85th Academy Awards Nominees Photo

UPDATE, 7:35 PM: Here’s the group shot from the annual Oscar Nominees Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton today (click for larger images). Our Awards Columnist Pete Hammond had seriously prime seating and will provide details soon. Updates with names listed below.

Seated (left to right): Sam Fell, Rich Moore, Dan Hennah, Seamus MacGarvey, Sari Gilman, Paco Delgado, Jackie Weaver, Donna Gigliotti, Ethan Van der Ryn, Pilar Savone, Quvenzhane Wallis, Bradley Cooper, Naomi Watts, Joanna Johnston, Paul N.J. Ottoson, Janusz Kaminski, David Womark, Jedd Wider, Karen Baker Landers, Malik Bendjelloul, David O. Russell

2nd row (left to right): Gil Netter, Michael Kahn, David Gopman, Ronald Judkins, Philip Brennan, Chris Butler, David Clayton, Debra Hayward, Tim Squyres, Brenda Chapman, J Ralph, DM Hemphill, PES, Guillaume Rocheron, John Alpert, Ron Bartlet, Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly, Jim Erickson, Sam French, Michael Dawson

3rd row (left to right): Nikolaj Arcel, Megan Ellison, Claudio Miranda, Scott Millan, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, Tammi Lane, Sean Fine, Rick Carter, Dan Janvey, Erik Aadahl, Dan Sudick, Andy Nelson, Hugh Jackman, Jessica Chastain, Roman Coppola, Drew Kunin, Robin Honan, Mino Jarjoura, David Silverman, Tom Von Avermaet, Mychael Danna, Mark Paterson, David Magee, Reginald Hudlin, Helen Hunt, Steven Spielberg.

4th row (left to right): Joachim Ronning, Howard Gertler, Walter Murphy, Yan England, Eric Saindon, Ariel Nasr, Martin Hill, Andrea Nix Fine, Ellen De Waele, Benh Zeitlin, Jeff White, Josh Penn, David France, Mark Boal, Espen Sanberg, Timothy Reckart, Richard Stammers, John Kahrs, Wylie Stateman, Cori Shepherd Stern, Mink Yu Lee, Matthew O’Neil, Janek Sirrs, Philip Stockton, Alexander Desplat, Krispin Struthers, Kathryn Bigelow, Robert De Niro.

5th row (left to right): Peter Montagna, Eugene Gearty, John Reitz, Dylan Tichenor, Eric Fellner, Jonathan Gordon, Kirby Dicky, Tim Burton, Amy Adams, Per Halberg, Joaquin Phoenix, Sally Field, Lucy Alibar, Eve Stewart, Guy Williams, Anne Hathaway, Neil Corbould, Mark Andrews, Michael Gottwald, Shawn Christensen, Donald Elliot, Jose Antonio Garcia, Ra Vincent, Brian Buckley, Guy Davidi, Kief Davidson, Katie Spencer, R. Christopher White, Kin Nguyen, Martin Samuel.

Back row (left to right): Erik-Jan De Boer, Droh Moreh, Tony Kushner, William Goldenberg, Bill Westenhofer, George Stevens Jr., Stacey Sher, Sarah Greenwood, Ben Affleck, John Gatins, Howard Berger, Colleen Atwood, Denzel Washington, Kathleen Kennedy, Jay Cassidy, Ang Lee, Thomas Newman, Jennifer Lawrence, Cynthia Wade, Alain Boublil, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Joe Letteri, Bruce Cohen, Christoph Waltz, Amy Zeiring, Tommy Lee Jones, Hal Needham, Greg P. Russell, Emand Burnat, Gregg Rudloff, Simon Bright.

      1. @Ace, you do realize there are people of color, who have never done a single day of labor in their entire life. Generations of families, raised as elite and educated, as the Royals. You do realize how many people of color, are born upper to middle class, American. It’s not possible you’ve lived to adulthood with no awareness to foreign/domestic, culture/wealth, outside the stereotypes you’ve been sold by media. Even if you were born in a town where the only people of color, you ever saw, were “busboys and gardeners” surely you’ve traveled, or read a book or two, or studied art history…Alarmingly myopic.

  1. Equality in Hollywood right before our eyes. If this doesn’t tell you what it’s like being anything but white in this town, I don’t know what does. Maybe the fact that Kerry Washington is the first black woman to be on network television since ‘Claudine’….terrible.

  2. No Daniel Day Lewis…I wonder who else didn’t show.

    Which has always had me wondering…What is it about this luncheon that gets all of these people into the same room? Is it a prestige thing, or is it a major campaign stop on the Oscar circuit? A lot of these folks are working on other films, so I’m always surprised when this photo is released each year…most of the nominees make it.

  3. i love the racist on this site…if you look at the photo and see color you are a racist. they are the best of the best. period. or do you believe we should give extra points cause of the color of your skin. get over yourself. if you are a person of color go do something great, or what you just sit around all day and bitch. i am sick of you.

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