Meanest Oscar Noms Announcement Ever? – Video

Oscar host Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone gave everyone an extra reason to stay awake this morning for the Oscar nominations. After introducing co-host Stone by saying that otherwise it would be weird to see a man standing by himself at 5 AM in Hollywood, MacFarlane riffed on everything from Harvey Weinstein to himself, joking after receiving an Original Song nomination that now he could attend the ceremony. The banter between the pair was nice, too, for once giving journos time between categories to frantically jot down nominees. Check it out:

  1. What is the problem with wise cracks? They’re not mean, they’re funny. Take a goddamned joke because no one can be bothered with the same pseudo-Gervais controversy this time around.

  2. Great job this morning. They added life to an always drab ceremony. Let’s lighten up. It’s only the friggin’ Oscars.

  3. admit it, THAT WAS FUNNY. It’s like that old closet with the moldy stale smell just got some Febreeze sprayed into it.

  4. Seth was not the least bit funny. I didn’t even smile through his so-called jokes. It didn’t sound like the people in the audience were amused either.

      1. @Casey

        I guess you were watching a different broadcast than what I was watching. I heard half-hearted chuckles, not uproarious laughter.

  5. I don’t think it was mean…especially the statement about the 5 actors who won before — that’s why OSCARS are becoming boring.

  6. so this is seth macfarlane? I guess I don’t get it. mildly amusing at times, but generally snotty and unfunny.

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