DGA Award Nominations Announced

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The Directors Guild of America has released nominees for its Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film award, which will be presented at the 65th annual DGA Awards Dinner on February 2 at Hollywood & Highland. The guild will reveal its TV noms tomorrow. Here’s the film list, a group that includes first-time nominee Ben Affleck (Argo) and 11-time nominee Steven Spielberg (Lincoln):

(Warner Bros. Pictures)
Mr. Affleck’s Directorial Team:
· Unit Production Manager: Amy Herman
· First Assistant Director: David Webb
· Second Assistant Director: Ian Calip
· Second Second Assistant Directors: Clark Credle, Gavin Kleintop
· First Assistant Director (Turkey Unit): Belkis Turan
This is Mr. Affleck’s first DGA Feature Film Award nomination.

Zero Dark Thirty
(Columbia Pictures)
Ms. Bigelow’s Directorial Team:
· Unit Production Manager: Colin Wilson
· First Assistant Director: David A. Ticotin
· Second Assistant Directors: Ben Lanning, Sarah Hood
· First Assistant Director (Jordan Unit): Scott Robertson
· Second Assistant Directors (Jordan Unit): Jonas Spaccarotelli, Yanal Kassay
· Second Second Assistant Director (Jordan Unit): Tarek Afifi
· Unit Production Manager (India Unit): Rajeev Mehra
This is Ms. Bigelow’s second DGA Feature Film Award nomination. She won the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for The Hurt Locker in 2009.

Les Misérables
(Universal Pictures)
Mr. Hooper’s Directorial Team:
· Unit Production Manager: Patrick Schweitzer
· First Assistant Director: Ben Howarth
· Second Assistant Director: Harriet Worth
· Second Second Assistant Director: Dan Channing Williams
This is Mr. Hooper’s second DGA Feature Film Award nomination. He won the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for The King’s Speech (2010) and was previously nominated for the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television/Mini-Series for John Adams in 2008.

Life of Pi
(Twentieth Century Fox)
Mr. Lee’s Directorial Team:
· Unit Production Manager: Michael J. Malone
· Unit Production Manager (Taiwan): Leo Chen
· First Assistant Directors: William M. Connor, Cliff Lanning
· Second Assistant Directors: Robert Burgess, Ben Lanning
· Unit Production Manager (India Unit): Sanjay Kumar
· First Assistant Director (India Unit): Nitya Mehra
· Second Assistant Director (India Unit): Ananya Rane
· Second Second Assistant Directors (India Unit): Namra Parikh, Freya Parekh
· Second Assistant Directors (Montreal Unit): Derek Wimble, Renato De Cotiis
This is Mr. Lee’s fourth DGA Feature Film Award nomination. He won the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for Brokeback Mountain (2005) and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) and was nominated for Sense and Sensibility in 1995.

(DreamWorks Pictures/Twentieth Century Fox)
Mr. Spielberg’s Directorial Team:
· Unit Production Manager: Susan McNamara
· First Assistant Director: Adam Somner
· Second Assistant Director: Ian Stone
· Second Second Assistant Directors: Eric Lasko, Trevor Tavares
This is Mr. Spielberg’s eleventh DGA Feature Film Award nomination. He won the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film three times for Saving Private Ryan (1998), Schindler’s List (1993) and The Color Purple (1985). He was also nominated in this category for Munich (2005), Amistad (1997), Empire of the Sun (1987), E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial (1982), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and Jaws (1975). Mr. Spielberg was honored with the DGA’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000.

  1. I enjoyed Les Mis because I like the music, but Hooper’s direction was heavy handed and clunky. I’d rather see moonrise kingdom or silver linings here, oh well seeing Bigelow and Lee here is a good start. *sigh*

  2. can’t really complain about that list. Although I thought it would be Tarantino , Lee. To me Django was a better movie

  3. Hooper? Really? And what’s with the Quentin love on these comments? Django was equally a directorial mess.

  4. Interesting. No Quentin and no David O. Russell. Seems as if the DGA was giving lots of points to degree of difficulty.

  5. Does Quentin direct under the DGA? I know he doesn’t write under the WGA (hence the snub in those noms).

    1. Quentin Tarantino is now a member of the Director’s Guild. When he did a Q & A at the DGA theater last month he was suitably applauded for finally joining.

  6. Pretty certain Quentin is not a member of the DGA by choice. So he isn’t even a contender for the award.

  7. Silver Linings Playbook was the best film of the year. Any director that can get that performance out of Cooper deserves an award. Also, Zero Dark Thirty was a good movie but that’s all, just good, nothing special. Kathryn Bigelow is so overrated. Enough already. We get it, your a woman that makes movies about war and that is somehow too crazy for people to handle so they throw awards at you.

  8. Do american directors make relevant movies anymore? No wonder Speilberg gets nominated almost every time he makes a movie. It’s become a prize for participation at this point. The years best direction and movie belongs to a turk; Once Upon a Time In Anatolia. I could live with Haneke. The man actually does what no contemporary american director of his fame dares; Make movies that make people feel something. Imagine Spielberg doing that.

  9. David O’Russell deserves a nomination.

    The Q&A I attended enlightened me to his fantastic choice to 360 direct scenes in SILVER LINING creating a live theatre environment for everyone in front of and behind the camera. The cast had to be present at every moment and it pays off with natural balanced interactive delivery by all.

  10. As a DGA member, I voted for ARGO as the best directed film this year. I also love what Sam Mendes did with the James Bond franchise. As for the other nominations … I thought ZERO DARK THIRTY was incredibly overrated … LES MISERABLES was a bore … same with LINCOLN. And as for Tarantino … he is incapable of doing anything original.
    Mr. Affleck is the winner here, followed closely by the non-nominated Sam Mendes.

  11. Man, I just don’t like Hooper’s direction that much, it feels like they just nominating him cuz he’s the King’s Speech guy or something, Les Mis didn’t even get great reviews.

    Love that Ang Lee is there, that man is a master and parts of Life of Pi are so beautifully done that it hurts.

    Still, this isn’t the end all be all, someone might sneak in on the oscar noms Thursday.

  12. I don’t think Quentin is a member of the DGA and he’s always been a vocal critic of them so why would he care about getting nominated.

  13. How can nobody mention Paul Thomas Anderson and “The Master”? One of the only pics for adults — very demanding, incredibly well written, acted, photographed and directed — a joke that it wasn’t nominated, especially compared to Argo, entertaining but an MOW (as someone said about 0 Dark 30) compared to The Master —

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