Twilight Finale Wins Razzies For Worst: Also Kristin Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Bill Condon

The 33rd Annual Golden Raspberry Awards – aka The Razzies – for worst films and performances are announced annually on the eve of the Oscars for obvious reasons. This year Adam Sandler took the Worst Actor Razzie for the second year in a row, this time for Sony Pictures‘ That’s My Boy which bombed last summer. Worst Supporting Actress by a landslide was singer Rihanna making her big screen debut in the Universal flop Battleship. But it’s hard to best 2012’s worst: the mucho-moneymaker Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 2 which won Worst Picture, Worst Actress for Kristen Stewart, Worst Supporting Actor for Taylor Lautner, Worst Director for Bill Condon (who received the most withering reviews of any of the Twilight Saga helmers), Worst Screen Ensemble, and other categories. Still, it’s hard to believe that Disney’s John Carter wasn’t far worse. The venue for this year’s Golden Raspberry bash-fest was The Continental Breakfast Room of the Holiday Inn Express Hollywood Walk of Fame hotel, less than half-a-mile from where the Academy Awards will be held tonight. The Razzies were created in 1980 as a logical antidote to Tinseltown’s annual glut of self-congratulatory awards.

  1. The usual boring and obvious results from the Razzies crowd. Any critic’s annual worst-of list always has more interesting choices than anything the Razzies can muster.

      1. Peter Berg is by far the worst director for Battleship. That movie was beyond terrible. Brooklyn Decker and Rianna? Hello? He hasn’t one ounce of the craft of Condon.

  2. John Carter was a decent film that bombed, not in any way deserving of a Razzie. The marketing on the other hand….

  3. Saw Django Unchained finally last night and I can’t think of a more deserving Razzie nominee. It’s too easy to go after the Twilight movies. Everyone knows they’re shite. Django was not only awful, it was relentlessly boring and JUST WOULDN’T END!

  4. Bill Condon did a decent job with the material he was handed. I hate the book so I didn’t care for the movie anyways.

  5. I’m sure the day Condon signed on to direct the big finale, he knew a Razzie was in his future no matter WHAT he brought to the process.

    And everyone remembers that De Palma got nommed for this for “Scarface,” “Dressed to Kill,” “Body Double,” etc., and Kubrick for “The Shining,” right? Condon’s in good company! (this is before, of course, they became the low-hanging fruit awards :)

  6. We need an award show for the best and worst award show. It could be called the “Award Awards”. The Razzies would win the Biggest Waste of Time Award.

    1. K. Stewart, R. Pattison and particularly .T Lautner, are a trio of Actorless-Actors. They are untalented, lack charm and chrisma, on too many levels to list.

      If you remove Twilight, from T. Lautner’s resume, what remains is laughable.

      Twilight, has made them multi millionaires, please retire them studio heads.

      I do not apologize for desiring exceptional acting such as Edward Norton.
      Primal Fear- 27 years old. American History X- 29 years old. Fight Club-30 years old. 25th Hour-33 years old.

      Imagine Ed Norton, Christian Bale or Sebastian Stan, in the back of that limo in Cosmopolis. An exceptional actor rises above lousy material, and I’ve enjoyed the other works of David C.

      Why Twilight was an epic hit is anyones guess, or just
      outright luck. To refer to these hacks as actors, disturbs me.

      I salute ALL of the actors, that can actully act, from my heart. I

  7. At least Razzies got it right for Kristen Stewart. She really is one of the worst actresses out there right now.

  8. Why is it when people mention how bad Twilight BD2 was they leave out the huge writing taboo which made it look like it was written by a 14 year old.

    You’ve just watched the most important part of the film (the battle) and many main characters have met their end. But it’s ok, happily ever after and everything because it was all in her head (a dream).

    If it wasn’t for the fact that both of the actors that played the main roles have already bad mouthed the film (Pattinson even saying how badly written both the books and movies are) then we would already have heard of the inevitable sequel announcement.
    Lionsgate didn’t buy summit for their back catalogue they bought it for the hunger games and for twilight, they will already have worked on treatments for potential prequels, spinoffs and sequels and we can only hope that they don’t get made.

  9. The Razzies have just become an excuse to make personal insults. However the most disgraceful part of this charade, was giving a worst award to a twelve year old girl. Absolutely shocking. John Wilson has proved himself a spiteful oaf. He is past his sell by date and the Razzies are just not funny any more, if they ever were.

