Breasts, Buttocks, Genitals Ban At Grammys – But Also Message-Sending Lapel Pins

Isn’t it pointless for CBS Standard And Practice to issue this ‘Wardrobe Advisory’ in advance of the 55th Annual Grammys broadcast this Sunday when nudity is the norm at that awards show? (Photo is Pink at her 2010 Grammy performance upside down and nearly naked in a flesh-colored bodysuit.) “I assume that my lovely colleagues do not get this same email for the Oscars,” my source texts. “And yes, this is a real email.” But no laughing matter are the last sentences: “The Network requests that any organized cause visibly spelled out on talent’s wardrobe be avoided. This would include lapel pins or any other form of accessory.” Does that include the American Flag, AIDS, breast cancer, and other widely accepted wardrobe embellishments? (Edited):

Date: February 5, 2013, 10:39:56 PM EST
Subject: 55th GRAMMYS: Standard And Practice Wardrobe Advisory

-kindly confirm receipt of s&p standards-

***GRAMMYS 2013***

CBS Program Practices advises that all talent appearing on camera please adhere to Network policy concerning wardrobe.

Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. Thong type costumes are problematic. Please avoid exposing bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack. Bare sides or under curvature of the breasts is also problematic. Please avoid sheer see-through clothing that could  possibly expose female breast nipples. Please be sure the genital region is adequately covered so that there is no visible “puffy” bare skin exposure. Please avoid commercial identification of actual brand name products on T-shirts. Foreign language on wardrobe will need to be cleared. OBSCENITY OR PARTIALLY SEEN OBSCENITY ON WARDROBE IS UNACCEPTABLE FOR BROADCAST. This as well, pertains to audience members that appear on camera. Finally, The Network requests that any organized cause visibly spelled out on talent’s wardrobe be avoided. This would include lapel pins or any other form of accessory.

  1. Really? Could someone please explain what is “‘puffy’ bare skin exposure of the genital region?” And, “under curves?” Seriously? Good to know that these ARE the burning issues of the day. BTW: The grown-up name for “buttock crack” is “anal cleft.”

    1. Obviously, the human body is destroying our nation’s potential, and not endless military intervention overseas. U-S-A! U-S-A!

        1. Perhaps more to the point would be to say that history is replete with examples of great nations dying from sociological decay.

          The problem is that it’s not as obvious as war.

          1. “Moral Decay” was first identified by Cicero c.70 A.D., who also identified the cause; currency debasement through inflation favors debtors (who can pay back with money that is worth less than what they borrowed) which ends up creating an amoral ‘live for today’ attitude.

          2. Blame the decline of a great nation on “sociological decay.” HA! Someone has been living under a rock for the last 8 years… SO it is us hard working normal folk, not the politicians, banks or the corporate influence that has been undermining our laws and representation for over a decade. No, it’s the occasional curse word or nip slip on the TV…..Pathetic.

        2. Give CBS a break. They are simply trying to break even on a broadcast that doesn’t garner as much viewership as Anderson Cooper. It’s been years since anyone with children has dared to watch the “stars” cavorting around half naked. No one with kids wants them to see that or think that kind of behavior is responsible or appropriate. The degradation and objectification of bodies especially were it concerns our children, especially girls is not enhancing the potential for anything except a nation of whores and johns who have no integrity and no self worth. But I guess that’s part of the playbook too. Right?

          1. Agreed. There seems to be no more private parts in Hollywood. Its, “Give those women drugs and they will degrade themselves and our country in a second”. Its a hate God, Christianity, Country, Decency and Heterosexuals propaganda fest. We haven’t allowed these disgusting programs into our home in many years.

          2. That vulgar ‘performance’ by Beyonce was so beyond the pale. Do these people not realize that the Super Bowl is watched by FAMILIES with CHILDREN, including LITTLE GIRLS? It was repulsive, disgusting and sickening. What on earth is wrong with these people? Were they raised in a barn? Bah.

          3. It cheered me to read this about CBS. Good for them. For goodness sake lets have one show where a family can sit down and watch. I’ve got a nine year old daughter, and it would be great if I could trust the broadcast networks to adhere to some standards again.

