OSCARS: All The Musical Numbers – Videos

Neil Meron and Craig Zadan weren’t kidding around with this year’s movie music Oscars theme. (Even the comedic bits were song-and-dance vehicles for Seth MacFarlane). Musical numbers from this year’s nominees ran the gamut from Les Miserables‘ full-cast staging to Norah Jones crooning “Everybody Needs A Best Friend” from Ted, and Adele’s performance of her Oscar-winning Skyfall theme. Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson returned to sing her signature song from Dreamgirls, making Catherine Zeta-Jones’ “All That Jazz” Chicago number pale in comparison. And grand dames Shirley Bassey and Barbra Streisand fought through the show’s spotty sound mixing to deliver signature tunes.

Shirley Bassey sings her 007 theme “Goldfinger”:

Catherine Zeta-Jones performs “All That Jazz” from Chicago:

Jennifer Hudson sings “And I’m Telling You…” from Dreamgirls:

Barbra Streisand performs “The Way We Were”:

Cast of Les Miserables:

Norah Jones sings “Everybody Needs A Best Friend” from Ted:

Adele sings “Skyfall” from Skyfall:

  1. It is a matter of opinion, but I truly despise the always over-the-top singing of Jennifer Hudson. Streisand was definitely off last night. The highlight of the whole night was, easily, the Les Miserables number. Brilliant on every level. It is very rare a musical number gives me goosebumps like this.

    1. Do you realize how old she is. In most cases woman in their 70’s lose their voice. It was exciting to see her live. Yes isn’t what it use to be but she is still awesome.

  2. I have nothing against music, but that was just too much last night. I still don’t get what was up with the Chicago stuff? (other than it’s relation to the producers)

  3. Adele was great but orchestra kept drowning her out during the chorus, and what was with those guys standing behind the band? Having the orchestra down the street at the Capitol bldg wasn’t the greatest idea. The orchestra drowned out Barbra as well.

  4. Not only were the sound levels terrible for Adele, they were worse for Jennifer Hudson. At least I could hear some of Adele’s vocals; I could only hear a few bits and pieces of Hudson’s. I guess the orchestra was turned up to drown out levels for booting people offstage and never fixed for the musical numbers.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones lip syncing – how sad and pathetic. Especially since her dancing made her seem like she was as old as Riva.

    Speaking of music, how tacky to have Tarantino’s out music for his acceptance speech be the theme for Gone With the Wind. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

  5. The orchestra did not drown out any of the vocalists; the sound engineer was the one at fault. And the guys standing behind the band? Wow…. they were backup singers…

  6. So sad for Catherine Zeta-Jones. Felt sorry for her. Seems like they just played the Chicago CD from 10 years ago.

  7. Am I the only one who experienced the sound levels fluctuating up and down for almost every musical performance? It was like some guy in the booth kept turning the volume knob back and forth.

    Was it bring your daughter to work day? Did a child sneak in there and start pressing random buttons?

    1. I have been searching for any comments from the actual sound engineers today, but basically what happened for me was that the center channel signal was dropped completely out during Adele, Babs and the ending musical number. I thought at first that it was a short in my speaker, but when it came back for the commercials and announcements at the end just fine, I knew that it was not. I would really like to hear from someone who worked the show to tell us what actually happened. Anyone have an inside track here?

  8. Technical snafus aside all great. Zeta-Jones wonderful. Pleased that “Skyfall” won but the “Les Mis” song is terrific, a real turning point in the movie, and last night’s performance of it I found unusually moving and bravura especially for the Oscars.

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