Panetta Zero Dark ThirtyZero Dark Thirty’s Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow scored some vindication when exiting Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta admitted on NBC’s Meet The Press that some of the intel that led to Osama bin Laden came from “interrogation tactics”. (He even called the controversial Best Picture Oscar contender “a good movie”.) Today at an Armed Forces Farewell Tribute in Fort Myer, Virginia, President Obama applauded Panetta for “delivering justice to Osama bin Laden”. The ex-CIA head, who’s played by James Gandolfini in Zero Dark Thirty, referred in his remarks to the embattled film (and his dog Bravo) with a decidedly lighter touch than any public official has dared in recent months: “Bravo was in all of the meetings when we planned the bin Laden operation, and he also sat in on many of the sensitive meetings and discussions that I had at the Pentagon. And I want you to know that he has never told a soul what he heard. He is definitely not a leaker, at least according to that definition of the word. You’ve heard of the movie, Zero Dark Thirty. The producer is seriously considering a new movie about Bravo, entitled, Zero Bark Thirty.”

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