            I’m not a prude. Diversity in programming means that…diversity…

          4. We have to protect our kids from EVER seeing small parts of human anatomy. Both of my youngest daughters LOVE to play violent video games for hours. That I don’t mind. It is hilarious to see them shoot as many people as they can with their weapons. Knives are great too. Violence, yes. But the shape of a small edge of a bottom of a left breast? No. Far too horrible!

          5. Thank you, CBS. I bet there are many more Americans who will join in supporting this long-delayed backlash against turning every TV show into a replica of the stripper club culture. I’m also sure that many self-proclaimed sophisticated voices in the entertainment industry will condemn this as a move by old fogies to censor “cutting edge” trends, rather than an attempt to maintain some semblance of common decency in our mass culture. But most Americans simply want recognition of the fact that there is a time and place for most everything. People obsessed with scantily clad females can find them 24 hours a day, on any number of TV channels, via Netflix, and on YouTube. We’re fed up with this vulgar culture being thrown in our faces–especially, for heaven’s sake, on the very TV programs that are supposedly honoring genuine talent, not sex objects.

            CBS’s act, and the public’s approval, combines with the widespread disapproval of another recent example of the attempt to make strip club culture mainstream: Beyonce’s glorified hootch-kootchy halftime performance. (Yes, there is widespread disapproval, despite the media’s effort to disguise that fact). For the first time, I am encouraged to believe that the tide is beginning to turn against the coarsening of American mass culture at the hands of the hip hop, rap purveyors of filth.

          1. How about crotch pumping like Beyonce did at the Superbowl. Can they do that a million times in a skimpy teddy? The lack of decency and dignity by celebs today is disgusting & not surprising.

          2. It’s amazing that some people have such limited thinking as to believe that showing a body is obscene but war and violence are fine. All the sentiment against the half time show? Wow, blew my mind. Beyonce *always* performs like that, and for the information of those parents who think their kids are so innocent, wake up! Kids watch TV and movies and they absorb what they see. I have a 15 year old daughter who started dancing “sexy” in a way, back when she was 8. That’s because most female performers today – and back then – dance that way. How many Disney actresses have gone on to do more adult performances? Even Haley Mills did an R-rated movie.

            Americans and American culture is so hung up on sexuality that it’s just sickening. In Europe, nudity and suggestiveness in music and in culture in general, doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. And their rate of sexual crime is far lower than anything in the United States. Maybe it’s all the increased disapproval of anything sexual that keeps sexual offences in the US at such a high rate. Nudity does not pervert. Nudity is just nudity. War and violence, especially on the evening news — now THAT perverts. Look at what happened in Newtown.

            Before people come down on Beyonce for her performance, maybe they should stop and consider how there are things far more worse in the world they should worry about – skimpy clothing and/or sexiness in the performance arts is just not worth worrying over. And that worry, and the constant talk about it, does far more worse to kids than the performances themselves.

          1. This is why the Muslims and other Countries hate us. They believe we are the Great Satan, and that we are polluting the world with our smut, filth, and greed.

          2. Fact is there’d be no need for female celebrities to demean themselves by dressing in such a manner if any of them were actually talented or had an ounce of self-worth.

          3. any nation divided against itself will not stand. in the last days the “cup” of iniquity must fill up and then the end will come. folks, i believe we are in the last chapter not only for america but for the entire planet. then and only then will there be true love and peace and justice for all!

          4. How did this turn into a great big Christian ideals circle jerk? Your all talk of moral decline being the reason for all our problems shows just how out of touch with reality you folks are. The world doesn’t care what we watch on TV it cares when we are occupying their country or bombing their house from 30,000 feet with a predator missile. The economy did not contract because people spent all their money at bars and strip clubs, our economic base was dismantled by those in power. Wake the f*ck up, you are probably some of the most sheltered fools on the planet. If you changed your argument towards “ethics in business” then you would be on to something. Social morality is a direct byproduct of a countries framework and its governing body.

          5. You may be right, our moral decay offends the Muslims. However, I don’t think we should get into the habit of changing our own culture because of what “they” think. This is our country, not theirs. When other countries and religious beliefs start dictating how we act, that is an end to freedom. If WE choose to change, that is our business. I don’t think we should institute Sharia Law because we are afraid of what the Muslims think and might do to us.

