taken an acting class but quite honestly, it’s not a badge of pride. She looks like someone who could benefit from a tutorial.

      If you want to see emotion, watch “Amour.” Riva runs circles around that twit.

  3. —Must say, looking at Lewis’s Lincoln again,
    really a flat performance of a stultifyingly
    sanctimonious script.


    Break yout trance. They’re handing you programming,
    predictive programming —-NOT profound drama,
    much less relevant history.

    1. I like DDL, but I also agree, I just don’t think he was that groundbreaking here and the other four actors deserved much more consideration.

  4. Just like to point out you can win with just 21% of the vote.
    It means 79% of the vote can go for the other 4 and you can still win.

  5. It would be a travesty if Lawrence won over Riva. They are not in the same league. That’s all I’m saying.

  6. Jennifer Lawrence is going to win and deserves to win. Haters can just start building that bridge to get over it. Go cry to your mothers you big babies.

  7. I agree the comparison is ludicrous. But it is Lawrence who should be insulted. In a few decades she will be a true legend

  8. it seems like a lot of the precursor awards pointed to jennifer lawrence. she was amazing in white bone, so it wasn’t as if this would have been out of reach. the same for jessica chastain. she had the nomination for the help and had the tree of life and the debt on her resume as well. it’s such a fluid year. i’m sort of surprised, and could be wrong, that nikke broke the story the year that brokeback mountain was not going to win because, while it had a head of steam going into the night, the voters were just not watching the screener copy of the film and wouldn’t vote for it. the people seem to have pulled jessica out of the running because they just don’t like the politics of the movie (did torture lead to osama). a little surprised that emanuelle riva has come up and as proof, the award she won being the bafta (european actress/european award). but i go back to brokeback mountain (older voters/older actress)….seems now, to be a riva/lawrence race….i hope lawrence because winters bone, hunger games and this….does independent film award mean anything coming into tonight….(they split the la film critics-runner up for national society of film critics–do the film society awards have a bias to older actors)….guess i’m rambling, but would love to see jennifer win it….plus could be wrong, but given first time since the 80’s all actors in a film nominated in the categories, seems like one should win….my very unschooled in film opinion…..lol

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