OSCARS: Pete Hammond's Nice-Snark

On Sunday you read Nikki Finke’s live-snark of the Oscars, which staked out a fairly clear position on how she felt about the show (sample: “How can everyone associated with tonight have such awful taste in material?”). Here’s an alternate view by Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond (spoiler alert: he liked host Seth MacFarlane AND the musical numbers, though not so much the speeches) as he and ENTV host Brian Corsetti wrap up Sunday’s results and a very, very long awards season.

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  1. Mr. Hammond should be able recognize sexism and misogyny when he sees it and hears it all night.
    It was a terrible Oscar show. Tasteless and not funny. Craig and Neil should not have used the show as self promotion. The closing number was horrendous. The sock puppets were funny.

    1. The Les Mis number was wonderful. That was the only worthy thing about that night. Norah Jones, Streisand, and Adele were flat and bloodless.

  2. Pete, how has nobody called out how badly you predicted the oscars this year?
    Live snark all you want but your picks were just bad.
    63% right….seriously?

  3. I attended the Oscars and thought Seth McFarlane did a great job. The only objection I have is the song reference to the actresses whose “boobs” were shown during violent movie scenes. He should have known better. However, the idea of that number was entertaining. It seems no matter who hosts, the critics go mad and love to criticize. I wonder if any of them could host and NOT get panned by someone. P.S. I adored Adele, Norah, and Barbra. Jennifer was not at her best but even at that she was lovely.

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