          6. I totally agree. Could not have said it better myself. People don’t seem to be aware of history. Every major empire that has ever existed fell soon after the moral decay of its people.

        3. No one said it was ” indecency and immoral”. They just said they didn’t want it on their broadcast.

          Leave your personal agenda at home.

          1. I agree, this is not about Religion, it’s about clothing. I think CBS should send a memo or have breaking news for the designers who make the clothing for the entertainers. The first thing that’s asked to someone attending is who are you wearing? This is why the people are overspending and living above their means because they want to live like Beyoncé and these other stars. This is for the people who are calling names and pointing fingers at these people. This has been going on since the beginning of time so lets not act like Marilyn Monroe was covered from head to toe or CoCoa T is always wearing a turtleneck. The Real Housewives are always wearing skimpy clothing and pole dancing and all other things I think young girls shouldn’t see, but I bet their mothers and some fathers can tell you all of their names and everything about the shows. We live in America and none of these ppl deserve to be talked about disrespectfully.

          2. “No one said it was ” indecency and immoral”. They just said they didn’t want it on their broadcast.”

            Right to the point.

      1. Not getting enough porn on the Internet that you have to throw it in the faces of primetime viewers? Seems like sensible guidelines when your audience could be anywhere from the G crowd to NC-17 eligible.

        1. Exactly. Time and place matter. Want to put “Victoria’s Secret” on CBS? Fine. No problem. Want to turn even the Grammys show into a replica of your local strip joint? Houston, we have a problem.

      2. Intervention??? That usually means that someone steps between an agressor and someone else. What we did was not an intervention. Whomever is writing your material needs to consult a dictonary. As for the military that helps to guarantee your right to complain, how about a shout out for them.

      3. ahhhh adults behaving badly on television, and we should be surprised?

        Advanced civilization is dead as we know it.

        Make them all wear uniforms like in Catholic School!!!

          1. A uniform that an innocent child in Catholic School wears should never be looked at in a sexual way or seen as dirty as you say. That is just sick.

        1. The fact that people are taking your innocent post and turning into something sexual is very disturbing. Shows how sick and twisted people have become. Turning innocent school children into sex objects to lust after. Very perverse!

      4. Natives in certain areas have existed for tens of thousands of years wearing littler more than a thong and bare breasts exposed. In Europe you can walk around the streets in your speedo and you can’t go a couple blocks without seeing a nude woman on a billboard. If you think attire leads to the downfall of nations you are daft. Completely daft.

        1. A hedonistic lifestyle does lead to the downfall of civilizations. Every major empire has fallen due to the immorality of it people. Problem is people are so uneducated and keep repeating the mistakes of past generations. The fact that there are areas where it is worse that the United States does not prove anything. If anything it just shows how closer those countries are to their downfall. It is definitely nothing to be proud of. In the US, close to 16 Billion dollars a year is spent on pornography. I think this sums up what’s in the heart of the people. Just pure filth.

      1. What’s the male verson of cameltoe? Potato bulge?
        Don’t ballet dancers have this problem??? And we call that sophisticated dance.

        Also, what is moose knuckle?

        1. Uh, no. You notice the men in ballet simply because they go to great pains not to show you the outlines of the male portions of the anatomy. A dance belt (thong) is padded to prevent such “curvature” in the same way a hard cup makes baseball players look well endowed. For those too ignorant to comprehend they are doing you and themselves a favor, the thong portion also prevents butt cheeks from disrupting musculature beneath tights which are often the only form of costume for male dancers. You are supposed to pay attention to the dancing my friend, not whether they have a package or a nice ass. They dance so they always will have those two items. As dance is often lit from the left and right stage, they will almost always look larger thanks to shadows and defining angled focused theatrical lighting design.

    2. I had the same question and think that since they mention thongs being problematic I came up with labia perhaps?

      1. Of course they mean labia – but they know their “celebrity” audience – who are too ignorant to know what the word labia means (or how to find out the definition of a word)…thus, “puffy”.

        Look, we’re talking a pretty ignorant, rancid crowd here.

