Directors Jeff Melman, Ted Kotcheff, Jeremiah Chechik, Leslie Libman and Lee Rose have signed with APA.

Veteran Jeff Melman, a six-time Emmy nominee, recently has directed episodes of Modern Family, Animal Practice, Happy Endings and Community.  He was formerly with ICM Partners.

Ted Kotcheff has served as director/executive producer on Law & Order: SVU for the past 12 seasons.  His feature directorial credits include Weekend At Bernie’s, Switching Channels and First Blood. He continues to be managed by Craig Baumgarten.  He was with ICM.

Jeremiah Chechik has directed episodes of Hart Of Dixie, The Glades, Leverage, Gossip Girl, Chuck, Burn Notice and Warehouse 13, as well as the pilot episodes of J.O.N.A.S. and The Middleman, for which he also served as supervising producer.  On the feature side, he directed Christmas Vacation, the 1998 The Avengers, and most recently the upcoming The Right Kind Of Wrong.  Chechik continues to be managed by Thrive Entertainment and Echo Lake Entertainment. He was with ICM.

Leslie Libman has directed episodes of cable series Entourage, The Wire, The L Word and Sleeper Cell and a number of TV movies. She continues to be repped by Paul Alan Smith and attorney Robert Offer. She was with ICM.

Lee Rose has directed episodes of Weeds, The Glades and Haven.  She also wrote, directed and executive produced the TV movies An Unexpected Love and A Girl Thing.  Rose continues to be repped by attorney Tom Hoberman.  She comes from Gersh.