Jennifer Lawrence Monologue On 'SNL'

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Golden Globes winner and Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence elaborated on her Globes acceptance speech and had a few choice words for some of her fellow Oscar nominees. Ahem. Tell us what you think.

    1. You are aware that’s a comedy routine, right? She is an actress reading lines off a teleprompter. Regardless of whether you think it’s funny, you’re not meant to take it seriously.

      1. Comedy routines should be funny. And she has the right, as host, to refuse a monologue that is disrespectful to her peers.

          1. Except for Riva, though. And Riva seems like the one you would least want to seem indifferent to, at least out of respect for her age and career.

        1. And this is the problem with people nowadays. It was a Joke and it was cute and Funny. I bet a million bucks none of her peers will be offended. People need to stop being so sensitive and PC. Besides if she loses at the Oscars it won’t be because of this. It will be because she called what she and her peers do for a living what it really is “stupid” She knows that acting in the scheme of of things is not as important as some seem to want to make it. These celebrity worshipers. Get a life.

          She delivered the the SNL skit perfectly. It was fun, playful and most importantly….Funny!!!!!

      2. Horrible script, that’s all. She’s a talented actress – that “comedy” routine was super lame.

    1. Seriously? Just another half funny monologue in the long tradition of half funny monologues. And if it even matters she buttoned each “slam” with what seemed like a heartfelt sentiment. No need to turn this into another phony outrage, her performance in SLB is good enough to win any real award.

  1. It’s SNL. Something to do with comedy and being tongue in cheek. You know, jokes. So people should take the sticks out of their asses. If an Oscar means humorless politicking then keep it.

  2. I didn’t find it particularly arrogant or disrespectful. The real tragedy here, is that it just isn’t funny!

  3. Incidentally, the writing on SNL is pretty weak. That’s not so shocking I guess but I haven’t watched in ages. It was hit and miss tonight.

  4. Lawrence sense of humor is on a planet then these mouth breathers. Obviously if they are going to make a “controversy” from a quote of a movie, then give them exactly what they want and watch them ignore the genuine praise that she gave the nominees at the end of each “burn.”

  5. she was charming and very funny. the pacing this show was actually pretty quick too. that helped a lot.

  6. i know it’s supposed to be in good humour and i know how jen’s scarcasm is but i didn’t like it….off putting

  7. It would of been funnier if she didn’t give a complement every single time she made a diss. Just give a complement at the end of all the jokes. Not in between.

  8. She’s only making fun of the people that thought she was being arrogant at the golden globes. Saturday Night Live is always a bit of fun, it’s nothing to get so hyped over

  9. The sentient block of wood known as Jennifer Lawrence crashes and burns at SNL.

    What a lifeless, unfunny monologue. Sorry Katniss, but no flaming dress can save you this time. Here’s to hoping Django shows up in the Hunger Games sequel and lays waste to this untalented fraud.

  10. much ado. sorry but she didn’t say anything disrespectful; it was completely absurd (funny? that’s debatable). I would really like to see Hollywood care a little bit less about awards and a lot more about creativity.

  11. She has a fantastic screen presence but her stage/live delivery is pretty awful. She was out of place, awkward, and it was hard to watch.

    Love the girl, but live skits aren’t her thing…

  12. So much for all the spin about JL being “refreshingly unfiltered.” Why didn’t someone on her team step in and deep six the monologue. Very disrespectful. Very cavalier. And, yes, very tacky. Wow.

  13. In the words of the late great Dorothy Parker…
    “Then there are the child ACTRESSES
    Who should be unseen and not heard”


  14. This girl really became annoying in just a couple months. She is milking her “down to earth, girl next door” persona way too much and it’s not genuine anymore. I found her speech disrespectful. I know it was a joke but there are a lot of things there that came across as entitled and arrogant.

  15. They gave Jennifer unfunny material. She tried, did the best. But the sketches were not funny.

    Monologue did look weird. They thought they had to mention her Oscar nomination and win at Globes. But they could not create funny jokes and speech. And it looked weird at the end. They did rehearsal for it. I wish they would take it off.

    Kristen Wiig is missing. She could turn even unfunny sketch to descent. Only sketch about Armstrong, Foster, Te’o was good.

  16. Embarrassing monologue and one of the least funny most boring entire episodes in ages (except for weekend update and some decent music). Busy news week left mostly unexploited, making it feel extra awful.
    She *is* refreshing. But she’s a 22 yr old kid who prob stopped maturing the moment she became famous and doesn’t possess the judgement to grasp how not-cute and fairly offensive that mono was. Time to grow up.

    1. Funny thing is: they asked the other contenders in various interviews if they were offended. None of them were. Thank you for being offended on their behalf. She does need to mature and realize that there are judgmental pricks like you that will intentionally misinterpret everything she says because of sheer, unconditional hatred of someone for no good reason. Keep trolling.

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