        I imagine at the MTV awards they have to issue instructions in cartoon form…

        Hollywood – vanguard of the nation…

        1. Speak for yourself, cas127. Some people consider the human body a beautiful artistic expression. They would consider YOU ignorant.

          1. Of course bodies can be beautiful (one in a thousand). The focus at the grammys should be on achievement and music. Showing your ass and breasts is just cheap attention-begging.

          2. People considers the human body beautiful…but that doesn’t mean you can indecently expose it in public. Put your money where your mouth is… Go to work tomorrow wearing nothing. Let’s see how your “beautiful” body will be appreciated by the people you meet tomorrow.

          3. To all you who watch these filth fests, pls think of those who have to sit after the scantily clad have previously used the seat.

          4. I think the human body is beautiful too. Particularly the female body. I think that we have seen every Hollywood female boob from the teens through Septuagenarian and now have been able to identify her arse and pubic hair. We are just bored with the whole exposure thing.

      1. Wrong! The e-mail from CBS Program Practices says “This as well, pertains to audience members that appear on camera”.

    3. the IRONY in your comment is that the juvenile preachings seem to fit the juvenile choir…. and besides, who in their right mind would call butt crack, anal clef? what a weirdo….


    4. come on anon5, tell me you know what puffy skin is ;”””Really? Could someone please explain what is “‘puffy’ bare skin exposure of the genital region?” “””
      its camel toe dude

    5. Look, I got the first FCC decency fines ever levied, way back in 1989. I got Howard Stern’s show fined $4.5 million by the FCC, and he blamed me for getting him off terrestrial radio. I was the Miami lawyer who got 2 Live Crew’s album declared obscene, and it was.
      You need a memo like this to this group of nitwits because as an industry they have no earthly idea what is appropriate to put into other peoples’ living rooms. If you weren’t dealing with a collection of egoist sociopaths you would not need a memo like this from CBS. But you do. It was MTV that ambushed CBS with the nip slip Super Bowl halftime show, so clearly CBS has learned a lesson even if them nihilists in the record industry have not.
      Jack Thompson

      1. If you are the real Jack Thompson, then, as a moral, decent individual, i am required to tell you to take a long walk on a short pier.

        If you are satirizing Jack Thompson, well done good sir, carry on.

      2. completely agree. This is one reason I stopped watching this trash. I would love to start watching again, but until these nitwits get their clothes on, it won’t happen

      3. You are 100% right. Common decency left Hollywood and its immoral elk many years ago. They are so high on thier own hype, drugs, alcohol, self-importance, and total lack of family values…..they fail to practice any type of decency. As for me and my household…none of the self loving award shows appear on my TV…it is called self-censure. Only read this because it appeared on Drudge.

        1. I live in Philly and our very liberal left wing rag newspaper even mentioned this is today’s edition which I believe is only in there to stir up the left wingers into a protest. Liberals think “free expression” means you can expose yourself and people must be forced to look; they think that when they speak everyone should be forced to listen. No one has mentioned yet that not only do many celebs expose themselves and call it “art” many of them have so many out of wedlock babies and carry them on their hips like babies are an accessory.
          Hollywood pushed smoking cigarettes as cool & normal back in the 50’s, 60’s; then went to war to force politicians to outlaw smoking even in your own home in some cities. Now, celebs make baby- making & nudity, drug use and foul language the norm in our nation – do you suppose they will ever try to end all of that one day with politicians at the helm? I doubt it; our earth will explode by then by the nuclear bomb N. Korea & Iran have for us.

      4. It will be interesting to see if they display any of the Illuminati symbols or gestures as they have done in the past.

    6. Really? Could someone please explain what is “‘puffy’ bare skin exposure of the genital region?” And, “under curves?” Seriously? Good to know that these ARE the burning issues of the day. BTW: The grown-up name for “buttock crack” is ‘anal cleft.’

