On Sunday you read Nikki Finke’s live-snark of the Oscars, which staked out a fairly clear position on how she felt about the show (sample: “How can everyone associated with tonight have such awful taste in material?”). Here’s an alternate view by Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond (spoiler alert: he liked host Seth MacFarlane AND the musical numbers, though not so much the speeches) as he and ENTV host Brian Corsetti wrap up Sunday’s results and a very, very long awards season.

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2 years
I attended the Oscars and thought Seth McFarlane did a great job. The only objection I have...
2 years
The Les Mis number was wonderful. That was the only worthy thing about that night. Norah Jones,...
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2 years
Pete, how has nobody called out how badly you predicted the oscars this year? Live snark all...