Funny Or Die's 'Oscar Edition' Gets Nasty

Zach Galifianakis sits down with Academy-nominated actresses and actors Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts, Christoph Waltz, Anne Hathaway and Amy Adams. Publicists may never let that happen again. UPDATE: My attempt at sarcasm failed miserably. Just like this video’s attempt at humor:

  1. I hit the stop button at 2:15. Was this farrago scripted with the guests knowing what Zach Galifianakis was going to say? Humor’s completely personal but for me, this is a definite “Die.”

  2. Jimini Glick did a way better job of this. Funnier and smarter.

    Also it’s not nasty when the celebs are all in on the joke. At least not with these lame barbs. At least Glick’s contained enough truth to make it a little mean. Alternatively, Zack Calling Jennifer Lawrence “ugly” is a safe, clearly false insult

  3. Nikki… it’s all a joke. Their publicists could care less because none of them are being genuine. This is what Between Two Ferns is. Actors come out and get fake angry at Zach as he asks them inane questions. Then it gets really awkward until he forces them off stage. Nothing real happening here. And Amy’s, “Don’t fart on my tits” delivery is flawless perfection. She should be commended for bringing attention to such a hot button issue. It’s about time someone in the public eye spoke out against tit farting, even if it was cinnamon muff herself.

  4. I used to think that internet video was a waste land of baby, pet and stupid human tricks. With an occasional revolution throw own. Truly the crap hole of content. I can now add one more category to that list, Funny or Die.

  5. Between two ferns is hilarious. Just because the humor flies over your head doesn’t mean it “fails” to be funny.

  6. It’s a really funny video. Just because you didn’t realize it was a sketch you had to slam the humor in your update? Cool.

  7. The best joke from the entire series is from Steve Carell. “They say the camera adds 20 pounds. Did you eat five cameras?”

  8. Waltz and Lawrence were great. Hathaway was annoying – trying too hard as usual. But as someone who finds Amy Adams a bit overrated, she literally made me spit take with her delivery.

    Oscars, schmoscars, “Don’t fart on my tits” made me a believer!

  9. I agree Nikki – and always look to you for insight on what is funny and what is not. Keep up the good work!!!

  10. It’s like SNL, makes you wonder how these stars agree to do such garbage… Is there a check involved to appear in these funny or die skits?? (which to me are mostly “Die” as well)

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