Oscars: Original, Adapted Screenplay Picks

Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond talks with ENTV’s Brian Corsetti about his picks for the likely winners in the hotly contested Oscar races for Best Original and Best Adapted screenplays. With scripts for several highly regarded Best Picture nominees duking it out, Pete has a dark-horse candidate he thinks may just find some Academy love.

  1. I am so sick of the “Adapted screenplay,” category. I’m not saying it doesn’t take great skill to write a screenplay from source material, but I think it should be one category, and the sourced material screenplays should be judged on a weighted curve. I thought part of the whole “writing a story,” thing, was that you CREATE a story. Cobble together scenes from a book and deciding which ones fit best, or borrowing from someone’s autobiography, while still great accomplishments (if done the right way) are not as awesome as creating something new.

  2. —2013 had nothing worth celebrating.

    Franchise slum Hollywood reductions
    and predictive programming, routine
    debasement and cultural incest do NOT
    an awards show make.

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