UPDATE: Golden Globes Pulls In 19.67 Million Viewers

UPDATE: 10:25 AM: The time-adjusted fast nationals are in and the Golden Globes were up even more than before. According to Nielsen, the awards show earned a 6.4 rating in adults 18-49, up 28% from the 5.0 it got a year ago. In terms of overall viewers, the Tina Fey- and Amy Poehler-hosted ceremony rose 17% from last year with an audience of 19.677 million. Sunday’s telecast was the highest-rated and most-watched in fast nationals since 2007. They were also the second-highest-rated Globes since the January 25, 2004 telecast pulled in a 9.9/23 rating and 26.8 million viewers. Excluding sports, last night’s awards show was NBC’s highest-rated and most-watched show in the 8-11 PM slot since 2004. In the Globes milieu but on another network, E!’s 6 – 8 M Live From The Red Carpet hit a nine-year high with 1.892 million viewers.

PREVIOUSLY, 8:28 AM: It was a good night for the winners and a good night for the Golden Globes on Sunday. In time-adjusted metered-market households, NBC’s airing of the three-hour live show from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association drew a 13.1/20, up 12% over last year’s show. Hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Sunday’s Globes had its best night in metered markets since 2007’s broadcast. In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, the Globes earned a 7.6/19 rating among adults 18-49, a strong 25% rise from last year’s Ricky Gervais-hosted show. That’s the best the Golden Globes has done since NBC started tracking Local People Meters five years ago. With 16.787 million watching overall, CBS beat NBC’s 14.782 million among total viewers last night. NBC won the top spot overall Sunday in the key 18-49 demo.

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This year’s The Golden Globes Red Carpet Special (4.8/7) was also up over 2012. In metered households, the network’s 7-8 PM arrivals special rose 26% from last year’s 3.8/6. In early non-time zone adjusted fast nationals from Nielsen, last night’s 8- 11 PM Golden Globes got a 5.4/13. That’s up 29% from last year’s 4.2/10 on January 15. That 2012 rating rose to a 5.0/2 in final numbers. We will update Golden Globes ratings later today with time-adjusted fast nationals.

While most of Hollywood was at the Golden Globes, there were other things on TV last night. CBS had NFL Football (10.8/27) with the AFC Division playoff between the Houston Texans and the New England Patriots.  An audience of 31.89 million watched the Patriots advance to face Baltimore next Sunday, the most watched show by far of the night. However with overruns, CBS’s primetime was pushed back 67 minutes last night. Because of the live Patriots/Texans game and the slide, all CBS ratings are approximate and subject to change.  Based on fast nationals, 60 Minutes got 3.7/9, with football overrun. The Good Wife got 1.9/4 and The Mentalist got 2.0/5. Under present and approximate numbers, The Good Wife matched its October 21 season high among Adults 18-49.

On ABC, America’s Funniest Home Videos (1.4/3) kicked off the night for the network. The long running show was flat with its last original airing on December 9. Once Upon A Time (2.8/7) followed. The second new episode of 2013 of the fairy tale drama was down 10% from its January 6 show. Revenge (2.0/4) also had its second original episode of 2013 on Sunday. The soap was down 17% from last week’s show and tied for a season low.  Happy Endings (1.0/2) also tied for a season low with last night’s show and flat with last week’s show. Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 (0.8/2) slipped 11% from January 6’s airing for a series low. Fox’s Animation block started off with a repeat of Bob’s Burgers (0.9/2) at 7 PM. A new episode of The Cleveland Show (1.4/3) followed. Cleveland was even with its last original on December 16.  Without football as a lead-in for the night, The Simpsons (2.4/6) was down 43% from last week. The new Bob’s Burgers (2.3/5) of Sunday night was also down 26% from January 6. New episodes of Family Guy (3.1/7) and American Dad (2.4/5) were both down 14 from last week’s originals.

  1. Only because the football playoffs were over and there wasn’t anything else worth watching. Hollywood has a much more glorified idea of what they are then most of the rest of the country.

