OSCARS: Hot 'Brave' Featurette Shows Behind-The Scenes Magic Of Pixar Nominee

EXCLUSIVE: Disney/Pixar’s Oscar-nominated Animated Feature Brave has been on an awards roll. It picked up the top Animated Feature prize at the Golden Globes in January and last weekend at the BAFTAs in London. It also won two Annie Awards (but not the big prize, which went to Wreck-It Ralph) and nailed 4 for 4 at the Visual Effects Society’s VES Awards last week. In this exclusive featurette created for the non-televised VES Awards show at the Beverly Hilton, director Mark Andrews describes how it was all done:

  1. The award belongs to Wreck It Ralph…

    Brave had zero heart. Get over it PIXAR. You lost.

  2. I agree Wreck It Ralph was better, but to say Brave had no heart is just ludicrous and hateful and you probably didn’t even watch it.

  3. i didn’t dislike ‘Brave’ by any stretch but even i’ll admit i was surprised by just how shallow & instantly forgettable it was.

  4. Too bad behind all this magic was a flat, cliche`, and instantly forgettable story that was so bad, Disney went out of it’s way to run a misleading ad campaign to compensate.

    The only animated films worth of that Oscar are Wreck-It Ralph and ParaNorman. Pixar shouldn’t have even gotten the nom, and judging by the trailers, Monsters University is going to be just as disappointing as Cars 2, if not more so.

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