Perennially Ignored By Academy Voters, James Bond Gets Oscarcast Tribute

James Bond Oscar Tribute SkyfallBREAKING: It has only taken 007 half a century to get his due from the Academy. Oscars exec producers will include a tribute to the James Bond franchise, it was announced this morning. It’s a good idea from the standpoint of getting the masses interested in avoiding a snore-fest like last year, but the timing is also fortuitous for honoring moviedom’s most enduring feature franchise.

The most recent installment, the Sam Mendes-directed Skyfall, recently became the first 007 film to crack the $1 billion worldwide gross mark; also, Bond celebrated its 50-year anniversary with the Skyfall release.

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It is a remarkable exception to how the Academy has historically dismissed the James Bond films as award-worthy. Only 1964’s Goldfinger and 1965’s Thunderball won awards, and they were for Best Effects. The 2006 film Casino Royale, which introduced Daniel Craig as 007 and is on my Top 10 favorite films, didn’t get a single Oscar nomination. Perhaps this year will be different — Javier Bardem’s villain character in Skyfall has so far been nominated for SAG and PGA Awards. I’m not sure about a Best Picture nomination, because there are so many worthy films up against Skyfall. At least the series will get a little bit of love from Oscar. Has 007 been done an injustice all these years by Oscar?

Here’s the official announcement:

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – The 85th Academy Awards® will include a tribute to the James Bond movie franchise, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, the telecast’s producers announced today.

“We are very happy to include a special sequence on our show saluting the Bond films on their 50th birthday,” said producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. “Starting with ‘Dr. No’ back in 1962, the 007 movies have become the longest-running motion picture franchise in history and a beloved global phenomenon.”

The 85th Academy Awards nominations will be announced live on Thursday, January 10, 2013, at 5:30 a.m. PT in the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2012 will be presented on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013, at the Dolby Theatre™ at Hollywood & Highland Center®, and televised live on the ABC Television Network. The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 225 countries worldwide.

  1. Oh yeah right. So the Oscars are going to “honor” a film franchise they have been indifferent towards for 50 years? I sure as hell hope they give a few token nominations this year for Skyfall to coincide with their “honor” at the 85th presentation. (rolleyes)

  2. This isn’t the first time, is it? I seem to remember a James Bond Oscar tribute several years ago…maybe 50 or 20 years ago. I remember Richard Kiel (Jaws in “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Moonraker”) taking part and lots of special effects, stunts, and simulated explosions on-stage.

        1. I said the Oscar tribute was 15 or 20 years ago, and that Richard Kiel from “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Moonraker” was apart of that Oscar tribute 15 or 20 years ago.

      1. I believe you’re referencing the Broccoli Oscar tribute in the early 80’s where Roger Moore presented him with the award. I remember a big James Bond Oscar tribute well after that complete with a big onstage production number with explosions and other special effects, cars, stunt work, and cameo appearances by actors from the films (including the aforementioned Richard Kiel). I remember it being really cheesy, and how funny it was seeing the black-tie audience giving a standing ovation.

  3. AMPAS member. Skyfall gets one of my five best picture nomination votes. A farsighted better film than Django and Les Miz. Thin year but Skyfall is worthy.

  4. The Bond films turned 50 is 2012, not 2013, as the article states. Global James Bond Day was October 5, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of DR. NO.

  5. It was about time.
    A pity that it is because of Skyfall success as it is probably the worst script of the Franchise (fighting 40 bad guys and an helicopter with two 70+ person and thus failing in his mission of protecting M)and a film that truly does not understand the Bond character and tries to make him a Batman/Harry Potter like.

    1. Are you kidding me. Skyfall truly shows the true essence of the James Bond films,it stays true to Fleming’s character. It’s about time Bond shows his human side and Daniel Craig nails it. This franchise needed to be updated to compete in this industry. I can’t wait for the next Bond Film,M played by Judi D. will be sorely missed. Skyfall continues the tradition in what Sean Connery did in From Russia With Love. Good show, Broccoli Family. Here’s to another millennium of James Bond.

    2. So, let me get this clear: you think Skyfall had the WORST script in the franchise because … there are credibility issues to the story. Wow. Because every other Bond film has featured super-tight plotting and extreme adherence to physical reality, right? eespree, you might want to think about reading what you’ve written before you post next time.

    3. THANK GOD SOMEBODY ELSE GETS IT. All these people hailing Skyfall make me doubt humanity. HORRIBLE script, I could go chapter and verse as to why. Casino Royale remains the only Daniel Craig Bond that was any good.

  6. 007 has been mostly ignored by the Academy because between GOLDFINGER and CASINO ROYALE most of the franchise entries were lowbrow, formulaic tosh. They’re pageants that repeat the same stunts, jokes, female characters… sometimes the same scripts. Very few objectively good movies and a few seriously bad ones. Some of the Moore films have the production values of a CARRY ON… movie and turned out more comedies than action-thrillers anyway.

    Yes, it’s an iconic series, central to our culture, and yes, it’s made a rat-ton of money. And I love most of the Bond films for sentimental reasons. But Big Macs and Domino’s Pizza are popular, iconic food items, and you don’t see them go up for James Beard awards.

    SKYFALL is a little different however. A nom or two wouldn’t be out of line.

    1. It’s a little closed-minded, Tom, to lump all the Bond films between Goldfinger and Casino Royale together as “tosh.” And I suspect that closed-mindedness is exactly why the Academy has unfairly ignored the series for so long. Sure, there are, as you say, “a few seriously bad ones.” But don’t judge them all by those. Historically the series always balloons out to excess, then gets reigned in with a very good entry often deserving of Academy consideration in many categories. Casino Royale was hardly the first reboot designed to ground the series.

