ABC's Oscar Ads Likely Sold For Record High Prices

Most of the ads were sold before Christmas, and the entire Oscars telecast hasn’t been as well sold “in over a decade,” ABC says. The partial list of advertisers includes heavyweights Fox, Samsung, Sprint, Coke, and McDonalds as well as the University of Phoenix. The average 30-second spot sold for about $1.7M, probably a record indicating, that there’s been a “full pricing recovery following the impact of the recent recession,” ad monitoring firm Kantar Media says. Prior to this year, the highest average ad sales price for the broadcast was $1.689M in 2008 — when advertisers spent $81.1M — Kantar says. The average price then fell 22.6% to $1.307M (for a total of $68M), growing to $1.4M ($70M) in 2010, $1.55M ($74.4M) in 2011, and $1.61M ($82.1M) last year. But the broadcast has also become more cluttered with ads. Last year commercials filled an average of 9:42 minutes per hour, up from 9:05 in 2011, 9:40 in 2010, 9:07 in 2009, and 8:47 in 2008. Kantar also says that ABC sells ads on and in a companion mobile app. Primary sponsors on the digital platforms this year will be Hyundai, Samsung, and University of Phoenix.

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  1. I’m assuming the 9 mins. 42 secs. figure is for ads only and does not include on-air promos. Regarding David’s point about the increase in clutter, for decades the Academy has stipulated the number of minutes that ABC could sell as opposed to the norm where the network dictates how much Non-Program Time will run each hour. Thank you Academy! Has the Academy loosened up on this mandate? Still, 9 mins. 42 secs. of ads per hour allows for a far better viewing experience than the 18 minutes (ads + promos) each hour that’s sadly become the standard in primetime.

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