OSCARS: Host Seth MacFarlane On Video

The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has released portions of an interview with 85th annual Oscars host Seth MacFarlane on his biggest challenge as host, on his involvement in the show’s production, on keeping things unpredictable, on how Saturday Night Live helped him prepare, on interacting with the Oscars audience, on Oscar memories with his family, and on the ideal Oscar host. Deadline put all the sound bites and B-roll footage together:

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  1. I don’t know, I hope he does well but he seems to be pretending very hard that he doesn’t care about it all when clearly he wants to knock it out of the park. Remember Seth, there is no spoon!

  2. His biggest challenge seems to be getting out of our faces. The nominations, he’s there. The talk shows leading up to it, he’s there. Here, he’s there. There, he’s there. I’m already tired of your hipness.

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