  10. I can’t wait for jimmy kimmel to show video of parents telling their kids that twilight got voted worst movie if the year….

  11. Robert Pattinson was robed. Everyone knows that Adam Sandler is bad actor. But that was stupid idiotic comedy from the start. And that how it was marked. Pattinson on the other hand should have done better. That was dramatic movie and as always he was awful and embarrassing. Also Taylor Kitch deserved to win for John Carter. I don’t think he even had nomination.

    I wish they would stop nominate all those idiotic comedies and parodies. And C-listers in them. Like Jenny McCarthy and other were. Or those Adam Sandler movies. People know it’s bad. Instead they should nominate actors, who were completely serious about their roles and didn’t intend it to be embarrassingly bad.

    Like John Carter, Battleship, Kristen Stewart in Snow White, Dark Shadows, Mirror Mirror, Ghost Rider…

    They got it right with Rihanna and Twilight people this year.

  12. It was made for a specific age group and audience and they loved it. This would be the girls and young women who don’t have any interest in even considering making out with any guy who has anything to do with the Razzies. Looking forward to seeing Taylor Lautner on an ABC Family Channel series very soon. He can play a buff dad. Pattinson and Stewart are unique, definitely not cookie cutter, it’s all about the moody and the brooding for both, but it’s always going to have to be the right role. I’m curious to see what happens next for both of them.

  13. Who were the writers on these flops? Anyone know? Even the rewriters who swoop in to make it worse? What’s hysterical is these writers get bigger deals off such bad writing. Who are they?

  14. Taylor Lautner deserve his Razzie for sure. That guy is the worst actor ever. They thought he was going to be the next Tom Cruise. How has that worked out for him? He is heading straight to DVD, Lifetime or Syfy or maybe to Disney or Nik but big time action star, he will never be. Thank God for small favors.

  15. If it was so bad I wonder why it had such a following and made so much $$$$ surpassing so many other movies? ummmmm! It’s just what some people like or don’t like!

  16. It’s a sad statement that the Razzies are a far more accurate bellwether of film quality than the Oscars, which really did mean something in the past. Who tries to bribe the Razzies voters? Conversely, it appears Harvey Weinstein is about to obtain his second consecutive Best Picture Oscar via bribery and arm-twisting. Even whores are more virtuous. At least they’re up front about their business.

  17. The best part of the Razzies are the comedic theatrical troupe that performs on the show. Where can we catch this event or a taping on a regular basis?

  18. Morons continue to see Twilight and they’ll keep making it. YOU, the secretary on that desk who is going to go with your “friends” for entertainment. To not have to think. YOU know who you are.

    Who wrote Battleship? Who rewrote it to make it better? Anyone know?

    1. It was the screenwriters of “Red”. And I bet the re-writes were numerous, but they didn’t help.

  19. It is about time. The Twilight Saga has finally and officially been cemented amongst the biggest all-time stinkers in Hollywood, and trust me, I’ve seen duds such as “Battlefield Earth”. This is a film series that challenged the senses of the audience to the point of collapse. Not one actor in the series delivers anything close to a performance, not to mention they lack chemistry in even the slightest. The story is equally as putrid; it is lacking shape, inspiration and thought. Plot holes the size of Mount St. Helens are exposed with more clarity than the mist that looms over the characters, and continuity is nowhere in sight. Dialogue is virtually intolerable, and only generates laughter. The film’s production values aren’t even worthy of the Sci-Fi Channel; the camera shakes violently in each and every scene, even in background or aerial shots, creating a massive distraction. The editing makes the movie feel like you’re permanently frozen in ice, unable to fend yourself from impending hypothermia. The costumes, make-up and set design are reminiscent of a taxidermy display, with each element feeling as realistic as press-on nails. The special effects are an afterthought, as creatures are shown with exposed pixels, unrefined textures, crass movements and a wretched design that is capable of making an ugly child feel more comfortable in comparison. The endings… there are none. If anything is proven, this is a film that has no respect for either cast, crew, nor the audience. Stephanie Meyer, the creator of this collective garbage disposal, is a fraud that has negatively influenced the minds of anyone exposed to her work, including filmmakers. Considering the eventual release of another Meyer property, “The Host” come March, it won’t get any better. And don’t get me started with “The Hunger Games”, either! Because this new wave of young-adult properties won’t be getting my money any time soon! And yes, these words are coming from a man who actually enjoys the Harry Potter series.

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