OSCARS: Seth MacFarlane's Comedy Bits – Videos

Seth MacFarlane sang, danced, and joked his way through the Oscars on Sunday night in his hosting debut with the help of Channing Tatum, Charlize Theron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Daniel Radcliffe, and William Shatner. The show’s 15-minute opening saw everything from a futuristic visit from Captain James T. Kirk (Shatner) to a song naming A-list actresses who’ve bared it all onscreen. (The Oscars telecast also plugged MacFarlane’s Best Song nominee Ted with a staged bit starring Mark Wahlberg and his furry co-star.) And just when the nearly four-hour telecast was all over, MacFarlane and Kristin Chenowith tacked on one last musical ode dedicated to the night’s losers. Watch all the comedic Oscar clips here:

William Shatner interrupts MacFarlane’s opening monologue from the future:

MacFarlane’s “We Saw Your Boobs” opening song:

MacFarlane sings “The Way You Look Tonight”:

A member of the Von Trapp family arrives at the Dolby Theatre:

MacFarlane and Kristin Chenowith sing their closing “Losers” song:

  1. Are we a nation of 6 year olds? Have we gone collectively BLIND?
    Steven was ROBBED tonight!! He was ROBBED!! The whole thing
    STINKS to high heaven. Is it “politically incorrect” to ponder out
    loud whether or not Beijing had a role in tonight’s best director category?
    Everyone knew this was STEVEN’S YEAR!! This is what your “lying ears” heard from every academy member you knew, am I correct? America cannot BOW. Understand this. America CANNOT BOW.

    1. “Is it “politically incorrect” to ponder out loud whether or not Beijing had a role in tonight’s best director category?”

      Nah, but it’s stupid, though, and weirdly paranoid. And did you say the words “out loud” whilst you were typing or something? Otherwise, it wouldn’t be “out loud”.

  2. He was horrible and it’s his fault and the fault of his writers. I thought he’d be the best host ever better than Billy Crystal 20 years ago. Sadly he flopped he bombed he was awful and lousy. Maybe not the worst host ever but definitely one of the worst. Meron and Zadan were terrible choices to produce this they should have realized two weeks ago that the script wasn’t working and they should have brought in different writers to make it funny and entertaining. The Shatner opening was as bad as Rob Lowe and Snow White.

    1. It interest’s me to know why anyone would “waste their time” so fervently about something they hate…..Me thinks you might protests too much…Shakespear.
      I’m rarely motivated by negative information….I just want it to go away….On a positive note, I do frequently go out of my way to reward, or comment on…
      Perhaps comments can be delayed for a time, before one has soiled their reputation with remarks not well thought out.
      Anyway, why would say such horrible things about Seth?
      It’s a show dear….
      I think he did fantastic…..
      why would you offend everyone with your vitriol….

  3. Yeah, “comedy”… Not really.

    Lets get it out there – Billy Crystal should host all the Oscars as long as he’s alive (and perhaps a couple of years after that through pre-taped bits). Last night was a train wreck. Lazy, pathetic and unfunny. Far from what an Oscar ceremony should be.

    1. Does no one remember the James Franco/Anne Hathaway train wreck?? They could barely read their teleprompters, let alone host.

  4. Just imagine how funny Seth could have been if he had actually been allowed to cut loose on the room full of self-congratulating narcissism. There were bits of it, but you know he was specifically told not to go certain places,.Can’t make the stars too upset, after all, they pay good money to go in there and applaud their superfluous achievements in the past year.
    That’s why we got “watered-down, weak Seth.” Personally, I’d have loved to have seen him really cut loose, but ABC and Hollywood would have NEVER allowed that. Hollywood is not nearly secure enough in their self-esteem to allow that!

      1. What he’s describing is pretty much roasting, which is what Seth is good at.. however, whether we like it or not ‘The Oscars’ isn’t allowed to be wrong in any way nor is any show that represents the US. Another example, The Superbowl.

  5. The boobs song was a little silly but it was pretty funny. I laughed out loud with the Kate Winslet part. But other than that..it was really disappointing. Seth was really offensive several times – the bit about not understanding a word Salma, Javier and Penelope say but that they were nice to look at. WTF. I’d like to think I have a sense of humor, but that was just distasteful.

  6. Good job, but the “you can’t do black hand in 2013” joke wasn’t funny. I love politically incorrect humor but when the joke misses it just uncomfortable to watch.

  7. He was a bad choice back in October when he got the gig. Jon Stewart, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel. They along with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler should be the only choices for the next 10 years use those five on a rotating basis let them use their own writers and the show will always be funny.

  8. Y’all are bunch of humorless clods. He did good a job, loved the musical numbers. Hokey and cliched? Sometimes, but surprisingly refreshing.

