Guess Who Defied CBS Nudity & Obscenity Memo At Tonight's Grammys: Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Deadmau5, D'Manti, Kelly Rowland, Kimbra, Ashanti, Skylar Grey

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Jennifer Lopez Grammys Rihanna Grammys nippleUPDATED: Surely CBS didn’t really think celebs were going to obey its strict Standards & Practices memo tonight. Besides  banning breasts and buttucks and genitals on the Grammy telecast as first reported by Deadline’s Nikki Finke, it forbade obscenity on wardrobe. So Deadmau5 showed up on the Grammys Red Carpet making a slight wardrobe edit. Joel Zimmerman arrived with a hat reading “Your Shit Bums Me Out”. But within minutes he covered the ‘S’ with tape so it read only “Your Hit Bums Me Out”. Deadmau5 told E!: “It was kind of forced.” “By me,” said his  fiancée Kat Von D. That CBS memo also forbade “bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks”, “bare sides or under curvature of the breasts”, or exposed “puffy bare skin” around genitals. But on the Red Carpet tonight, Rihanna ignored the wardrobe restrictions with a nipple-revealing sheer dress. Katy Perry showed lotsa cleavage. And Jennifer Lopez bared her right leg all the way to the start of her crotch. “They didn’t say anything about leg!” she told E!’s Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet. “Did you read this memo?! It mentioned things that I don’t say around my house or my children. It’s crazy.” Other offenders on the Grammy Red Carpet included singers D’Manti and Kelly Rowland who defied the ban in barely-there dresses. Kimbra wore an unusual sheer outfit. Ashanti’s underwear was visible in her dress. And Skylar Grey flashed some serious side boob. Now which CBS exec is supposed to keep them off the air? Any volunteers?

  1. As a parent of a Tween and a teenager this disappoints me. Why does this have to be about the singers? I want to be responsible and allow my kids a chance to still be kids. Its getting harder and harder these days.
    I was disappointed CBS had to send out a memo to begin with. Doesn’t anyone have a sense of decency anymore?
    Do women feel they have to dress as prostitutes to be something?
    Very disappointing, but not surprising.

    1. While I agree with mom’s post that it is getting harder and harder, who does she think is really to blame for the wardrobe tonight? Had CBS not sent the memo out to everyone in the world do you think we would have seen it as bad as we did. CBS dared these artists to defy them and that’s exactly what happened.

    2. Where do you live that prostitutes look like Rihanna or Katy Perry?! The “ladies of the night” near us tend to look like something out of an episode of The Walking Dead. Nor are they so well dressed.

      J’Lo’s leg was ridiculous, though. I’m starting to think Angelina Jolie started this trend as a joke to see which fools would copy her.

      1. Agreed on the leg thing. And it’s not even the exposure of the leg, but the over-the-top pose that accompanies it.

    3. Don’t like a little skin? Turn it off. Seriously. That’s the direction culture is turning in this country whether you appreciate it or not. If you don’t want your kids exposed to the way these celebs dress, turn the damn TV off and spend the night actually talking and interacting with them instead of sitting locked-in in front of the glowing box.

    4. I certainly agree with you but it is ridiculous and hypocritical for CBS to ask for this kind of restraint when they run filth, profane language, explicitly sexually suggestive language, and blurred nudity at the drop of a hat, the other 6 days of the week. Try watching a 8pm or 9 pm CBS sitcom with the children or the teens in the room. You can’t do it. Hell, I’d be too embarrassed to listen to some of that filth talk in front of my parents. It’s not healthy. It’s inappropriate. And you certainly don’t want your kids repeating any of it. The propagation of filth and perversion on network tv is the new norm. Talk to any sensible adult, especially ones with kids and we all have the same question: What kind of society are we setting up for our children when perversity and anarchy are favored, cheered upon really, and decency, and morals are challenged and denied at every turn.
      I listened to Dr. Carson, a famous African American surgeon, talk today on Fox and Friends about the decline of morality in America and about how difficult it has become to try to live as a moral, decent human being. Basically, he said, if you are someone trying to live an ethical life with dignity, and purpose, and goodwill you are now chastised, alienated, and denied that right. But if you want to go out in public and do all manner of disgusting acts of perversion for the world to see, that gets protected and defended at all costs. You need to see that interview. I can’t put it as eloquetnly as he put it, but it was mighty powerful. and shockingly, it was on Fox news!!! Check youtube to see if it is there.

    5. Over-reaction much? These are beautiful clothes worn by adult, beautiful women. Nothing worn here reveals any more skin than one would see on a beach.

      If your tween sees an adult woman wearing this clothes, explain that ADULT women can wear that type of clothing.

    6. Please tell me when celebrities had “a sense of decency”? I’m pretty sure not during your lifetime. So to say “Doesn’t anyone have a sense of decency anymore?” is pretty ridiculous!

  2. Man, I’m glad CBS has its priorities straight! It’s MUCH better to repeatedly promote and focus the camera on a woman-beater with anger management issues than it is for people to see… a natural human body. Yup, we’d hate to promote the wrong message — beat a lady and you can stay famous but show off your lady parts and you’re horrible.

    1. There’s nothing natural in any of the bodies that were being flaunted last night. They were all as plastic as a Barbie doll.

    2. Stop intentionally being an azz; if you truly feel this way why don’t you walk around with your junk hanging out? Inferiority complex?

      There should be a sense of decorum at these things and some of these folks have no idea what’s appropriate.

  3. OMG! This is too funny. They are artists. And it is part of who they are and there persona. Let them dress as they want! If they have it ….. Why not werrrrrrq it! Xoxo

  4. What did anyone expect? It’s the Grammy’s, where being hip and cool trumps all – ESPECIALLY quality music. Just avoid the ridiculous thing. These people are annoying.

