Leon Panetta Drops 'Zero Dark Thirty' Zinger At Farewell Tribute

Panetta Zero Dark ThirtyZero Dark Thirty’s Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow scored some vindication when exiting Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta admitted on NBC’s Meet The Press that some of the intel that led to Osama bin Laden came from “interrogation tactics”. (He even called the controversial Best Picture Oscar contender “a good movie”.) Today at an Armed Forces Farewell Tribute in Fort Myer, Virginia, President Obama applauded Panetta for “delivering justice to Osama bin Laden”. The ex-CIA head, who’s played by James Gandolfini in Zero Dark Thirty, referred in his remarks to the embattled film (and his dog Bravo) with a decidedly lighter touch than any public official has dared in recent months: “Bravo was in all of the meetings when we planned the bin Laden operation, and he also sat in on many of the sensitive meetings and discussions that I had at the Pentagon. And I want you to know that he has never told a soul what he heard. He is definitely not a leaker, at least according to that definition of the word. You’ve heard of the movie, Zero Dark Thirty. The producer is seriously considering a new movie about Bravo, entitled, Zero Bark Thirty.”

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  1. You honestly believe anything out of this guy’s mouth? He’s CIA. Come on. His head would explode if he told the truth. This is all nonsense. Everything about this movie is a lie. Wake up, people.

    1. Exactly.

      Used to be the United States was a nation of evidence. Now we get Hollywood movies instead.

      The evidence gets thrown in the ocean. Immediately.

      Then the masses go sit in the dark.

      1. “Used to be the United States was a nation of evidence.”
        Haha…right. And what about JFK?
        We sit in dark for 50 years.

      2. They took plenty of pictures and DNA samples which are all saved and recorded.
        Better to dispose of Osama’s corpse as fish food.

    2. Also, everything that anyone has ever said is a lie. There is no such thing as the truth, and anyone who believes otherwise is lying to themselves.

    3. And I’ve got the “truth” to sell you in the Oscar frontrunner called “Argo.” You want to talk about taking liberties? And not 1 redeeming Iranian character in the movie is even more disturbing.

      The irony? “Argo” is a well-made, taut, exciting caper/thriller; one of the best in years. But to frame it as a political film is irresponsible.

      Point is: movies manipulate “truth” – whatever that is – to benefit their agenda, just as our government does. Just as big corporations do. Nothing wrong with that. Welcome to the world.

      At least people go into the cinema understanding it is a fictionalization they are watching. Anyone who takes a film “based on true events” as gospel, is in need of help.

  2. Was the question ever about interrogation ? No, it was about “enhanced” enterrogation=torture. To say that the information come from interrogation changes nothing.

    1. Clearly Panetta was talking about harsh interrogation.
      Enhanced Interrogation is not torture, that is why it has been asserted that no intel from torture led to OBL. Some people consider waterboarding to be torture, and waterboarding did not provide intel that led to OBL, but other forms of Enhanced Interrogation (like isolation, cold temperatures, sleep deprivation etc) which are not torture clearly were used on terrorists who gave up intel that led to the OBL. That’s what Panetta confirmed.

  3. Shocked. I’m absolutely shocked, I tell you.

    (If you didn’t read that as completely deadpanned, please go back and read it that way. It will make more sense)

  4. Give me a break. Of course the CiA tortured and of course it led to information. Anyone that elieves the congressional report is living in fantasyland. Why would the CIA tell the truth?

    Movie got it right.

  5. Leon CIA Panetta the man “who delivered justice to Osama Bin Laden”… You wouldn’t have to use much torture, sorry interrogation, to get him to own up to the truthful fact that Bin Laden has been long dead since December 2001. When he died naturally!

    Even in the 1970’s movies like SEVEN DAYS OF THE CONDOR, we knew the CIA worked for the bad guys. And today we have ZERO DARK THIRTY, a flag waving CIA wet job, sorry wet dream!

  6. Plenty of torture victims weren’t terrorists, just like most of the prisoners at Gitmo weren’t terrorists either and in fact were completely innocent bystanders. You might want to actually find out the facts about this sort of thing before upu go spouting off and making a damn fool of yourself.

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