Vice-President Joe Biden’s office today tweeted this photo of him meeting with Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell and actor Bradley Cooper. The duo, whose Oscar nominated movie is about people dealing with mental health issues, were in Washington to help announce introduction of the Excellence in Mental Health Act to Congress. The bi-partisan bill was drafted in response to the shootings last year in Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado. The legislation’s goal is to expand access to mental health services across the nation. Russell was scheduled to be in LA for a WGA panel Thursday night but dropped out for the meeting with the Veep.

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Mark Kelley
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I get the Weinstein criticisms - like Obama crises are promotional opportunities - and I haven't seen...
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Just imagine those moron minds in Biden's office thinking that publicly sending that photo out would be...
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Urgh, riiight, so let me get this straight : if I - or anyone else for that...