    1. Unfair. It was a good show last night. Some stupid moments (i.e. the continued Palin bashing, etc.), but Fey and Poehler did a nice job as co-hosts and the evening sped by quickly. Congrats to all involved.

    2. Hey, TraderJo! You do know that “Hollywood” is a multi-billion dollar biz, one of the USA’s largest export, employs zillions of people all over the world…and that you would SHIT yourself to be part of it.

      Always blows me the fuck away to see Bagger and Winger conservatives showing up to these entertainment websites to flail their losing hands in the air in a desperate act rite of pseudo self-relevance.

      You’re jealous and petty. Sad. You’d be out here and part of all this in a NY minute, if you could be.

      But the larger question is: Why do “Conservative” nutbaggers haunt entertainment websites???!!! It’s kinda like Atheists haunting a church! I DON’T GET IT!!!

      1. Drudge linked to the live snarking last night which is what brought all these wonderfully polite people over. They seem to enjoy yelling and screaming about that Game Change movie even though it closely adhered to the non-fictional book Game Change.

      2. Trader Jo was right. You probably need to consider upping your prescription dosage though. We are worried about you.

      3. I’ve wondered the same thing. They claim they don’t care about these celebrities but then again they do.

    3. Obviously, Hollywood has an affect on you. After all, you not only took the time to read this article, but then type a response as well.

      No one put a gun to your head and forced you to come here.

  2. Tina and Amy together…..love them nerdy girls! The rest of the self-congratulatory love fest though was stomach turning.

    1. Very Good Point!!! Unlike previous years, the nominees are films that have done very well at the box office. Hence, the better ratings.

  3. I guess there were no “happy endings” for that bitch in apt.23. Seriously though,what makes Abc believe comedies will be fruitful on a Sunday night. I don’t even watch those two comedies on Tuesdays,so,why the hell would I watch them on Sunday nights. Comedies on a Sunday night are not gonna do well-especially at 10/10:30 P.M. Putting them on at that time/night makes no sense. Abc would have been better off just airing the remaining episodes of 666 P/A . Pan Am/666 P/A, & 2 comedies. What will Abc try next on Sundays at 10 P.M.? Thank you.

  4. This will likely be the last time the Golden Globes will be held on the second Sunday night of January.

    Under the new NFL TV deals taking effect next season, NBC will get just one wild-card game the first weekend of January (instead of two), but will gain one AFC or NFC semifinal game on the second weekend of January.

    To benefit from continuity with the regular-season (since NBC carries Sunday-night games during the regular-season), look for NBC’s two postseason games next year to be on Sunday nights, but starting at 6:35 P.M. EST instead of the regular-season start time of 8:25 P.M. EST/EDT.

    Should the two-week gap between the AFC/NFC Championships and the Super Bowl remain, look for the Golden Globes to be moved to the Sunday night between the conference finals and the Big Game.

  5. Djanga could have used more synthetic brain matter being atomized over some child’s breakfast cereal in each scene. The sound technician almost had the sound of lower intestines hitting a dusty prarie almost perfect. A better soundtrack would include Marilyn McCoo and the OJays while watching the Devil Whitey get what they so deserve. Nomsay Mofo?

    1. Not really. No one really tunes in just for the hosts, the nominated films are way better this year than previous years.

      Remember the TV winners were a joke: “Game Change,” “Girls” etc. etc. The only categories anyone cared was the film ones.

  6. 20 million people tuned to watch “Hatfield & McCoy’s” get screwed, glad to see “Argo” and Affleck win….they weren’t suppose to. Everyone knew “Girls”, “Game Change” and “Homeland” were shoe ins ;)

  7. @ Nnnnnnnnnn: actually, lots of people tune in or out depending on the host. I know many who wouldn’t have normally watched tune in because of Poehler & Fey. I remember many being turned off by Gervaise (not me). Widely appealing films of course will make an impact, but don’t underestimate the value of popular hosts.

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