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OSCARS: Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie' Featurette 'The Puppet Hospital'

EXCLUSIVE: Tim Burton received his second animated feature nomination for Frankenweenie, perhaps his most personal movie yet. His first nom came for 2005’s Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Both are products of the art of Stop Motion animation, a technique that fell on hard times after CGI took over for most animated films. But thanks to Burton and others it is back with a vengeance. Three of the Animated Feature nominees this year (ParaNorman and The Pirates! Band Of Misfits are the others) and two of the Animated Short nominees (Head Over Heels and Fresh Guacamole) are all done with Stop Motion technique. In this exclusive featurette a visit to the “puppet hospital” shows some of the magic behind Frankenweenie.

  1. This was a great little documentary. It answered the two questions I had about stop motion after watching the movie. The first was, “How do they get stuff to fly through the air with the stop-motion technique?” (supports that are later erased optically) and the other thing I thought, watching Frankenweenie, was that Dr. Rzykruski’s mouth must have been done with CGI because it did look different than the animation in the rest of the movie. Also answered!

    Thanks for putting this up here.

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