Seth MacFarlane On Hosting The Oscars Again: 'No Way'

The reviews were a bit less than mixed for Seth MacFarlane‘s turn as Oscar host Sunday, with our own Nikki Finke saying during her live-snark “He really is The Worst Oscar Host Ever”. If his answer to a fan on Twitter today is any indication, he isn’t planning a do-over: @SethMacFarlane Would you host the #Oscars again if asked? // No way. Lotta fun to have done it, though. Here’s a better question: If the Academy pulls a Golden Globes and invites MacFarlane back anyway — a la Ricky Gervais — should he say yes?

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    1. Fey and Poehler were the worst! I know it’s not considered cool to say that, but they were really bad, bad, bad. It’s like the emperor has no clothes, and everyone’s afraid to say it ’cause they’re chicks. Well, I’ll say it: Poehler and Fey are unfunny, obnoxious, untalented, cloying witches.

      Seth was great. The Academy doesn’t deserve to have him back.
      Other Oscar hosts I’d love to see:

      Andy Dick
      Stuttering John Melendez
      Jay Leno
      Reggie Watts
      Randy Quaid

      1. Don’t see any women on your list, Norm. Could it be that you just don’t like women? Yeah, I think so. I’ll name a few that’d be amazing –

        Melissa McCarthy
        Sandra Bullock
        Amy Poehler
        Tina Fey

        Yeah, I went there. Suck it.

        1. Sandra Bullock would be amazing. I never would have thought of it but now that you mention it, I’d watch that. She’s funny and she’s very likable.

      2. Wrong. Tina & Amy killed at the Golden Globes and set the bar too high for Seth–that’s why he fell back o those musical numbers and didn’t do a straight monologue. I thought he was fine, but clearly undercut by the producers who are more at home with The Tonys. They should be replaced. Happy with the good ratings, though!

    2. So let me get this straight. They have 1 YEAR to plan for this show. That’s 91 days for each hour of the show. That’s 2.3 days for every airtime minute of the show. That’s about 5 days for every host/presenter commentary minute.

      At best, the Oscars was a bad dress rehearsal. Why must these producers force us to crave the less awful, but still horrid days of Bruce Vilanch?

      Who understands the politics of it all to explain what prevents this show from being great every year? Huh? Who?! Explain it! Or do I need to go start an awards show production company…

  1. The person they need to get is JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. He did a spectacular job hosting the ESPY’s one year, and is always one of the best hosts when he does SNL.

    1. So we can see a host rush through the material, with no breathing room to sense the rhythm of the room, and make what used to be a special night seem even more pedestrian?

  2. Seth was fine. It was the producers’ self-indulgent tribute to Chicago and Dreamgirls that sunk the ship. How conceited can you possibly be, to hijack the Oscars to show off your (old) work, that has already been lauded in past Oscar shows, to pat yourself on the back and reward all of your friends? Disgusting.

  3. As a young person watching the Oscars with my friends, I thought Seth did a wonderful job. He was entertaining and he made us laugh. If you want to bore the average view have Billy Crystal host again. If you want to keep us entertained, keep getting people like Seth to host.

    1. As an older demo person (55), I agree with the “younger person” who watched with his friends. Seth MacFarlane is sort of modern day “Rat Pack”, but far more self-effacing in his schtick. The Oscars can’t take itself too seriously anymore. The popular press has told us too much about the players. The roasting of the egos in the room is for the audience’s (and therefore Network’s) benefit, and not for stars or Academy. The ratings don’t lie. If we are going to watch people being falsely modest or sincere, and ever-so-self-important, for almost four hours, that time simply must include biting, current satire to be tolerable.

      Billy Chrystal was the best host ever, but his time has passed. Billy was, and is, really funny. Seth MacFarlane is really funny, and the Oscar telecast, and all the associated marketing of movies, needs to appeal to “The Onion” readership sensibilities if it hopes to achieve the kind of rating levels that were garnered by Mr. MacFarlane.

      1. Billy Crystal, I agree, was a good host. I, personally, would love to see Robin Williams host this show because he is very funny and has soooo much energy! I also do not think he would be offensive to anyone. Steve Martin is also a funny guy who, along with Chevy Chase, would be great, too. And in case you want to know, yes I was a big fan of SNL back in the day! Peace out…

        1. And as someone old enough to remember but not as young to forget, in keeping with today’s times and having watched enough great movies; Seth was pretty much an OK host who could hone up his craft more (if he wants to do it). I think I was a little mad because instead of injecting a little Stewie and Brian rep·ar·tee, we got to see Markie Mark and some kind of scary bear robot!
          The Lincoln joke and the Sound of Music Joke Was pretty funny!

          I’m also getting a little too old to see the same schtick over and over, so mix it up with different hosts! That’s why Seth worked! He wasn’t Poehler or Jackman or NBCs thursday night lineup, Lorne
          Michaels’ Fraturday Night Live, Bill Clinton, or even a hologram of Bob Hope from the netherworld, or God forbid Neil Patrick Harris (enough of him!).