      First of all…idiot…generally speaking, the Grammy’s participants are NOT adults, they’re generally, self-promoting, vain, self-absorbed children “artists” that, unless told how to act, will try anything for the purpose of self promotion. What’s really shocking is that the network has to tell them how to act in public. The network is not a springboard for your crappy, fledgling clothing line; your crappy political beliefs and causes; and your crappy, misinformed viewpoints. We don’t need to see your bush, tits, ass, etc., and, basically speaking, if that’s all you have to offer, you might have much bigger problems. There are times and places that are more appropriate AND EFFECTIVE for one to promote one’s causes, beliefs, etc. The Grammys are about music, not Darfur, Rihanna’s ass, oil spills, .coms, other people’s police records, etc. Let’s just keep it about the music and not the egos.

      1. I was about to post my comments when I read yours. I totally agree with everything you said. You took the words right out of my mouth. Enough is enough with these high paid, egotistical people you would think they have common sense and look in the mirror before they leave for the red carpet> I remember when glamour and class was presented by “decent” stars. You don’t need to be naked to look sexy….just saying.

      1. And apparently you do. Why does your having children have to affect the way other adults behave? No one forced you to have children, don’t force your parenting on the rest of us.

    7. Get real. These are Rappers. Do you really think they would know and use the term “anal cleft”. They use “ass”, “Booty” “crack”. They would probably think Anal Cleft is a new get-a-way celebrity vacation spot in Europe.

    8. Well, documented here. You seem to know where it is all at. I was just thinking of the Heart Attacks the Hayes Code used to conjure up with Harlow, West and Temple. (Ok, maybe it was not Temple). Clare Bo was a generation before.)as was Nazimiva. The “Heck”: with the spelling/ among other things

    9. And the grownup term for “the fleshy under curves of the buttocks” is “subgluteal folds.” And while we’re at it, what’ with “the nipples of the female BREAST?” As opposed to what OTHER “female nipples?”

    10. Could someone please explain what is “‘puffy’ bare skin exposure of the genital region?”

      That would be an uncovered Camel Toe.

    11. The “puffy” is a polite yet repressed refrence to what a modern human being would call “Camel Toe”.

    12. Please, this year let us TRY not to offend our Muslin friends. Avoid all things that are considered offensive. Please, could we at least try the burkas?

    13. For those who are not aware of the FCC fines and violations agreements for televised broadcasts – the list provided is means to avoid fines, injunction and possible loss of license to air. CBS has to cover itself because the FCC can fine them and/or shut them down for said violations. So, for the ‘talent’, this means cover your junk!

      1. I think you have fallen into the brainwashing propaganda tactic by the liberals that repubs are the ones over-regulating and doing all the hating. It is the liberal who put people into groups then pit them against each other (look to their leader Obama who does it on a daily basis). It is the liberal who is forcing people into poverty, the unemployment lines, higher taxes, skyrocketing food stamp use, welfare, then blaming someone else for all the problems.
        If you don’t know who Dennis Prager is then I suggest you listen to his radio show and open your closed lemming-like mind to hear the truth.
        “When Government Replaces God” is a great sermon by Dr. Tony Evans – it has liberalism down to a tee but he never mentions party affiliation.
        Grow up you common liberal & quit acting like a teenager with your hate & blame.

        1. lyndaloo, looks like you were exhibiting a lot of “hate and blame” in your post, as well. Pot meet kettle.

      2. What in the heck does any of this have to do with Republicans?? Or Democrats? Or any politics, for that matter? The FCC has regulations that CBS must follow or be fined (remember Janet Jackson’s Superbowl “wardrobe malfunction.”) That is probably the main reason for this whole thing.

    14. great – now artists cannot express themselves. this is an evening show, so mostly mature audiences or 14+ year olds are watching it – live real TV, with live expression. better than that housewives made=up crap. But during SuperBowl commercials (by the way SuperBowl airs on CBS and supposedly for the whole family as it is a sporting event) it s ok for CBS to show commercials for their gun slinging cops with guns in your face (literally) which air on their network !? ridiculous and controversial – as CBS is.

    15. The fact that CBS, no bastion of Puritanical modesty, felt it necessary to issue a warning tells you all you need to know about the (lack of) standards of decency of our entertainment industry.