  9. Seth was awful, and I’m a semi fan of his animated shows. I can only surmise the usual Oscar writers including the unfunny Bruce Vilanch and the Leno hack John Macks wrote this drivel. It did not sound like Seth’s stuff, except for a couple of the bad taste lines, and that was “weak Seth” not “Good Seth.”

    The boobs song was pretty good but almost all the monologue seemed to fall flat and several people in the audience looked genuinely repulsed or, in the case of Ben Affleck, actually hurt. When the camera pans to the audience and folks look pissed or depressed or hurt, you know it’s not going well.

    1. Actually, if you watch the clip and see the reactions of the ladies being lampooned in the skit, you’ll notice that they are not wearing the same clothing they arrived at the Oscars with, so I’m not sure if they had taped that a few days earlier or used past Oscar clips of them, but my guess is that they were all in on the joke. I loved the reaction of Jennifer Lawrence in that skit when he says we haven’t seen her boobs.

  10. I thought Seth was hilarious and yes, I am his friend and I work for him, but I am talking now strictly as a fan of comedy. He and his writers wrote some really funny jokes and so what if they offended a few people? Big deal! The Oscars isn’t some sacred event handed down from God. The Oscars is just a money-making broadcast of a TV show… it is NOT a solemn occasion where big-thinkers are thinking big-thoughts about world peace. It’s a fun show where we get to see some famous actors and actresses we like appearing as themselves or entertaining us in some new way, on live TV. Where does anyone get off claiming it is some holy event that needs to be paid respect? They are just movies, folks… movies that we like, movies that we hate, movies that make us laugh and cry and entertain us, but at the end of the day, they are just movies! Wake up! If you want to get cranked up about something and see your name on a blog or somewhere, write about something that could make a difference in someone’s life. And oh yeah, get a life! Seth was funny, his writers did a great job and I enjoyed the show and so did my wife. So there!

    1. Brian try to be objectionable about this. The show was a big letdown it was a huge disappointment to everyone who thought it was going to be sensationally funny. Seth might have been crippled by the Academy if they forced him to water down his comedy but that never prevented Steve Martin or Billy Crystal from being hilarious. Seth blew it and he has to take responsibility for it being so bad the same way he’d get all the credit if it had been one of the best shows ever instead of one of the worst shows ever.

  11. What Oscar pretension or convention did he not split open like a Hawaiian coconut? You wanna not like the guy but you can’t not like the guy. Schoolboy charm and it worked. Fallon will too I suspect. I thought that Zadan and Meron did a great job. Did some material not work? When has that ever not been the case? The admission of such, and the foregoing – the bump in the ratings. It was what it was but it felt fresh because what it was is genuinely who he is.

  12. Shatner got the show off to a terrible start it was a stupid terrible idea for a show opening. Seth should have done what Crystal always did insert himself into the best picture nominees and have fun with them it’s tried and true and it always works if it’s done creatively.

    Think how much fun it would have been if Seth had been in a scene with Lincoln arguing about slavery “lots of people in Hollywood work as slaves they’re called interns and slavery is very popular in Hollywood” or if Seth had been in the gun duel with Django the scene where he says “I like the way you die boy” and we could have seen Seth doing a ridiculous over the top death where he takes 30 seconds to die.

      1. That’s right Kramer you are certainly not a highly paid professional comedy writer, it takes an expert comedy writer like Seth and his brilliant pals to come up with comedic gems such as “Flight” with sock puppets and hauling William Shatner out of mothballs to predict the future that’s how you can always make the Oscar crowd roar with laughter.

        For what it’s worth, your two comedy bits above are actually much funnier than what we saw last night but because you are not a member of the WGA nor are you a professional comedy writer you should stick to Twitter. Leave the Oscars to professionals.

  13. Well, I for one loved the whole show.

    I think Seth did great job, as someone who dared to sit up most of the night (UK viewer) with the fear that he would bomb, and the show would be over cautious, I was really surprised at how well he coped with the obvious politics involved with being the Oscars host and trying to push boundaries (true, not all the gags worked and sank like a lead balloon). He balanced perfectly being a bit “near the knuckle” and doing an outstanding job of hosting.

    Can’t quite believe that Seth has been attacked so much, I suppose it just goes to show the difference in humour from various parts of the world, and how subjective comedy really is!.

    Really when it comes down to it, what do you want from your Oscar host. Straight laced & boring or someone with some talent who spoke with a clear and totally commanding voice, or someone who mumbles & mutters all the way through who couldn’t be understood by the viewers around the world.

    Just the honest views of an “uptight & stuffy” Brit…

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