Hot Featurette: 'ParaNorman' Aims To Shake Up Animated Feature Race

EXCLUSIVE: In terms of awards campaigns for the Best Animated Feature Oscar this year, ParaNorman, a nominee from Focus Features and Laika seems to be the one making the most noise, at least as far as advertising goes. Taking a cue from the Juno campaign a few years ago there is even a ParaNorman coffee truck driving around town serving up goodies. Hey, why not? If an Academy member happens to be strolling by what could be a better way to get their attention than selling them a cappuccino from Norman himself? Focus and Laika are clearly proud of their work and want Oscar voters to know they actually have racked up more critics awards than any other animated film this year, although at Rotten Tomatoes it is an extremely close race for the title of Best Reviewed animated feature among the five Oscar nominees with Frankenweenie at 88% fresh barely ahead of ParaNorman and The Pirates! Band Of Misfits at 87% while Wreck-It Ralph has 85% and Brave 78%, all healthy scores indicating this could turn out to be an extremely tight race in the end even with Ralph scoring big wins at the Annies and PGA over the competition. ParaNorman is aiming to turn the tide. Here’s an exclusive featurette:

  1. Deserves the win.

    Has more heart than its competition, without being melodramatic; a tighter story than the other nominated features; and stop-motion ani that’s so smooth it looks like CGI.

    Brave will probably win it tho’.

    Wreck-It Ralph was merely cute, doesn’t quite deserve a nom. Pirates was surprisingly clever and fun and deserved more attention.

  2. Now, I love Pixar to death, but Brave was anything but the “Best Animated Feature” of the year. Nothing comes close to the heart and fun that ParaNorman was. Really rooting for this one, and hopefully a lot of you are too.

  3. Normally I’m a staunch defender of Pixar, but Brave was just lacking. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Cars 2, but the fact that they felt the need to go with such a misleading ad campaign showed just how nervous they were about it too.

    ParaNorman, on the other hand, was a wonderful film with an imaginative plot and lovable characters, unlike the other stop motion film of 2012, the creeptastically overrated Frankenweenie. While I applaud Mr. Burton for working out his childhood demons, I’m tired of paying money to see it on the big screen, frankly.

  4. LAIKA absolutely deserve to win this, the heart and sole they tirelessly put into their work is outstanding. As a Stop-motion fanatic I’ll agree that the competition is tough this year, and each of the nominees completely deserve all the credit they attain from their releases, with non of them a disappointment. However, Paranorman I have to say was above and beyond anything that we could have fathomed. I went into the cinema with high expectations, and came out with those expectations blown out of the water and my mouth wide open. The attention to detail, and the stylisation (comfortingly familiar from Coraline), seemed to be leaps and bounds above any production in this genre I have ever seen. The enjoyment the employees seem to have had working within the company, commenting from what I have seen via social networking sites, seem to reflect in the overall feeling of the work. I have never heard a bad word said about LAIKA, and I am will to bet all of the Super Sculpey in the world that I never will hear anything bad. Their hands-on approach with the public should be applauded, and should be something other animation companies take note of. Although things like a coffee van may seem unnecessary or silly, I think, without sounding too smooshy at this point, that these are the things that prove that those in charge of the company have their hearts and heads in the right places, and are creating enjoyment for others, whilst enjoying themselves.

    I wish this company all the best, and with their 3rd Feature just having been announced, I can’t wait to see what they create next.

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