EXCLUSIVE: New Line has spent mid six figures for an untitled pitch by Joe Ballarini. The pitch, in a deal closed tonight, is a high concept action fantasy set in medieval times, and it was bought preemptively. Offspring Entertainment’s Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot and Matt Smith will produce.

Ballarini sold the spec Lockdown At Franklin High to Sony, and has been a steady writer at Fox Animation on such films as Ice Age 4, Leafmen and others. He also scripted The Resident for producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney and Turbo at DreamWorks and He’s writing Atalantis 7 for Walden media

Paradigm and Apostle’s George Heller rep Ballarini. UTA reps Offspring

2 years
Glad SOMEONE'S medieval project is going somewhere. Good for him.
2 years
Seriously who is running the show over there? Its like their mandate is to make garbage. And...
The Truth
2 years
Sounds like some more lame shi*t New Line would make... that place lost all its cool once...