          If it does take a year to assemble the Oscars, then they should take that year, consider some truly great (yet to be made) movies, and get a singular type host who by just opening his or her mouth, can encapsulate what it meant to enjoy these movies, and how and why we paused from our real lives to consider how the art of moviemaking is such a worthwile endeavour.

  4. Seth MacFarlane did an ok job, and if I were him, I would not want to do it again. It takes too much of the hosts time. The producers did an absolutely horrible job of having presenters prepared. Most of the evening was awkward on stage, from Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy’s bit, to a few stale jokes from MacFarlane, to the really uncomfortable looking Avengers on stage. The dance numbers were sweet, but seemed really to have nothing to do with today’s movies or the nominees. What’s up with that ? “Saw Your Boobs” was mildly funny with the Kate Winslet list of movies especially, and it was a good choice to do as a skit where you show what got Seth bad reviews. That was a clever positioning. But all in all, I felt the show was just awkward, and the lack of audience shots and ones done at the wrong person – well, I’m just glad Tommy Lee Jones got his chance to show a fake smile several times, but shots of Mr Weinstein when it had nothing to do with the show, were gratuitous at the least. When Seth said “As if this show couldn’t get any gayer…” he was pointing out too many pointless dance numbers as far as I could tell. I recommend Seth Rogan as presenter next year. He did the Spirit Awards very well last year. Adam Samberg did the Spirit Awards very well this year. Though after his “F…” Hollywood comments this year, maybe he’s out, ha !

  5. Let’s hope the academy doesn’t bring him back. Get Tina and Amy. And ugh on the Timberlake suggestion above. I’d take Seth back before Timberlake.

  6. While I agree the show itself was a bit of a mess, I don’t quite understand the backlash toward Seth. I’m not a fan of Ted or his TV shows, but I found him charming and funny. While he had a few shock jokes, I thought he was pretty tame for the most part…and even his shock jokes weren’t any worse than Tina and Amy at the Golden Globes (it just seemed gentler coming from them).

    1. How true. He was utterly charming when he implied that the beloved Adele is fat..almost as CHARMING as he was while perpetuating ridiculous and harmful myths about Jews in Hollywood..and how totally charming he was while making the HILARIOUS ASSASSINATION joke about Lincoln on the same night that a very touching poignant and important movie was being honored ..a movie that brought our greatest president to life for so many..he was at his most charming while mocking those who didn’t take home the statue at the end of the ceremony. Charming indeed and BLESSEDLY GONE cue tasteless jaws music.

  7. It’s unfortunate he’s not coming back. Seth did a good job. Sadly, we’ll probably return to another stiff, butt-kissing h

  8. Serial dating hosts isn’t working. They need to study why it worked for Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, and Billy Crystal and then figure out how to bring that up to date.

  9. 12 year old boys the world over, and those with the intellect of a 12 year old boy, are bereft at the news.

    Poehler and Fey are probably far too smart to ever take the dare.

    1. Because they can’t see the teleprompter. There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than when the old person is flustered by their next line.

      I know you’re probably kidding, but your point is well made, that a funny, snarky old guy/gal who has nothing to lose and doesn’t give a shit could be great, but… age would still be a factor, unfortunately.

      But Billy Crystal as legendary insult comic Buddy Young Jr., with no aging makeup now that he’s old enough, just laying waste to the celebs — I’d pay to see that.

  10. how come no one is talking about how tasteless it was for the producers to parade their chicago cast out not once, but twice, in such a masterbratory way.

  11. Seth sucked! A smug, self-satisfied frat boy who thinks he’s breaking new ground by bashing gays and Jews. I don’t mind if someone is truly out of the box, but the dude wasn’t even close to funny. Next!

  12. Despite the outraged industry insiders, polling shows that some 70% of the audience approved of Seth’s performance. Actors and executives may have been “shocked”, but America loved it.

  13. I am a youngin’, and I’d take any of the “old guard” any day of the week over McFarlane again. Give me Steve Martin or Billy Crystal. Tina and Amy would also be fine. McFarlane was charmless (amazing for somebody with a $10,000 smile and a singing voice that was actually decent to be without charm, but there you have it).

  14. Some of the backlash against MacFarlane was schadenfreude, but the majority of it was against his being an inexperienced performer. It’s easier to do an insulated animated show versus playing a tough room, which is why those with a standup background can weather the storms when winds shift. His response to the lousy Lincoln joke reminded me of an open mike night.

  15. Craig Ferguson.

    He would bring a nice and much needed does of irreverence to these often rudderless productions.

    1. Never going to happen, unfortunately. He’s CBS and this is a ABC production. I know people will say NBC’s Johnny Carson did it several times. It was a different time and place. The networks cannot afford promoting other network talents.

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