      After the excess of 1967’s You Only Live Twice, for example (and even that film seriously deserved consideration for effects and song), came one of the series’ best and most emotionally-charged and grounded-in-reality entries, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It wasn’t a huge box office success at the time, so it’s not surprising it got snubbed, but in retrospect it deserved nominations for score, editing, director and perhaps even Best Picture (and I say that fully aware of the serious competition in 1969).

      Roger Moore’s tenure as Bond is often maligned, but he had some very good films under his belt, too. 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me actually did score some well-deserved nominations for song, score (Marvin Hamlisch did a great job, but it’s odd that many even better John Barry scores were overlooked but this wasn’t) and art direction. After the loony excess of Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only was another one of those back-to-reality mini-reboots in 1981, and it’s an excellent film–far from tosh. The same is true of Timothy Dalton’s debut in The Living Daylights. Dalton approached the character in pretty much the same way that Craig does, going back to Fleming for a gritty, grounded, dangerous 007, but the timing apparently wasn’t right after Moore, and he was rejected for the same things Craig’s been embraced for. As it turned out, The Living Daylights also proved to be the last chance to have nominated John Barry for his amazing contributions to the series for yet another score entirely deserving of such an honor.

      I’m not saying that every good Bond movie was deserving of a Best Picture nomination (though I think the case could certainly be made for Casino Royale and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service–and perhaps Goldfinger and Thunderball before them), but there are many categories in which the good entries (and even some of the bad ones) certainly should have been recognized. Song, score and art direction come most readily to mind.

  7. The Academy has always been rife with snobbery. But on this occasional, Skyfall absolutely does not merit a Best Picture nomination. I can name at least 10 other Bond films that are superior. Casino Royale, on the other hand, was the best Bond film ever, and it was predictably snubbed. If they can hand out nominations retroactively, Casino Royale should get one.

    1. Casino Royale is a much better film than Skyfall ( some of the parts were boring and tedious ) , and it is still the best of the recent Bond movies.

    2. While I agree that Skyfall isn’t as good as Casino Royale, it’s still one of the better Bond films. More importantly though, if you look at the top grossing 100 films of 2012, it’s hard to make a compelling argument that Skyfall isn’t one of the 10 best films of the year. That’s not necessarily because Skyfall is a great film (because it isn’t, although it’s a good film), but it’s because 2012 was an absolutely dreadful year for cinematic excellence.

    3. Mr. Carver: By all means, please share with the class “at least 10 other Bond films that are superior” to Skyfall as soon as you pull your head out of your ass.

      1. Diamonds Are Forever, Moonraker, A View to a Kill … you know, the classics that Skyfall managed to besmirch.

  8. As a Bond fan, I don’t mind that the Academy has so often overlooked the franchise (the fact that they’re lovable doesn’t mean they’re great). Except in the song category. Even some of the mediocre Bond films may have deserved noms for their title songs.

    Agreed on Casino Royale.

    Eespree, you were a little reckless in spoiling the movie for people who may not have seen it yet.

    1. I agree. The Bond films have great scores and title songs. Though I could never understand the Academy snubbing most great movie songs. It’s the one category that’s rarely up to date.

  9. Smart marketing, but the Bond films as a whole are not really Oscar-worthy and I thought Skyfall was a dud beyond some truly fun action sequences. But dialogue, character and story were all weak, not that it really matters.

  10. All Daniel Craig Bond films have been totally rubbish except skyfall which is great if it really is just home alone with helicopters.

  11. Perhaps Zadan and Merons motives in doing this homage to Bond is their hope to have a secret audience with Javier Bardem’s in character from Skyfall.

  12. No, with–maybe–the exception being Casino Royale, which is also on my favorite films list. I’m happy to see the Academy honoring the longevity of the franchise, if nothing else. I did think that Bardem’s performance was brave (he could have fallen flat on his face) but exceptional. And Skyfall, to be sure, is one of my “best of” films for 2012!

    1. Casino Royale was a dud. Quantom Solace was worse.

      Skyfall is the best Bond film film yet and has restored my faith in the series.

      But it’s popular and well loved, so I guess it won’t get the nominations it deserves. It’s a pity.

  13. Best thing would be if all Bond portrayers are on stage along with other key character actors when tribute is made. Otherwise it’s just another clip reel.

  14. If they really wanna honor Bond, nominate Skyfall for best picture. Leagues better than all the art house fluff that’s considered “serious filmmaking.” (while you’re at it, Nominate Looper. I’ll know you’ll never nominate Dark Knight Rises. You twits in the DGA and FAG have a stick up your ass about Nolan for some goddamn reason. )

    God I’m so sick of sophisticated cine-snob assholes bashing Bond, Batman, Avengers and everything else. Fuck off back to your Paul Thomas Anderson alter and die already.

    1. Err, who are you fighting against? The Master probably won’t get nominated for Best Picture and Director.

  15. The movie was not bad but also not really good. Lots of a bit too flashy moments that distracted from the fact that the story had flaws and was basically pretty lame. With a spot on (as always) performance of Dame Judi and Javier Bardem’s great take on a villain it was quite interesting and they saved the movie in the end. Bardem is a brilliant actor, but honestly he got to do more in many other movies. But if I had to think of the best villain of this year I would have to nominate Tom Hiddleston brilliant take as Loki in the Avengers. His character was very well fleshed out and he gave a masterful performance.

  16. Longest running franchise in history? Ignoring Tarzan which has been running from 1918, with 89 movies (and counting) under his loincloth…

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