Hot Featurette: 'Django Unchained's' Oscar-Nominated Original Screenplay

EXCLUSIVE: Quentin Tarantino won his only Oscar in 1995 as a co-writer on the original screenplay Pulp Fiction. He has since been nominated in the same category for his scripts Inglourious Basterds and now again this year for Django Unchained. His gift for dialogue is unparalleled as is his way with actors, who seem to relish the opportunity to get their hands on a Tarantino script. Whatever the controversy about the film’s depiction of slavery, Django is pure Tarantino unleashed, and for him it all starts with the word as this featurette on the screenplay will attest.

  1. as a proud educated black man i can say with all due pride that spike lee can kiss my black narrow ass and i will never ever see any of his so called films ever again.

    quentin tarantino rules.

  2. “His gift for dialogue is unparalleled…” By what? Actual human speech? The rhythms of personal communication? A root canal? Cripes.

  3. “When I read this script, I thought it was the most incredible script I read in all of my life.”–Jamie Foxx. Says it all. “So incredible. Not just cause it had the n-word in it 127,000 times, but cause the plot rambled so well, the characters were so fabulously aimless, the jokes so one-dimensional, and well, the violence was non-pareil. I mean, look, movies like “Lincoln” just don’t hold a candle to this one, plus, you know, they treat those slaves with such old-fashioned disdain.”

  4. I loved “Django”–saw it twice in three days during the holidays. But this featurette is rather embarrassing in it’s craven attempt to garner Academy votes. Dial it back, Harvey…

  5. i saw the film. i saw the featurette. i feel dumber’n dirt. i tried hard. real hard, to reframe my experience of the film according to the deeper and more meaningful elements that all those wonderful actors talked about in the featurette. but i couldn’t. i’m just not insightful enough. darn.

  6. Loved Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, didn’t care for anything else from Tarantino. At this point, I can say he’s definitely overrated.

  7. I made it to 2.5 minutes. didn’t see the film, but whatever excellence may be in the script was not reflected in this somewhat embarrassing piece. highlight: di Caprio – “if someone tried to do what he does they would be sued for copyright infringement…” then he is just cut off in the middle of saying something else. Hate award season.

  8. See the movie. Those of you who comment on a scene are clearly showing your age. This is not an MTV short, or a music video. It’s a film. A movie. It’s to be judged as a whole not by a bite. After seeing the movie if you don’t get it well, maybe the movie business is not for you.

    To this day my favorite QT movie is still Reservoir Dogs. Why? Because it was most real life like. That’s what I like. I’m definitely not a huge fan of his. I say that because I have to force myself a bit to go see his movies. But every time I do I’m blown away. Django is not a western. Don’t let that scare you folks. It’s as good as Lethal Weapon or Sling Blade.

    And yes, Lincoln, was a waste of time. That’s a movie that if Spielberg’s name wasn’t on it nobody would see it or think anything more of it then a History Channel movie. Sorry. It was borin and it missed out on too much. Where was the black voice in that?

    There are real talent. Billy Bob Thornton, Paul Schraeder, QT, PT Anderson, Steven Conrad and then there are phony baloney. You know those types. The ones who write the garbage you go see where you text during the movie talke during the movie get high during the movie and then say you liked the movie. But the people I mentioned are the real talents. And as someone at the top of the food chain you know the difference. That said, I read so many script from A writers that if they didn’t have a name on the script it would be in the garbage. They are called producers in writers clothing. The do the song and dance and talk very well but there films are always pretty lousy.

    Next time you see a movie look a little deeper. Look behind the writer or director. See what there track record is. Look at someone like Craig Mazin. Ask, why? how? does this fella keep working. Usually it’s deep connections and they are just good with people. But talent? No. So when I see negative stuff on QT I say you are just missing the boat. He’s real. Thank god for him because he give the whole business purpose. He lets the posers pose. He lets the next greats dream.
    Thank you QT for you greatness.

    1. Hey there, with you on your comments, though there are few more greats I might add to the list.

      Question, if you ever need someone for another opinion of a screenplay, please allow me to give one. It’s a passion, reading. Kind of a hobby I started doing as a kid where while reading, I slowly pick my cast, alter through the first reading I often rethink, recast then read again (if the book deserves a second reading), I’m pretty darn good at recognizing a great written work upon reading it. I just either really am able to feel the thing or not. Same with visual art. I can go to an artist showing, view the works, and select the best pieces 95% of the time. I confirm I only by the prices I then learn are attributed to each. Occasionally, not often, a piece is under valued IMHO, and a great deal can be made. I imagine same with a screenplay, new writer, no history, or little history. Anyways, just putting it out there. I’m late 40’s, have lived a rather unexceptional life, but many experiences of the heart and mind. Some college education, film studies, mostly self educate, always learning, and relearning what I though I learned, it doesn’t end. With a little luck I might read one of the greatest screenplays ever written one day. That would be something. Cheers xos

  9. I don’t know who you are but what you just said was the most honest comment I randomly came across… Good for you

  10. I’ve seen Django about 7 times and I enjoyed it from start to finish. I look forward to the day that Tarantino gets the Oscar he deserves.

  11. –‘MANDINGO’–



    No more –and —in 2013 ——way! —LESS.

  12. Loved Djange Unchained! -and will continue to see it many times. Butt still thinks that Tarantino´s undisputed masterpiece is Inglourius Basters ;-)

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