    16. they are just a bunch of ego maniacs that love hollywood the sess pool of america. i wouldnt watch that crap and i am nobody

    17. if this happens the huff/post wont have anything to write about for a couple of weeks. for some reason they think the world is crazy about the hollywood trash, how they dress whose showing more tit. whose ass is bigger.,which kardasian is screwing who.
      good for the grammys.

    18. What are puffy genitals? Male or female? Which parts of the male genitalia would be considered “puffy”?

    19. I was hoping there would be some visual examples of what is NOT permitted so I can be absolutely assured of not breaking any rules CBS has implemented.

      Save the children

    20. i think its becuase the network doesn’t want to have to blur nakedness and obscenity. i agree cansorship is a little over done in the states, but that is what most american families want these days so they don’t have to have awkward conversations or bother to raise their own children

    21. Maybe they should combine their concerns about nudity and lapel pins by setting a one breast limit and distributing a pin that says, ‘There’s only one tit in titillation.’

    22. They have to make these announcements because people like Beyoncé and Janet Jackson cannot keep their costumes over their naughty bits. Most celebrities are too stupid to know we do not really need to see nudity and not all nudity is a good thing.

    23. Sorry to tell you but pursuant to Statute 2257 (Real Statute) of “What is and is not Clarely defined as Pornographic Material and we’re just going to make it up as we go along”; under-breasts are considered pornographic. Under-anything is considered sexually suggestive and is therefore banned. Trust me, I worked for a magazine and we had to be 2257-compliant on EVERYTHING.

  2. The last sentence is the most disturbing. No lapel pins or ribbons to show support in the fights against cancer, AIDS, etc. Really? The entertainment industry has traditionally been on the forefront of exposing the public to these exceptional causes and CBS has in one fell swoop set us back decades. Well done! It may be time for NARAS to find a different broadcast partner…

    1. An email from CBS has set the country back decades? “Decades”?? An email? From a television network?

      (pssst: There’s life outside the bubble!)

    2. To be fair, it does say “spelled out”. I think colored ribbons are fine, I take that to mean literally spelled out. And I think the outrage over all of this is a little overblown. Are boobs bad and scary? Of course not. But CBS is airing the thing and can set whatever rules they want. Suck it up. Besides, George Carlin was right 20 years ago when he first started complaining about the overuse of ribbons. A ribbon has never cured cancer or ended a war. Relax.

    3. “The entertainment industry has traditionally been on the forefront of” preening and posing their narcisstic self righteousness at us lesser mortals. By and large they aren’t worth the water it would take to flush them down a toilet.

    1. Why do we need to see all the boobs & half nipples? Why? I see cleavage so much on a daily basis everywhere I go (esp on the bigger women) I am sick of them. I don’t find women trying to even be even the slightest bit modest anymore; they are hanging out & jiggling & stretched out; it is vulgar and gross especially when you have a young son or daughter in tow.

  3. This is both funny and pathetic. It’s a damn shame that most of the people who would be attending the grammys need to be told what they should not wear. But I’m sure some idiot will expose themself in some way.

  4. Anon5, I think they are referring to what the general populace call “camel-toe.”

    Funny how all these concerns refer to the female body. Remember when CSI once showed a nipple of a dead woman? Nudity on dead women is acceptable, but on live–not so much!

    1. To anon6: Let’s not forget that misunderstood DMZ known as the “taint” separating the “anal cleft” from one’s “camel-toe.” Perhaps the network could provide some helpful diagrams.

    2. Actually, TV has shown lots of nipples in the past. I remember on Tattingers in the early 90’s, they had both male (backside) nudity and a topless female in a scene. In the series “Almost Grown” there was a terrific shot of a girl climbing up on a guy and straddling him – and she was naked. Great side shot of this lady’s breasts. In the series “Homicide: Life on the Street”, mid 90’s, there was a scene where a woman is attacked and her shirt ripped off and she is totally topless, and again in “Chicago Hope” there was an episode about a girl who got a boob job and a few weeks after the procedure, she goes to the hospital and pulls off her shirt and is topless – allowing the doctor in the show (and the audience) to see how “successful” her boob job was. All of these were on the regular networks and no one said boo about it. But for some reason, times are FAR more conservative now, which sucks, and now you can’t have scenes like that anymore. I think more liberal thinkers need to take control of the country again.