  5. I think it was very restrained. Katy Perry, Rhi, and J-Lo all looked sexy without being slutty. It was more risque than the Oscars, but that is acceptable.

    CBS was trying to avoid what were borderline pornographic images on the network during prime-time family hours. Perry and Rhianna looked much more respectable than in recent years. CBS was merely trying to sweep up the outliers that pushed the boundaries for the sake of publicity.

    I was fine with the Memo, and the results were most satisfactory.

    1. They all did look good. Kelly Rowland wasn’t wearing a barely there dress either. It had strategically cut sheer cut outs that did not look slutty at all.

      J-Lo’s leg showed Angie’s boney leg how it’s done.

      Katy Perry’s cleavage wasn’t offensive.

      Rihanna looked beautiful.

      I think the memo was really for try-hards like GaGa who always wear barely there leotards that show off their camel toes.

  6. It’s sad that so-called “musicians” can’t stand on their voices or musical prowess but mus t depend on cheap “shock & awe” attempts

    1. That’s because so many of them have no talent. I want my 3+ hours back. That show was simply one awful performance after another. Thank God Mumford and Sons won Album of the year because the rest were rubbish. Sorry Justin Timberfake, it was not the best Grammys ever.

    2. Oh yeah, you mean like that god awful Carrie Underwood performance. The one that the producers knew would be so god awful, that they had to hype up during the show as a “Grammy Moment” and “Not to be missed.” That shit was terrible. We couldn’t stop laughing during the whole thing.

      It’s a damn shame too, because Carrie Underwood has a good voice and didn’t need all that crap they made her do. A damn shame.

  7. Mom, I totally agree with you. I’m writing a letter of complaint to Jennifer Lopez for outrageously showing her knee and destroying my children’s innocence. One of them saw her and said “I want to be a popular, attractive, wealthy business owner” This has to stop. CBS didn’t do enough in my opinion.

  8. I can’t believe nobody has pointed out the hypocrisy of the Grammys sending out this moronic memo and then showing a picture of Jennifer Lopez’s dress from a few years that helped inspire the memo. Why would anybody take their stupid rule seriously when they blatantly broke it themselves??

  9. I haven’t watched this show in years. Is there such a thing as “Top Forty” these days? I can’t remember the last “Number 1” hit that I’ve heard.

  10. Who produced this thing? The Taliban? I wish somebody would have had the courage to wear a burqa as a protest and just say, “I didn’t want to get in trouble so I just decided this would be easier.” The women at the Grammys should be able to dress however they want, and they can deal with the consequences, whatever they may be (i.e. slut-shaming, Focus on the Family boycotts or… huge record sales). It’s up to them. They’re not children (yes some might act like it but they are actually adults). They’ve earned the right to dress themselves, haven’t they?? If they want to look like an idiot or a prostitute, so be it. And if they’re smart enough to know that sex sells, let them sell it.

  11. A memo about obscenity at the Grammys and yet, producing sexist shows like 2.5 Men or the once-delightful Big Bang Theory, whose main storyline has devolved to an innocent physicist losing his virginity to a horny arse “neuro-something-or-other”? Disallowing side/under/peek-a-boo boobage on the red carpet and yet, highlighting a disgustingly offensive spanking scene between a couple during the Superbowl? REALLY, Les? REALLY? Oh, the hypocrisy!

  12. I’m a nearly 60 year-old father of two teens. Unlike “mom” I live in 2013. And unlike “mom” I think people have a right to wear whatever they like. Why are we still giving a damn? I don’t get it. Rihanna is beautiful (Nuts, but beautiful.) If she wants to show off, why would I object? How does it hurt me? How does it hurt my kids?

    If CBS doesn’t like it, hand the Grammy’s off to some other network.

  13. Personally I’m sick of parents expecting the TV to parent their children. If a child sees something questionable on film or TV or internet or whatever, EXPLAIN IT TO THEM. Isn’t that your job?

  14. I think the classiest part of the evening was seating Chris Brown in the front row.

    I could only watch this crap for 5 min before changing channels.

  15. I am sure the memo was simply a “cover their ass” memo in case the FCC were to ever come down on them for any wardrobe indecency. CBS can go back to the FCC and show they tried to do something. I’m sure CBS Standards hated that memo as much as those reading it – because most S&P execs know that a memo like that is only inviting trouble – but I bet they were forced to put it out there by their FCC lawyers.

  16. CBS puts out a program practices memo for EVERYTHING it airs. Even Hallmark Hall of Fame movies and Murder She Wrote got them. Broadcast networks still use publicly-owned airwaves and are subject to FCC content rules and heavy fines for violations of those rules. Cable networks are not regulated by the FCC, so MTV can host the Grammys next year and JLo can show up naked if she wants. Oh, and it is common for ALL producers and writers and series stars and directors to push the envelope and to ignore program practices memo, which is exactly why my 10-year-old has never heard of CBS, or NBC, or Fox, and probably never will. This is a silly story and everyone in broadcast television is rolling their eyes at these courageous, envelope pushing singers who cherish their “ain’t nobody gonna tell ME what to do!” rebel spirit.

  17. Why are we Americans so prudish about seeing a little bare flesh? All kinds of graphic violence is permitted in our pop culture but Janet Jackson has a “nip slip” and you would think the world was going to come to an end! Other cultures and countries laugh at our prudish attitudes about nudity and at the same time are appalled by the murder rate and the availability of mass killing machines in our country! They are right on both counts! We’re NUTS!

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