  5. Looks like men flashing their d*cks is A-OK. Now I have reason to watch(!) cuz Lord knows most of the music just sucks.

  6. Glad CBS has the guts to stand up to what has been out of control for some artists. Hopefully they’ll be quick on the mute button for the language that will no doubt fly out of many mouths. I LOVE The Grammys and amazing music. Certain artists just need to respect that we’re not paying patrons at your concert who knowingly anticipate that type of behavior. We’re watching a network television show with kids in the house. Thank you CBS. I don’t agree with the lapel pin stand however. I’m not sure how that would be offensive.:0)

    1. You know, there were knobs on the tv, now buttons on the remote, that CHANGES THE CHANNEL… Oh my, what a concept!!! If you don’t like what’s on, or are AFRAID to see a breast, DON’T WATCH!!

      1. Let me repeat the point made on this blog over and over again–realizing that people like you still will not get it: It’s not so much nipples and buttocks, as such, we are protesting. We are protesting the transformation of what is supposed to be a program giving out awards for real talent into another vehicle for no-talent sex objects to strut their stuff. Let me turn your argument around: If you don’t like the Grammys without no-talent sex objects, or are AFRAID not to see breasts, DON”T WATCH!! Go to your cable porn sites, YouTube, Netflix, and watch all the T&A you want. Leave the Grammys alone!

  7. Shows the ignorance of Hollywood people that they have to be told how to dress appropriately these days. No one watches these shows anymore and maybe they are trying to attract low-class viewers.

  8. 80% of people between the ages of 18-24 look at PORN at LEAST once a week, so yes; everybody will be mad about the relinquishing of FREE cbs soft porn boohoo….. get off the internet and go get laid!! sheesh

    when our society is soooo needy, that we expect porn to come to us, we have an identity problem.

  9. Can anyone tell me how CBS gets away with all
    the CSI Programs where they show all the Autopsy’s
    where they show the Doctors pulling out all the guts and body parts shown to the viewers ?
    What’s worse showing some live persons breasts or Dead persons guts? CBS IS A BUNCH OF HYPORITS.

        1. Someone said this is the Internet, not English class. I personally am very tired of lazy writing and spelling. For God’s sake, didn’t you all learn how to use your, you’re, its and it’s in 3rd grade? It’s time to clean up Hollywood. We are rotting from within!

    1. Um… because the naked bodies on CSI’s autopsy table are FAKE?

      Good grief, how dumb are you that you have to have that explained to you?

  10. is this show, of self congratulations even worth the time and effort.

    But how about, instead of dress code, they tried a language code for the songs that they deem so wonderful. You know the ones I am talking about, the ones that glorify ho’s and pimps, love the cop killing and have what might be considered no value what so ever.

    1. Rappers today don’t rhyme about killing cops. A lot of them sing. Or talk about name brand clothes. Hot women. Drugs. But killing cops? Stop it. Ice T’s horrid song about killing cops came out in 1992… It’s been 20-something years since.

    2. at every time in history there was a type of art that some people thought had no redeeming social value. I don’t like the majority of music on top 50 radio, I’m not always a huge fan of the Grammys but censoring language isn’t going to do jack to stop it, honestly, it might do more to keep it going. Keep going, give it all the attention you are wishing it wouldn’t get

  11. IT was once that if you wanted to see the above items you could buy a videotape.
    Not that you cant see that sort of thing, it shouldnt be that you cant avoid that sort of thing.
    In any respect it’s all porn, it will rot your brain with mindless adoring consumerism to fuel liberal agendas.
    The media shouldnt get another penny of your money to dontinue destroy your nation

  12. So sad. These people are so trashy – that the Grammys have to tell them what to wear. EVEN with all of the stylists, designers and millions of dollars available to them – they opt for the trash.

  13. It’s standard practice to get this memo or email from S&P on all award shows. U get it from the production co. or S&P.

  14. Its not the showing of the human body..its the obsession of it.
    ‘The talent’ should keep their opinions and causes to themselves during any performance …you are just mimickers, mostly over self medicated to boot.
    clean up the trash coming out of hollywwod and violence will decline.

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